He Raises Up Kings, He Determines Our Days

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; he reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him. Daniel 2:20-22 

A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed. Job 14:5


We may understand the truth that God raises up kings but until the last few days, never before had I seen a “divine proof” if I can call it that. Yesterday, when I wrote the majority of this article I had told a few close friends, “I’m not sure what to think about what it is we do if this does not mean God has selected Trump”. Many times we see fingerprints pointing to deeper truths but come to find out we miss read the evidence as it were. When this happens, we are usually confronted with a far more profound meaning that we had missed the entire time.

Below I am going to share the list of sovereign fingerprints proving that this election was decided far before most of those who would vote were born. There are some interesting pieces connecting directly to the days of Noah as well. The days of Noah begin very soon. My hope is that this information gives you rest and a sense of awe. That you embrace the paradox that you are far less important than you might think AND you are far more valued than you could ever imagine.

Sitting 16 electoral votes away in 2016…it appears Trump wins. Heavenly Father, give me the grace to resist watching CNN and MSNBC meltdowns for the next two days straight.


In the last post we looked into the fact that the bookends of post election to inauguration day bear the marks of 911. That is, day one post election is 11/9 and the final day before inauguration is 1/19. Two days after Trump was rushed off stage in Reno while Hillary was in Miami, Janet Reno dies in Miami.

3545 days after 911 Reno: Miami is released and 1 day before we elect the 45th President.


Tammy W pointed out the 3.3 earthquake in Crescent Oklahoma at 6:06pm, 2 days later on the 6th the waxing crescent moon would be 33% and Trump spoke in Moon Township, PA. 6 days after the election is the largest super moon in over 70 years. OMG! Best Rally Entrance Ever!! TRUMP LANDS IN MOON TOWNSHIP, PA


This ties into what we covered months back when Trump spoke in Jupiter, FL on the same night Jupiter was closest to earth for 13 months. Jupiter would not be this close to earth again until 77 days after inauguration. It was during this speech he had the props of water, wine and meat. Bizarre for some, prophetic for others. 119 days after his Jupiter speech, the Juno probe would arrive at Jupiter the day after July 4th.


“Of Kings and Prophets”

7 days before the election, Alyson Kelly posted a discovery in our Facebook group that has since gone viral. We search out patterns such as the one Alyson posted daily and Trump has been a large part of the prophetic tapestry. It became apparent that for this information to remain hidden under our nose until 7 days before the election was providence.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

Since that time other “kings” within our family have made further coincidence defying discoveries that shed more light on the intricately woven bookend of this age. Andy Rogers recognized the way in which Putin was linked to Trump by the media to a peculiar degree, leading to additional mind blowing realizations clobbering any notion of happenstance.

Only a fool can read this list and deny providence.

  • Trump was born 700 days before Israel
  • This means, 777 days after his birth was July 30, 1948, 77 days after Israel became a nation.
  • 70 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days from Trump’s birth is March 11, 2017. This is 119 days from Putin’s 777 month of life on 7/7/17.
  • Putin turns 777 months on 7/7/17 which is year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.
  • Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine were born 3777 days apart.
  • Elizabeth Christ Trump, Donald’s grandmother, died on 6/6/66. This was 50 years, 7 months and 14 days before inauguration.
  • To show the symmetry with Jerusalem, Elizabeth Christ died 6/6/66 and 6/7/67 was Jerusalem, separated by 366 days.
  • Another way to write the time of her death to inauguration is 607 months and 14 days, demonstrating the ’67 and 7+7.
  • 5777 days from September 11, 2001 is 7/6/17 (1776) and year 5777 Hebrew.
  • Mike Pence was born on 6/7, 8 years to the day of Jerusalem on 6/7/67.
  • Pence was born 677 weeks and 2 days after Trump.
  • 7 days after the 7th, the eve of Election Day, is the largest super moon in 70 years.
  • Trump’s first day in office would be 49 years, 7 months and 14 (77) days after Jerusalem on the 21st (777) day of the year.
  • Lamech lived 777 years, 5 years after his death came the flood. (7775). We are currently in the year 5777.
  • 777 days from when Trump declared his candidacy on 6/16/15 to Tisha B’Av, or the 9th of Av (Jewish 911) in 2017.
  • Tisha B’Av 2017 is 5777 days after the US War in Afghanistan began on Putin’s 49th birthday.
  • Election is 11888 weeks inclusive after 1st US Presidential election 1/7/1789
  • The day after election is 1818 months from the end of the Civil War

270 Electoral Votes and Scalia

It takes 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency.

270 days before the election, inclusively, was February 13th. This was the 44th day of the year when Antonin Scalia died leaving the Supreme Court at a 4-4 split. He died at PO Box 44, 440 miles from San Antonio the city that bears his name (Antonio/Antonin). This was on Lupercalia, the pagan holiday that looks eerily similar to his name (Luper-calia/Scalia).


Lupercalia had its 3rd college added in 44 BC and the road to 270 is all about the electoral college. Many believed this election could’ve mirrored 2000, in which case the Supreme Court being split 4-4 would’ve come into play. Fortunately this wasn’t the case.

Scalia was born in 1936 which is 44×44 and died with 322 days remaining in the year when 3/22 was the day of the major terror attack in Brussels.

Joakim – Jehoiakim – Noah

The Last Trump occurs in the days of Noah. How many people do you know named Trump? Trump, the last President is a flashing sign, a prophetic truth. Since Obama’s second year of his second term, Noah has been the most popular baby name.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52

Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. Luke 17:26

The election takes place on the day in Hebrew history on the Torah calendar that Jehoiakim burned Jeremiah’s scroll, the fast of the 9th month. This day with its connection to Jehoiakim connects to the days of Noah.

Joakim Noah signed with New York on 7/8/16, the day after the opening of Noah’s Ark, Ark Encounter on 7/7. The election is 123 days after he went to New York, the home state to both candidates for the first time in 70 years. In other words, it is the 3rd day after 120 days which is the number for God’s divine government. The 120th Jubilee is the final Jubilee before the Millennial Reign of Christ. 120 years was the countdown before the flood. 2017 is 120 years from the First Zionist Congress in 1897.


Trump is in Jupiter, FL about 240 miles from University of Florida. Noah wears #13 for Florida and New York, Jupiter was closest to earth for 13 months on the night Trump spoke.

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” Genesis 6:3

More with 120 years and Noah’s in New York (Noah Syndergaard)

“HADERSLEV, Denmark — More than 120 years ago, Simon Hansen Sondergaard left this town in southwest Denmark for the United States. He settled in Iowa, along with four of his five siblings, where he farmed and raised a family. Four generations later, his great-great-grandson was born in Mansfield, Tex. Noah Syndergaard — with a surname slightly Anglicized from his Sondergaard ancestry — would go on to become a budding star pitcher for the Mets.”NYT


Note the colors of the Noah’s teams


Election day on the Torah Calendar falls on the fast of the 9th month when Jehoiakim burned Jeremiah’s scroll. Jehoiakim (pronounced /dʒᵻˈhɔɪ.əkɪm/; Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים Yəhōwyāqîm “he whom Yahweh has set up”, also sometimes spelled Jehoikim (Greek: Ιωακιμ; Latin: Joakim).

  • Jehoiakim which is Joakim in Latin means “he whom Yahweh has set up”
  • Joachim the Spanish version is Joaquin means “lifted by Yahweh”.

Both words are as similar in their pronunciation and etymology as they are their meaning.

Hurricane Joaquin formed on September 28, 2015, the last blood moon on Tabernacles that was a super moon. It lasted 17 days and dissipated 55 weeks and 5 days before the election. It formed 480 days before inauguration. Trevor Noah’s hosting debut on the Daily Show was September 28, 2015, the same day Hurricane Joaquin formed.



The name Joaquin was officially retired by the World Meteorological Organization on April 25, 2016. This was on the 17th of Nisan in 2016, during Passover and the day of Christ’s resurrection on the Hebrew calendar. The 17th of Nisan was also the day Noah’s Ark came to rest on Ararat.

*From BJ in comment section: On April 25, 2016 the Christian Post reported that Joaquin Phoenix is being rumored to play Jesus in a film opposite Roma Downey, who will portray Mary Magdalene.” 


In other words, on the same day the World Meteorological Organization retired JOAQUIN, it was reported that JOAQUIN Phoenix would portray Jesus. This just happened to fall on the day Christ rose from the dead on the Hebrew calendar in 2016.


We covered previously the prophetic statement in the genealogy prior to the flood. Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

11/9, the day after the election is 199 days from the day Joaquin was retired. Consider the 17th of Nisan in light of the 71 days from 11/9, the first day post-election to 1/19 the last day before inauguration.

The movie Noah was released 119 weeks before Joakim Noah signed with the New York Knicks. Joakim Noah went to New York 9 months and 11 days after Hurricane Joaquin was formed on the September 28, 2015 blood moon supermoon on Tabernacles.


Noah played for Chicago, Hillary’s hometown before moving to the land of Trump Tower and Hillary’s new hometown. A former Chicago Bull, the city of the Bears and World Series Champs Cubs. Noah goes to Wall Street the land of Bull and Bear markets.


119 Recap

119 is a transition to 120. 120 is the completed divine government. If you do not understand this please search it out, this is quite clear in scripture. 119 to 120 is the same as 44 to 45. Jerusalem changed hands for the 44th time in history on 6/7/67, which would not have been possible had not what happened in 1776. 2017 is the reckoning, when 119 moves to 120 and 44 becomes 45. I will leave it here for now, many understand this for those who don’t a little research will make it clear.

Some of this was covered in 911 The Final Presidential Election.

11/9 – first day after election

1/19 – last day before inauguration

119 days after Trump’s Jupiter speech on the day Jupiter was closest to earth until Passover 2017, the Juno probe would arrive at Jupiter the day after July 4th.

119 days before Putin’s 777th month of life on 7/7/17 (the anniversary of Ark Encounter), Trump will be 70 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days old.

119 weeks before Joakim Noah went to New York on the day after Ark Encounter opened, the movie Noah was released.

9 months and 11 days after the super moon blood moon on Sukkot, Joakim Noah goes to New York.

119 days after 9/11/15, when the UN passed the vote to raise the Palestinian flag with 119 votes, the DJIA dropped 911 points in the DJIA’s 119th year.

120 days after the DJIA turned 120 on May 26, was September 23rd.


11/9 is 1818 months after the Civil War ended. 11/9-1/19 is a high watch period. The biggest loser of this election is the corporate controlled media. Truth wins but America will not be great again. The establishment has been Trumped and if this next 71 days goes by without “an event” the next President will take office as a billboard to remind us of the hour in which we live.




453 thoughts on “He Raises Up Kings, He Determines Our Days

    • Roman

      Before you make a severely idiotic statement like that, did you actually bother reading this SLOWLY?
      Simply look at the number matches and repetitiveness of the numbers.

      Read it again and come back to us. Also, if you bother to read the Bible, you’ll see the same sequences over and over again.

      Shalom and God is Truly Great.

        • Stan Bull

          Given the way that we all suffer from the “assistance” of auto-correct, there might be room for a little more grace and mercy here rather than jumping straight to “illiterate” – especially amongst a bunch of people who want the reputation of extending brotherly love toward those in the fold.

      • Alamo Girl

        All the ancient prophets were considered “insane” by those who were not His chosen.
        Yahuwah gives us all gifts…even the blind and deaf knew who was a prophet and who was not. Same applies today…. It is obvious to those “with understanding” that MP has a special gift. May he continue to glorify our Yahuwah and bring light to darkness!
        As for the Leb-Kemai (Jeremiah 51:1) in the swamp, let them reap their due in the Land of “71”….
        See Psalm 71….Psalm 17
        May Yahuwah bless you and keep you brethren….

      • Stan Bull

        Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        You were caught on the cross fire of childhood and stardom,
        Blown on the steel breeze.
        Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger,
        You legend, you martyr, and shine!

        You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        Well you wore out your welcome with random precision,
        Rode on the steel breeze.
        Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter,
        You piper, you prisoner, and shine!

        Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        Pile on many more layers and I’ll be joining you there.
        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        And we’ll bask in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph,
        And sail on the steel breeze.
        Come on you boy child, you winner and loser,
        Come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!

    • Stan Bull

      I will answer Nadtwister on behalf of all of us – YES! The world has gone mad, and the inmates are out of their cages. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

    • elida weiss

      what are you doing in this forum, should go back to watching the propaganda whores that lie to you, this forum is for people who are awake

  1. Bill

    Absolutely breathtaking. Matt, you are a marvel. I’m having trouble breathing normally. How many times has God shown us His Complete Sovereignty over all things? As the song says, “What more can be said?” But He WILL say so much more to all of us–through your incredible ministry and others–in the amazing days yet to come.
    These days are nothing less than THRILLING. How astonishing it is to be alive at this time in human HIStory, witnessing these events, experiencing these miracles. Kings of ancient times would have given ANYTHING to be here now to see what we are seeing.
    Our God is an AMAZING God. Perfect Love. Perfect Justice. Magnificence beyond words.
    We are the most blessed generation of ALL TIME.



    • Jeff E.

      I’m agreement, Bill. We are blessed to be alive at this time in YHWH’s prophetic program. It is edge-of-your-seat thrilling.

      “Of this salvation the prophets have inquired and searched carefully, who prophesied of the grace that would come to you…to them [the prophets of Old] it was revealed that, not to themselves, but to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven–things which angels desire to look into” (1 Peter 1:10-12).

    • MP

      I would have to read it before I would speak about it. I downloaded it, have about 20 other books I’m reading so not sure how long before I get around to it.

    • Barbie

      In the book of Genesis, it states that in the day that Adam & Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good & evil, they would die. They did die that day ( the proper translation indicates that “day” is a period of time, rather than a literal 24 hour day) Satan lied, and to this very day, people believe that they will not die, ie, that they have an immortal soul which can not die. This lie has formed the foundation for all religions in many forms such as reincarnation and belief in a soul which is separate from the body. If you want to know the truth, research the Greek and Hebrew definitions of the soul.

  2. Brenda

    Matt- Your understanding of all things “divinely fingerprinted” continues to hold me in awe. God bless you and thank you for sharing His works!

  3. Karen

    The universe is nothing but a labyrinth / matrix predicated on precision mathematics and expressed in hyper-dimensional physics…a sphere within a tetrahedron.
    Jehovah exists; He is the Current Administrator of the programs upon which the System runs.

    • Zach Lavine

      Karen, I will check out the Jack Parsons essay. I understand that many people read the book of Genesis in an upside-down manner, and this seems legitimate to me. It is impossible to take the stories completely literally, of course. However, literary texts – good ones, at least – are usually open to multiple valid interpretations. If the Bible is a nerve center of this matrix you describe, reading it solely in an upside-down way would probably be to miss out on things. One valid thread of interpretation would say, “The serpent was trying to enlighten Eve, and Jehovah responded by cursing her and Adam because He did not want them to question his absolute authority.” As Parsons might say, though, freedom is a two-edged sword. If you give a toddler a semi-automatic rifle, that’s probably giving him a bit too much freedom. So if you are the parent of that child, restricting freedom is a perfectly sane thing to do. When that child grows up and matures into an adult, such a limitation is nonsensical. When will humans ever “grow up” enough to fully comprehend the mysteries of the universe and of their lives, to such an extent that they are innately aware of what steps to take to achieve the thriving of their potential? Are grown human beings even able to always handle firearms responsibly, after they have become licensed owners? That is the kernel of truth in the story of Adam and Eve.

      Rules and restrictions can also outlive their usefulness. They reach a point where they are no longer helpful props for a budding tree, but restrictive planks choking off the natural growth of the enlarged trunk. At that time, new freedoms – and new laws – might be worthy of being considered.

      The Book of Genesis can also be read in a way where what seems like unfairness – destroying life after the giants and the fallen angels had their way; confusing human language after the building of the Tower of Babel; etc. – can be understood as parables about this dialectical nature of human freedom. From a God-like point of view, how could we ever use our limited human knowledge to determine whether or not it was “fair” or “appropriate” for thousands of Israelites to be slaughtered after worshiping a Golden Calf? All humans have limitations on their grasp of ethics, and their ability to reason; some, more than others. Even the greatest philosophers had wildly varying outlooks on life. Let’s imagine, for example, that the institution of marriage (Adam and Eve) is a cultural relic that is worthy of being discarded, allegedly based on repressive archetypes of femininity found in Genesis. Then the mother or wife takes a look at her Apple iPhone, notices that she is beautiful, posts a selfie to Facebook, and then meets another man and abandons her original marriage. In doing so, she is using perfect freedom. Yet, free actions are also open to criticism. Just because someone is free, doesn’t mean that they will know what best supports their well-being – witness the modern disease of very intelligent people with endless amounts of information and resources, visiting therapists to get help for their addictions/etc. Perfect freedom also does not guarantee insight about what best supports people around you. If there were no laws, society would probably have to be filled with brilliant, naturally generous people in order to thrive. Does technological progression create people who are fairer, more generous, more well-informed? Yes and no. I see a lot of “de-evolution” as well as evolution, don’t you? Are iPhones inherently evil? That’s a silly question, of course. It’s all in how you use them. It’s all in how you use freedom. Guns don’t kill people; people do. iPhones are like a bomb blast of freedom for the selfish little kids that we still are, deep down inside our simian instinctual cores. Yet they are also tools for growth and liberation. It’s appropriate to question whether growth and liberation are speeding up too soon. Satan as rebellious liberator vs. Satan as destructive deceiver. Both valid archetypes that represent forces of good and evil, described by different names in different cultures. Prometheus vs. Zeus, etc. Maybe a rocket scientist can handle black magic and invoking UFOs, and others who are not rocket scientists cannot. Most people are not rocket scientists, and the Book of Genesis is not rocket science.

      • Karen

        I very much appreciate your intelligent and well thought out reply; which I just noticed seconds ago. It will take Me an interval to digest.

  4. ray

    The LORD has chosen mercy towards rebellious America. So be it. Praise Father and King Jeshua.

    Do not disappoint them.

    • Stan Bull

      Be careful here, Ray….. In my experience, what sometimes looks like mercy can suddenly twist into something multifaceted and intricately painful. It appears on the surface that prayers have been answered with the way the pieces are being positioned on the board. Let’s see how the Master finishes the game….

      • ray

        Oh, I place no faith in politics, Stan, and it remains Satan’s world of course, politik-wise and etc. But mercy was shown to America nonetheless, and I am grateful to God. This nation is lucky it wasn’t up to me. Put it that way.

        Political pieces were being shuffled in Europe and America in the months before the election — elements of the ‘new right’. I will spare you the explications, but assuredly, your enemy doesn’t consider Donald’s victory any sort of defeat. Or even a setback. Doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into one, however, should Donald or America decide to turn towards Yahweh and his own. The LORD has provided a space for such a thing, and I will not un-provide it. Cheers.

    • Karen

      Hey Little Dynamo…I’ve always found an element of incongruity and inconsistency in all those tiresome rants of yours railing against “the agony” of masculine circumcision…since it was *your God* Yahweh who normalized and formalized the practice with Abram / Abraham.
      Moreover, we’ve been able to harvest some really good skin creams for mortal Women; so I don’t really see what the problem is…

      Best “Black Whole” one liner: L.D. links to an article titled “Saving the World’s Girls & Women”.
      Then L.D. writes, “For balance, last week’s article was titled “Crushing the World’s Boys & Men”.


      • Karen

        I’ll never forget an article I read a few years back in one of those feminist magazines; semi-masquerading as a medical / psychology periodical.
        The journal was interviewing a series of women to obtain their opinions on masculine circumcision. One of the interviewees; a female physician who routinely performs circumcisions, was asked for her thoughts on the procedure; since she had performed several hundred over the course of her “medical” career. Her thoughts (or at least the candor she evinced) was probably a little shocking to the readership:
        She said, “I actually get quite a thrill from doing it. The idea of having so much power over a male to control and weaken his future sexual experiences is intensely exhilarating.”
        Little wonder the quoted doctor chose anonymity in the article…
        These 21st century gals make Me look like sugar ‘n spice…
        You’ve come a long way, baby…

        • Karen

          Hey Ray; when you were standing in that draft line four and a half decades ago…I hope you were thinking about the systematic role you played in the Oppression of Women…while we were home watching Rhoda & Mary Tyler Moore while trying to determine if our attempts to mix ‘n match were really viable…

          • Karen

            Of course Feminine Power has always been there; though semi-restrained through the early 1960’s…the last 50+ years witnessing a coup so profound and so easy…on the same plane as when Schicklgruber waltzed into Paris during the summer of 1940 and effectively annexed France for The Fatherland…that the male still does not know what hit him!

            • P2

              Karen, I’m curious. Why have you chosen to drink from a cup of bitterness instead of the sweet water of life that Jesus offers?

              • Karen

                That’s a good question P2! A very good question!

                See, the thing of it is, the incarnate entity…composed of spirit and intensely influenced by both genetic heritage and environment…will invariably become what IT IS. You see, from birth, certain traits are latent and dormant in incarnate entities…but they are mere potential energy…not yet realized; they have yet to visibly manifest; but their manifestation is ALWAYS imminent and cannot be constrained…and their full flowering will be seen kinematodrastically once the proper catalyst is applied.

                • P2

                  Sorry to take away your crutch of “I is what I is” (memorialized by Popeye), but your answer is, politely, blather. Make no mistake, you have a crutch, you use it assiduously, all the while your legs are getting weaker. It is entirely your choice to do this. Do you actually think that those who choose the narrow way were born with silver spoons? Have gone merrily skipping down life’s path? And only ever encountered tiny, itty bitty bumps in the road? Jesus lived and died for all his children. DIED! Tortured, beaten, ignominiously NAILED to a cross just so you can drink of his life giving water. He made the sacrifice so you could live gloriously with him forever. His hand is stretched out to you. Throw away your crutch and grab hold! You lose nothing, but will gain everything. Such love you never could imagine, until the day you lay down your sins and your pride, and He begins to fill all the empty spaces in you. What have you got to lose?

                  • Karen

                    You are rude.
                    I gave you a courteous reply and you go on with this nasty invective against Me.
                    Exercise caution; for when you insult Me; you likewise insult The Great Mother Goddess.
                    One thing you can never say; you were not told.

                    • P2

                      You haven’t exactly been subtle in your writing, hence, I called out what I’ve read. You have mistaken truth you don’t want to face with rudeness. I wrote absolutely nothing rude. Now you want to play the “I’ve been wronged” card. Guess secretly you do like that cup of bitterness. I would lay money you are lonely. Maybe not alone, but very lonely. There is an old song called You Have A Friend in Jesus. All you have to do is invite him in. Or continue to bask in the cocoon of your pain. Your choice.

                    • Karen

                      K2 says:
                      There is an old song called You Have A Friend in Jesus. All you have to do is invite him in.

                      You are a textbook example as to why most people on the planet absolutely detest Christians: You are always telling them what “they need to do.”
                      The only thing any human being “needs to do” is die.
                      You have relentlessly meddled in other people’s affairs since Calvary. Mind your own business.

                    • Karen

                      Karen wrote:
                      You have relentlessly meddled in other people’s affairs since Calvary. Mind your own business.

                      Lest we forget the oceans of blood that have been spilled; much of it innocent…all under the guise of “conversion” and “evangelization”.
                      The passage of Time and the (apparently) more civilized era in which we reside…though this is likewise an illusion…the essential element in the diminution of the atrocities of the Church are not so much rooted in an overall upward thrust in its adherents General Nature; no, most of it can be linked to its diminished Powers of Enforcement. Were they suddenly resuscitated, be assured that reptile pits, racks, and roasting pits would reappear with astonishing alacrity.

                    • Karen

                      The rational minds of the Christian readers here all know, at some base level, that everything I have said is the truth.
                      However the Words of Jehovah, repeated time w/o number, still reverberate in your brains and cause them to be unable to process and accept what I say….

                      “Satan is clever”
                      “The Great Deceiver”
                      “The Truth is Not in Him”
                      “God’s ways are not man’s ways”
                      “God’s Will”

                      These Biblical injunctions, repeated to you constantly from whenever you became involved with this religion, cause your mind to short circuit and reject truth and reality…and likewise cause you to somehow justify in your mind the concept of burning people alive forever in the torture chamber of Hell because they did not “love Him”…as if love were ever an act of volition.
                      This disconnect from rational thought and this abandonment of mercy and all humanity for the sake of “God’s Will” is quite a sad commentary on the human race.

                    • Karen

                      Of course, there will be some amongst you who will be willing to concede the bloody history of the Church; but will simply proclaim that while it was “done in the name of Jesus”…it was definitely not in line with the Teachings of Christ…it was done by individual men who were acting on their own behalf and not acting in the Spirit of Jesus and thus blame for it cannot be placed at Christ’s feet.

                      These individuals, though well meaning, invariably are better acquainted with the image of Christ rather than His explicit scriptural injunctions.

                      I would ask you to consider Luke 19:27. Christ is speaking:

                      “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them-bring them here and kill them in front of me.”
                      ___New International Version

                      So it is the same old thing. They all want power; and killing to obtain it is an entirely appropriate vehicle to obtain it.

                      What a revolting world this is!

                    • Stan Bull

                      In Luke 19, Christ is speaking in a parable so that those in whom He resides will understand by means of the instruction of the Spirit. Twisting the meaning of the parable and applying it to a contrary context demonstrates only a lack of understanding – 0r, an intention to deceive.

                    • Zach Lavine

                      Karen, I presume you have also read about other destructive ideologies powerful people have provided their followers with. The 20th century is replete with atheist ideologies that mobilized mass murder on a scale that dwarfs anything in the Church’s history. Before the Church, the Roman empire, the Hellenistic empire, the Carthaginians, etc. were not exactly paragons of humane thinking. Yet you prefer to single out an ideology which does at least tell its followers to turn the other cheek and refrain from killing people. Pick out the most corrupt Popes in history and the most authoritarian Evangelicals from the Bible Belt, and you’re still left with what we’re always given – fallible humans doing what they can to maintain power over groups of people – it’s up to the more discerning among us to decide whether or not their actions fit their chosen doctrines. It’s no surprise that there are hypocrites in the world that use the Bible to maintain their own social status. “Take the Bibles away from them and we’ll make non-hypocrites out of them and their followers,” is shaky logic, however.

                      Liberators of the power of reason have also had full sway at certain moments of history. The French Revolution comes to mind. I will concede that this movement cleared out a bunch of unjust obstacles to human well-being. But an ideology shouldn’t be judged just on its immediate effects – it should also be judged on how well it reflects perennial truths that transcend any given societal context. And that uppercut to corrupt kings and priests known as the French Revolution also created a wave that destroyed millions of lives in the socialist revolutions of the 20th century. Revolutions that ultimately did little to transcend the limitations their proponents so confidently faced down.

                      Now we live in a “post-ideological” age where people’s faith is placed in technological progress and global capitalism as panaceas for what ails the human condition. The lack of a philosophy about human well-being is just as dangerous as the adoption of a pernicious one, in my view. You would propose to fill that void with your own understanding of the wheels of historical oppression, a starkly-drawn caricature of heroes and villains that admittedly makes for a compelling story. But forgive me if I remain a bit skeptical of your claim that the characters on the screen should be let loose into the real world.

                    • Karen

                      Stan Bull says:
                      In Luke 19, Christ is speaking in a parable so that those in whom He resides will understand by means of the instruction of the Spirit. Twisting the meaning of the parable and applying it to a contrary context demonstrates only a lack of understanding – 0r, an intention to deceive.

                      Since your screenname surname is “Bull”, I though it appropriate to provide a charming metaphor courtesy of a member of the North Dallas BULLS…the fictional football team immortalized in a late 1970’s film starring Nick Nolte.
                      Anyhow, late in the film, John Matuszak, a player on the Bulls, beautifully deconstructs assistant coach Charles Durning’s Orwellian doublespeak…which nicely approximates the Doublespeak that permeates Christian apologists like yourself in your vain attempts to explain away Everything About Your Religion That Is Not So Pretty…

                      “Every time I call it a game, you call it a business…and every time I call it a business, you call it a game.”


                      Some rather vituperative language in the clip; those easily offended (probably would include 90% of the planet) might wish to steer {double entendre…lol} clear of it!

                    • Karen

                      In case you or anyone missed My point, the Scriptures are to be interpreted literally when it suits your ends…and they are to be interpreted figuratively when it likewise suits your ends.

                    • Karen

                      Zach says:
                      Now we live in a “post-ideological” age where people’s faith is placed in technological progress and global capitalism as panaceas for what ails the human condition. The lack of a philosophy about human well-being is just as dangerous as the adoption of a pernicious one, in my view. You would propose to fill that void with your own understanding of the wheels of historical oppression, a starkly-drawn caricature of heroes and villains that admittedly makes for a compelling story. But forgive me if I remain a bit skeptical of your claim that the characters on the screen should be let loose into the real world.

                      This is not a bad post…it appears to be reasonably well thought out.
                      You are correct; non Christian ideologies are likewise responsible for incomprehensible atrocities.


                      “The people who make the revolution always seem to ask for liberty.”

                      “But do they ever get it, Mr. Gumbril?” Mr. Bojanus cocked his head playfully and smiled. “Look at ‘istory, Mr. Gumbril, look at ‘istory. First it’s the French Revolution. They ask for political liberty. And they gets it. Then comes the Reform Bill, then Forty-Eight, then all the Franchise Acts and Votes for Women-always more and more political liberty. And what’s the results, Mr. Gumbril? Nothing at all. Who’s freer for political liberty? Not a soul, Mr. Gumbril. There was never a greater swindle ‘atched in the ‘ole of ‘istory. And when you think ‘ow those poor young men like Shelley talked about it – it’s pathetic,” said Mr. Bojanus. shaking his head, “really pathetic.”
                      ___Antic Hay, by Aldous Huxley


                      Man fought tooth and nail to transform an American wilderness into what we have today…a comfortable civilization…so much blood, sweat, and tears…and he utterly recoils from what He Now Has. Why? Because man is naturally an escapist; he is dynamic and he is own worst enemy. The phrase “choose your enemies carefully…for it is they who you will eventually resemble” is illustrative. He has met the enemy…and it is Him.

                      Man will *never* know satisfaction for he is caught in a loop…one that has repeated time w/o number…but the results are always the same.

                      It is more than a little ironic that the author of the quote “He who refuses to remember the past is doomed to repeat it” is named “Santayana”.

                      I am simply here to immanentize the eschaton. It may or may not work…and even if it does work, there is no guarantee that people will like it or not grow bored of it over the passage of time. We’ll see.

                    • Karen

                      You know; when I ruminate on the “leading” American women…Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Sarah Palin, Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer…the more and more I realize that I am just not in their league!

                      *Will never stop laughing*

                    • Karen

                      For those who do not avail themselves of the satire; I had more brains in utero than those 5 could wield combined at the apex of each one’s existence.

                    • Karen

                      “For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.”
                      ___Liber 49 / Verse 37

                    • Karen- I and a few others have sincerely reached out to you when you were “perceived” to be distraught.

                      Now my perception is reading vindictive slanted posts coming from one who is no longer distraught.

                      My question to you is ….What is your goal here? If its trying to make us doubt our faith, I myself can say mine is strengthening . You obviously want to share your views on this stage. You call others rude, and it makes me chuckle as I happened to open a cabinet door and there were two black kettles in there.

                      We will still pray that you find happiness, as I am increasingly becoming happier myself the more I realize I am not like you.

                    • Karen

                      Now my perception is reading vindictive slanted posts coming from one who is no longer distraught.


                      Jehovah’s relentless attack on My physical health has waned just a bit over the last 48 hours; some of the life has begun to slowly drain back into Me.

                      “She can stay afloat with the first four compartments breached; but not five.”

                      My question to you is ….What is your goal here? If its trying to make us doubt our faith, I myself can say mine is strengthening . You obviously want to share your views on this stage.


                      I enjoy writing; it is fun. I don’t care if I change a single person’s opinion; as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him think. Believe what you want to believe; it is of no consequence to Me.

                      We will still pray that you find happiness, as I am increasingly becoming happier myself the more I realize I am not like you.


                      “I would find it far easier to accept a Redeemer if I did not have before me so many examples of the redeemed.”

                    • Karen

                      Well, with this being the 13th Day of My Visit here; and 13 being the number of Rebellion…I think the time has come for Me to take My Leave of you.
                      I very much enjoyed interacting with you guys; and you should take solace in the fact that you are about 1000 steps ahead of the average schmo in the street…who thinks every thing that happens is “random” or “coincidence”.
                      Good luck to all of you in your futures, and as the song says, “We’ll meet again…don’t know where…don’t know when…but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!”


  5. Ed Parker

    As to your statement that “…119 to 120 is the same as 44 to 45. Jerusalem changed hands for the 44th time in history on 6/7/67, which would not have been possible had not what happened in 1776.”

    This is also a transition from president #44 to president #45.

    • sharon Oliveria

      Ed, the war of 1776 changed many things, we won the war but gave to the loser to set rule & agreement’s, which were not in our favor, we are under Admiral-Law law of the sea, when you see a America flag with Gold Fringe , that show’s where it stands ,in court or Govt offices it is once again showing it stands for being under Admiral-Law, we are still under The Queen’s order, we were never a free people but still remain under the Queen , as the White House & area’s around are considered under Sovereignty , can not come against for right or wrong reason , they stand alone untouchable . all these things were tried to keep from American people, God said, “My people perish from lack of knowledge & lack of the knowledge of the word of God”, what would we find if we looked deep into yesterdays past, would we find a Future for Tomorrow, How long have we been a captive People? and to who ? How does the Queen & Pope fit in? what would it mean for the African people today? Why were we put under Admiral Law? what would it mean to put a certain seal on court papers when filing suit, then presenting it to the Hague, you or your Property can’t be touched, Military found out asked the man that did this, “Can you do it again?”, “Can you show Us how”, this takes you back to 1776 . Federal Reserve what does the Queen & Pope have to do with Federal Reserve ? What did “Operation Paper Clip”, have to do with Congress & Senate? Would we be shocked to know Communist are alive & well in our Govt? Who holds the bigger danger to All of America, Communist or Brotherhood or are they working Together? Yes! Draining the Swamp in Govt is a Red-Alert ! Need to know & need to be done right away, Treason is not just a 6 letter word, how many are Guilty of Treason within Govt, How do incoming Govt job’s when coming in have less than $ 25,000 to their name within 2 years they have Billion’s, How?

  6. mr Rock

    SOME PROPHETS stated they had revelation that Hillary would be the one in…I think that when Hezekiah repented and the prophet returned with the fresh word from God …it shows that the word of the prophet is not Gods final, but the prayer of the intercessor and the repentant is the answer pending from heaven….the future belongs to the intercessor, but we can be warned by the prophetic how to pray…how many times have we stopped praying because some body declared a final word?….and missed a God MIRACLE ELECTION…

    • sharon Oliveria

      Before Election’s started on a Truth site I go to We prayed, God Hear our Cry but first we remember your words, “If my people that are called by My Name would seek my face Humble them selves & pray, repent & turn from their wicked ways, I God will hear from Heaven & heal their Land”, We have to come before the Lord with clean hands & a Clean Heart, we ask the Lord of Heaven to allow Donald Trump to be Pres so we can be given the chance to clean our Nation from Forces of darkness , There is power in Prayer & the Name of Jesus , we do believe God is the God of Miracle’s , we prayed for one for Trump to be Pres. We believe God called Trump for this Hour like King David was a man after God’s own Heart made many mistakes but looked to God before every Battle & lost none , David would be King , & will be King over Israel in the 1,000 year rein when Heaven is brought down to the New Earth, Trump was brought by God for this Hour.

        • Karen

          4Is2See says:
          Trump was interviewed on the 700 Club several times two weeks before this election.

          Pat Robertson is the most consistent modern Christian prophet in history…he has been wrong every time!

  7. Zach Lavine

    Well, that will definitely be the last US election. We will all hopefully continue to be here and do things in one piece, but the institutions set up by our founders will not be in play for much longer. They were already running out of steam, I suppose. The Brexit example has been repeated on a much larger scale. This feels like a perilous moment indeed.

  8. Anonymous

    Another outstanding article MP! I feel so blessed to be witnessing the work of God playing before our eyes. To those who don’t realize yet God’s sovereignty over all matters in the world will feel fearful, uncertain and discouraged. Just like my family members who reside there right now. Thank you for your hard work and for continuing to be our watchman. Peace be with you!

  9. CV

    Please don’t let up! Keep praying and don’t backslide because of a SEEMINGLY victory. With Barry and Hillary it was easy to see the EVIL. It may not be so with DT. Your eyes may have been opened but don’t let them shut again. Hopefully, this isn’t the deception written about. Pray that we make it to inauguration day without incident.

    There is much work to be done and hold DT to his promises. Pray that has Jesus in his heart and in his cabinet. Repent of all the “ism”s such as Judaism, Catholicism, Patriotism, Socialism, Humanism, Communism etc… This is the WOMAN (“ism”, religion) that rides the beast!

    • She was not “the Anointed” as many think.

      “It should come as no surprise that Trump is in partnership with the Jewish financial elite given his career background. Although naive sleepers seem to think he’s independent of the Money Power “since he has his own money,” they fail to understand how he got it. He didn’t do the real estate megadeals he’s know for by using money from his own bank account; he borrowed the money from the big banks and finance houses. There is simply no way he could be a big mover and shaker in real estate, especially in a Jew-controlled city like New York, without being in the good graces of the Money Power. He’s their boy.”

      The globalists hope you all go back to sleep now, or at least turn the channel to ESPN.

    • Karen

      CV says:
      Repent of all the “ism”s such as Judaism, Catholicism, Patriotism, Socialism, Humanism, Communism etc… This is the WOMAN (“ism”, religion) that rides the beast!

      You are so right!

      Abraham, Alexander, Caesar, Constantine, Genghis Khan, All the Popes, Luther, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung…every single one a female!

  10. Robert Kuskis

    The power of Prayer is more powerful than anything else.
    Keep praying – let’s drain the swamp!
    Perhaps America has been given a time of grace (underserved help) and mercy from HIM WHO IS STILL AND ALWAYS WILL BE ON THE THRONE FOREVER MORE!
    Yes Lord!

  11. shayne

    I have believed now for over the past 7-8 months that Trumps win and Brexit ARE the deadly wounds mentioned in Revelations 13:3 against the Beast ( The One World Lucifarian System) that stands upon the waters ( People ).

    So now we know that the False Christ ( One Who Looks and Acts Just Like Christ with Lightning in his hands) will come to heal the earth ( Re-installing the One World system ). After he has fooled so many as the false christ and has captured all of the un-learned, the 7th Trumps sounds and JESUS The REAL Jesus kicks their asses ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    For every knee shall bow.

    Praise GOD the Father and his son JESUS!

    Praise GOD.

    Buckle up kids, lots of tough roads to travel as people clamor for the One World System to be re-installed so their is a chicken in every pot and money in your pocket.

    These are the most exciting time in the history of this earth age.

    He picked you to be here at this time.

    What is your calling?

  12. Debbie

    “Mike Pence was born on 6/7, 6 years to the day of Jerusalem on 6/7/67.”
    Actually – Pence was born in 1959 so that’s 8 years to the day of Jerusalem on 6/7/67

  13. Denis...rugged path

    Still watching from up here. God is accomplishing His purpose in this. The prayers of an awakened people, those who have been faithful through the desperate seasons, those finally wearied of open corruption and evil, have reached the ear of God.
    Repentance…no. That hasn’t happened yet.
    Just a stay of execution, but for how long?

    MP, you and all fellow Crowers are full aware that there is something deeper about to be revealed. God is not finished, He has given His people this little bit more time to make themselves ready.
    Let us use this time very very wisely.

    Agreed, Ray, CV., watch and pray and be wide awake.

    However, got my dancin’ shoes on again.

      • Denis...rugged path

        There is anticipation building. My heart skips like a ram upon the mountain, like a lamb upon the hill. Rejoicing, not at some worldly thing, but at the work of the Lord.
        There comes a voice calling…Make straight the way of the Lord!
        Can you not hear it?
        Can you not hear?
        Creation is groaning, calling out, longing for the return of the Creator.
        So must His people. His people.

    • Denis...rugged path

      Sorry guys, but I can’t send links like you do. I let out a whoop and a holler when I read his post.

    • ray

      Have a dance then Denis, and don’t let anyone crush your glad heart, that the LORD gifted you. Dancing was good enough for David, and greater than the ark is near.


  14. Spice

    First God does raise up leaders and kings, however the Bible teaches man raises up leaders and kings too. If God has ordained this leadership then it’s for the judgement of this country. Everything Trump stands for and says according to the word of God is an abombination against the lord. Trump is just as ungodly as Clinton or any other perverted politician. If obama doesn’t step down then Trump is more than likely the antichrist, if obama stays he is obviously the antichrist. this election is the same as all the rest except the insanity of thinking change is exceedingly great. Good luck in the coming tribulation. At least with Hillary we knew judgement was coming, now we know judgement is here. Trump is a coveter, proud, adulterous, liar, fornicator, perverted, unbeliever in Christ, boaster, etc etc, where is the Roghtous man of God that will save this nation? Lol lol. Fools all of you.

    • AB

      But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.

      Matthew 5:22

      • Karen

        AB says:
        And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.

        Well, as Elbert (Mother) Hubbard often said:

        “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”

    • Callypgian

      What was Moses? What was David? What was Solomon? Who raised them up?

      All of us have become like one who is unclean,
      and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;
      we all shrivel up like a leaf,
      and like the wind our sins sweep us away.
      No one calls on your name
      or strives to lay hold of you;
      for you have hidden your face from us
      and have given us over to[b] our sins.
      Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
      We are the clay, you are the potter;
      we are all the work of your hand. – Isaiah 64:6-8

      No human is “godly” or ever could be.

      A certain ruler asked him, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

      “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone. – Luke 18:18-19

      Try a little more scripture and a little less religion.

      • Karen

        Callypgian says:
        We are the clay, you are the potter;
        we are all the work of your hand. – Isaiah 64:6-8

        Oh the absurdity…the condescension…the unmitigated arrogance….the words dripping with hubris…that make up that bit of O.T. Scripture!

        The first misapprehension comes from the conclusion that we are dealing with pottery, not living, breathing, sentient creatures…with minds, dreams, and THOUGHTS of Their Own.

        In reducing humanity to clay, the prophet who would later have his name famously expropriated by some guy who played for the Pistons tells humanity to go screw themselves…for they are nothing…and can never be anything.

        So what is the sense of waking up in the morning…and why should morality and tribute and Good Behavior be expected from such beings from a God whose prophet deems them lower than dirt?

        If you regard Your Subjects as one would deem a cockroach; why would one manifest surprise when their behavior mirrors that characterization?

        The only Good Master is No Master.

        We are a Free People; We belong to No One.

  15. 4Is2See

    Trump accepts 45th presidency on the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. On my way to the polling place I began to fall ill. I came home and did turn on the television or the radio. When I woke up this morning I saw this post and only then did I discover that Trump won.

      • 4Is2See

        Typo on tablet. It should be the 27th anniversary on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Also, I did not turn on the television or radio, but before I went to bed, he was at 7% to her 23% in Philadelphia county. Went online this morning and discovered that he won both PA and the Presidential election.

  16. marie

    Awesome Matt!
    THIS video below has been making me laugh! Even Chris Matthews unknowingly admitted who was behind the Trump win. Jesus is Lord!

  17. I think it significant that God raises up a man by the name of Trump to be President of this country prior to 9/23/217, when the wonder of the woman of Rev 12:1-5. I also think it odd, with all the build up of tension in the Ukraine and Syria that Secretary of State Kerry would be taking a trip down to the Antarctic. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/kerry-traveling-to-south-pole-on-election-day/article/2606507
    I am curious if he will visit the newly built South Pole Telescope. All of this of course related to the accompanying wonder in heaven of the great red dragon.
    Revelation 12:3 KJVS
    [3] And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
    Following shortly after this sign would be this event.
    1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 KJVS
    [16] For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: [17] Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
    Is the election of Trump a heralding of the Lord’s return. I pray that it be so.
    For more on these wonders in the heaven see first article at http://www.justifiedfreely.com

  18. Allen

    While I am cautiously optimistic about a Trump/Pence presidency there are some questions we need to address as we go forward. I have learned that in life it is important to look at both sides of the coin when discussing a matter. Some of the questions I have as we move forward are: are Trump and Pence legitimate and real in their intentions or do they have an agenda; are they going to give reprieve to the USA and the world or are things going to get even more crazy then they are now; do Trump and Pence realize America is very sick and in the ICU and only the great Physician Yahushua can truly heal her; do Trump and Pence have the courage to lead the entire nation in true repentance like the king of Ninevah did during Jonah’s time; can they apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 to America and make us “great again”? These are a few questions I have as we move forward. Let us discuss answers to these and other questions as we move forward. There are two things I noticed about the election results that I wanted to share. Trump became president elect on 11/9/2016 which is 911 backwards and it also looks like this: 11/9/9. Trump’s victory was announced at 2:30 am. The number 23 has to do with something that touches the whole world! 23 in the occult is the number for death and in the Christian circles it means grace as 2 and 3 add to five. Blessings in Yahushua as we watch and pray, seeking Yahweh for wisdom and understanding in these matters. Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

  19. james

    How can you say Donald Trump is ‘the last trump’ of 1 Corinthians 15:52 or is even remotely connected? I don’t see it.

    • Karen

      james says:
      How can you say Donald Trump is ‘the last trump’ of 1 Corinthians 15:52 or is even remotely connected? I don’t see it.

      Oh my; there is a light in the forest after all!

  20. nohomehere

    Well said, and it is interesting how all of the previous comments focus on a few key issues. one being trump as a savior of the country , 2 . How trump was either allow or chosen . 3. the focus of many of the comments stating that the US society and or the world is facing a fail that will be the results of one or any unspecified number of persons have failed to adhere to the requisite behavior that is not a characteristic of the majority of this worlds lost. jn. 14:17 “the Spirit of truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.”
    What I want to say is similar to what Jesus said about the end times . and many of the prophets, during Israel’s early efforts to remain faithful to God’s instructions!
    like unto what is written in psalms 35 pease I invite you to read the whole chapter, but here is a verse 7
    “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him;
    Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
    Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.”

    But more so , that the coming events are inevitable and will bring a reward to those who are his at his appearing
    LK. 21: 34
    “But watch yourselves, or your hearts will be weighed down by dissipation, drunkenness, and the worries of life—and that day will spring upon you suddenly like a snare. 35 For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 So keep watch at all times, and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”
    Christ is the only king and he is the supremo leader of the real christians who count on (no) ( NONE) in this worlds governments or it’s leaders! We are strangers and pilgrims without a country so look up the more you see these troubles happening . The real awakening is coming in which the dead, those that sleep will hear his voice!

  21. Zach Lavine

    Hillary dressed in black in ’96 to talk about “super predators” in gangs. She dressed in black in ’69 to give a commencement speech at Welles-ley. 69/96. Hillary is 69. The Indians’ drought will be 69 years old next season. The Panthers and Jaguars are both men and predators in domes and colisseums. Man is the greatest predator of all. I forget who said that. Cam Newton is Superman and a Panther, so a super predator. Huey Newton was a gun toting predator and writer. Gus Bradley, 50, is a Jaguar. Bradley Manning shared a last name with the man who won Super Bowl 50. Wikileaks helped Trump win the November 8th election, in this 240th year of US history. Super Bowl 50 score, 24 – 10, or 24×10, in the year of what looks like the last US election. Manning and Newton, the White Horse and the Black Panther. “White horse” is slang for heroin. Heroin and weapons were the goods smuggled by those affiliated with Skull and Bones. Some allege that Bill Clinton trafficked drugs in Arkansas. Hillary and Bill are alleged to be responsible for the suspicious deaths of many people. Therefore they would, if guilty of those allegations, be super predators walking freely around. Usage of drugs and guns leads to prisoners being in solitary confinement in the United States. Hillary Clinton helped put Chelsea Manning in prison, for behavior that she also engaged in. She also helped her husband William Jefferson Clinton put many black men in prison with her speech that described them as super predators. Now she is in a prison of her own making – a mental prison of dashed presidential ambitions. She will remember those two losses for the rest of her life. The Queen has lost to the Wild Card candidate. Manning won the Super Bowl, and Manning’s Wikileaks helped Trump win the presidential election. So it seems there were indications of a potential Trump victory right there for us to see on February 7th, folks.

  22. Michael Stafford

    Consider Daniel 4 and Mathew 13, let the wheat and tares grow together until the Harvest. I am seeing more and more 2 thes 2 and 1 thes 4 coming to pass, those who have not prayed and watched to count themselves worthy to escape the things coming upon the Earth may miss the catching away, have to have there chaff removed by great tribulation and realize they had there eyes on Trump and missed the last Trump. Just something to consider. Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, either by submission or defeat. Even so Lord come!

    • CV

      Wow, yesterday watching and listening to the reports of protest this same thing came to me. I do believe the Lord is separating the Wheat from the Tares. There will be a eclipse next year that will divide this country. I think we (hopefully the Wheat) are being gathered to each other, such as sites as this one.
      Remember the Tares go first.


      • Michael Stafford

        Consider the different Harvests, barely and wheat, barely was “thrown into the air” for it’s chaff to be removed while the wheat was Harvested later, it’s chaff was harder and had to be broken by a tribulum (a board with sharp metal to break up the chaff) pulled about by oxen. Consider revelation 6-7 and then rev 14 where the sickle is put in for the wheat Harvest. I believe the five wise were prepared and ready while the foolish were not, they had to go and buy oil. Watch and pray that you may be “counted worthy” to escape all of these things. Rev 2 many churches, not all were ready, some were sent into great tribulation. People debate “is it pre trib, is it mid, or post?” What if it’s all and it depends on who you are? I for one want to be like Easter! Pray and watch and consider. Blessings!

  23. Phyllis

    Janet Reno stated that Donald Trump would NEVER be President in her lifetime. She died the night before he became President. Oh, the irony!

    • ray

      “Janet Reno stated that Donald Trump would NEVER be President in her lifetime.”

      Good catch there. Because as we all know, Janet Reno and her State ‘raises up kings and determines our days’ even as the OP title states.

      Arrogance + arrogance with a side order of pride = a permanent mouthful of dirt. Janet Reno and her friends insist on always being correct, so, now she is correct.

      • Karen

        Fear not Ray…the Sisterhood ain’t going away!
        At least that’s what the Goddess doth say!

        *Or was it Bestest who said it (D.W.S. for the uninitiated)?*

        It must be quite an experience for you; to be receiving replies from the object of your disaffection!

        Eh, don’t sweat it. I was required to walk ignorantly amongst the rabble for an extended interval prior to being made cognizant of Everything…

        “She has come new born
        As mortal maid
        Forgetting her high estate…”

        • Karen

          Oh my; my last dispatch was issued at 3:42 PM….which is, of course the 942 nd minute of the day…pi or 3.14 x 3 = 942…moreover…3:42 is 222 minutes past noon…which is like really powerful…and, of course, we are in 2016…and 6x6x6 (or simply 6 cubed) is 216.

          • Karen

            And, of course, 3 x 42 = 126….and 126 x 16 = 2016!

            With this kind of over analysis on My part, I am reminded of Dreyfus(s) (not Alfred!) in “What About Bob?” when, after believing he rid himself of the troublesome eponymous character he quickly reproached himself….I think the soliloquy went something like this:

            “On Tuesday we’ll eat Gill (the fish)…on Wednesday we’ll eat Bob…no, that’s going too far.”


        • Karen

          Hell, if people ever did figure out who I AM; and moved to “rid the world of Me”…they would likely be doing Me a favor…it was not a job I wanted; and certainly not one I requested.
          Of course, temporal forces / human agency probably would not do the trick (I’ve tested it)…
          Its like Don Murray in that flic “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes”…when he had Caesar on the table and though he had given him 10,000 volts…and, somehow, the thing got disconnected…the point not being that Gov. Breck failed to alter history…but rather the moment of pity (the vice of monarchs!) that Breck evinced towards the Coming King when he thought he had him in his power:
          “Eh, he’s not responsible for what he is.”

  24. ray

    Donald did well, but could have improved by thanking God in his victory speech. Everybody else comes after.

    But I very much liked how he kept his son, Barron, at his side during the victory address (photo from Daily Updates). It’s been 54 years since an American Son has been permitted in the White House, in Columbia’s District. The last boy was JFK’s son, John John. We know what was done to that male line. When was the last time a little boy laughed in that haunted national mansion?

    Not much to laugh about. Doubtless these things are coincidence.

    America’s only hope is restoration of fatherhood and masculinity, exactly the opposite of the current Administration, and indeed of all U.S. administrations since 1963. God presents this ultimatum in the final passages of the OT, because it manifests in our days, the last days — fatherhood is restored, or upon returning, the Lord curses the Earth. So, global attacks on fatherhood and the nuclear family are another sure eschatological sign.

    I was ten in 1963, when America was shattered, and Barron is now ten. I notice Donald is keeping him close to hand.


    • Denis...rugged path

      Hi Ray. Yes he should have thanked God first. But can you imagine what would have happened if he had.

    • Karen

      Ray writes:
      It’s been 54 years since an American Son has been permitted in the White House, in Columbia’s District. The last boy was JFK’s son, John John

      That article you penned…back in 2008 or so…where you cited a contemporary female journalist semi-tacitly “celebrating”the fact that the White House would remain “unencumbered” by a male child for (what was then) the 45th consecutive year is still very fresh in my mind…

    • Anonymous

      Ray says:
      America’s only hope is restoration of fatherhood and masculinity, exactly the opposite of the current Administration, and indeed of all U.S. administrations since 1963.

      Yes, the Kennedy’s were simply paragons of virtue!

      The prez essentially put his thing in every thing that moved, but he was a “Good Catholic”!

      The good senator from MA championed every far left agenda on the books…and don’t get me started on Mary Jo…

      RFK did his best to destroy the American working man and the incipient union movement; by persecuting James Hoffa relentlessly…until he finally put him in Lewisburg.

      Oh, and lest we forget the Good Patriarch Joseph Sr…a rum runner who ordered that his own daughter’s brain be cut out in a monstrous forced lobotomy!

      Wonderful people!

  25. Ana

    The so-called Blue Wall is made up of those states from Pennsylvania, west to Ohio and northeast to Wisconsin and Michigan that have voted Democrat in the past and thus, considered safe for Hillary. Total electoral votes: 64. Mitt Romney lost in 2012 by exactly 64 EVs. Hillary Clinton lost all 4 states. 64 Electoral votes in 4 states brought me to Isaiah 64:4– “For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him!” We are indeed all waiting for Him!

  26. Blessings Matt, Great article! The signs are everywhere!! I had to pray and cry and really seek God on this election. Ultimately I felt led to vote for Trump. But God can use people for good purposes and bad purposes. I’m still not sure why I still see this ship sinking very fast. Hope and pray I’m wrong. But it’s so fascinating to see how all these numbers clicked, and even every name has a purpose intended by God. Blessings Brother!!! In Christ, Kris

  27. Our country along with the whole world is close to seeing a collapse . We will need a strong leader like Donald Trump who will at least try and pull against the globalistic pressures instead of pushing us into a one world government. We all know its coming and should prepare now so as we each can get as far into the great tribulation as we can, so as to be a witness to the non believers. The tribulation will be the greatest revival ever and the more prepared we are with food and basic supplies, we will be like the 5 wise virgins in Matthew 25. To think we are getting raptured prior, all I can say is I wish that were true, but my studies show otherwise.

    God bless this country as Trump tries to turn it around.

  28. BJ

    On April 25, 2016 the Christian Post repored that Joaquin Phoenix is being rumored to play Jesus in a film opposite Roma Downey, who will portray Mary Magdalene.

  29. Anonymous

    Did I miss something? Trump will be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on inauguration day. I also agree he is NOT the anti-globalist he is making out to be. I’ve been reading some articles about his ties to the Rothchilds, Rockafellers, etc…Is he the leader that gets the ball rolling for whatever may precede the Rev 12 sign?

  30. Colin

    Check this out…taken from here: http://thirdheaventraveler.blogspot.com/2016/03/donald-trump-prophetic-end-times.html

    Now I want to show you what I have discovered mathematically about Donald Trump’s name. by the way, the name “Trump” is Donald’s “last name” and not his first name. Isn’t that ineresting that it is hislast name…..( as in last Trump ). And so I believe that it is possible that perhaps there is a prophetic message here for us which God according to His own divine sovereign will and plan has embedded with the name of Donald Trump. And I find it extremely peculiar and intriguing that such a man with such a name would step forward into thepolitical arena here in America at this time with his credentials, and that he would be running for president of the United States.

    Lets now take a look at his name.


    ד ו נ א ל ד

    4 30 1 50 6 4 / total = 95

    The book of Daniel speaks of the “Time of the End.” And the name Daniel = 95


    ד נ י א ל

    30 1 10 50 4 / total = 95


    ט ר א מ פ

    80 40 1 200 9 / total = 330

    Trump is a “billionaire.” He represents the “wealthy elite” of our present world ( the global finanical system ). And what is amazing is the fact that the value of his last name has the same value for Wall Street.

    [……….Wall Street………]

    ו ו ל ס ט ר י ט

    9 10 200 9 60 30 6 6 / total = 330

    The meaning of the name Donald Trump is striking!!!!!!


    Donald / First name origin: Old English / first name means…. “Ruler of the world.”

    Trump / Last name: Metonymic occupational name for a trumpeter, from Middle Englishtrumpe – trumpet.

    What I am about to show you still has me overwhelmed at this very moment! And the “odds” are totally against it as being by accident or by random chance!

    Here is what I am going to do. I am going to take and multiply each Hebrew letter value of the first name and the last name of Donald Trump. We will drop the zero’s as they are just “place holders.” Therefore we will only multiply the numbers. Then we will take these values and add them together to get a total sum. The end result is startling!


    ד ו נ א ל ד

    4 30 1 50 6 4 / total = 95

    4 x 3 x 1 x 5 x 6 x 4 = 1440


    ט ר א מ פ

    80 40 1 200 9 / total = 330

    8 x 4 x 1 x 2 x 9 = 576

    Donald 1440 + 576 Trump =2016………..Wow! Look at that!

    This is off the hook folks! This amazing mathematical formula doesn’t produce any other year, but only the year of 2016! And amazingly it was done with the Hebrew spelling of Donald Trump’sname. And he is the one who is running for president of the United States in the year2016! To me this appears to be by divine design within the Hebrew language !

    I am going to repeat myself here once again and say that I am of the “opinion” that Donald Trump and”his name” could very well represent a “symbol” or a “harbinger” from God ( signal ) which is announcing “THE END” which I believe is NOW HERE! Not only forAmerica, but for the world! And so I believe that the real “last trump” for the Church is going to “blow” at any moment!

    • DS

      I agree with Colin. Donald Trump was put in office to assist in bringing forth the end. We are in the beginning of the end. 9/11/2001 has allowed our enemy to strip us of all of rights and liberties, in order to set up the dictatorship to come. I am not upset about this, it’s all taken from the bible as things to come. Actually I am excited about being raptured out of this evil wicked world. All the racist people that rallied behind someone with so much blatant hate. I really don’t know what to say about that. Donald is not a good person, so I asked myself how could so many “christian” people that have a heart like Jesus vote for a person that hates, hates, hates! He is proud, boastful, mean, greedy, nasty and I could go on and on. Hillary is no better. I see the two of them equally as bad. Would Jesus vote for Hillary, or Trump? The people that voted for him, will get exactly what they wanted. Total division, race riots, people starving on the streets, while he pays zero taxes, just saying. America will not be made great again. God has sent the delusions he promised at the end of time. All the hateful greedy people who feel one race is better, then another will find out in due time, they have been DECEIVED. False peace!!! God made us all equal, so it bothers me the devil is making lots of people feel otherwise. Shame on them. If they don’t wake soon, they will get to burn in the pits of hell with satan forever. RePent. My soul did not allow me to vote for either evil person. It’s me, me, me and them, them, them.

      This is my opinion.

      2 Thessalonians 2:11.

      • P2

        Sounds like you consumed (more than is healthy) too many lies & propaganda from the MSN. I might be wrong since I don’t watch MSM, but maybe you can give me some links to actual comments by Trump to prove your perception. Note: not spin on what he said, but actual comments by him.

      • Karen

        DS says:
        God made us all equal

        My is this tiresome!
        We are not equal…no matter how many times the United Nations declares it in any sense other than BEFORE THE LAW…and that is the one area where the concept seems to be enforced the least.

      • Zach Lavine

        An intricately designed tapestry of propaganda on both sides, cooked up as the ultimate deception. Warring camps of American voters – those for Trump (rural, white working and middle-class, business owners, those hit by the Obamacare rate hikes, aging Baby Boomer men) vs. those for Hillary (urban, coastal cities, women, LGBT, minorities, college educated). Then make the voters disgusted with both candidates, for various reasons. Those put off by the spectacle were threatened with constant fear mongering over how much damage the other candidate would do. It split the country down the middle, exactly. It was just a huge optical illusion, though. Whoever behind the scenes cooked up this noxious dish knew exactly what they were doing, because it worked. And once people find out about how the whole thing was made, they’ll turn their anger on the cooks.

      • Karen

        DS says:
        This is my opinion.

        Thanks for informing us. For a minute there, I thought it had been copied ‘n pasted from The Daily Beast…or something…

    • Karen

      Colin says:
      a “harbinger” from God ( signal ) which is announcing “THE END” which I believe is NOW HERE! Not only forAmerica, but for the world! And so I believe that the real “last trump” for the Church is going to “blow” at any moment!

      Given the unmitigated horror that constitutes day to day life for most citizens of the world, I’m not sure a cessation of activity on the planet is such a bad thing.

      I can think of no punishment in the universe worse than being born…

      • Phyllis

        “I can think of no punishment in the universe worse than being born…”

        Sadly, I concur. It is the ultimate form of child abuse. In this fallen world, no time is a good time for being born.

        • Callypgian

          Karen, Phyllis, that’s just the estrogen talking. The world is a reflection of your own endocrine system-driven thinking. Life is great!

          Psalm 91:1-8

          Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
          will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
          I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
          my God, in whom I trust.”
          Surely he will save you
          from the fowler’s snare
          and from the deadly pestilence.
          He will cover you with his feathers,
          and under his wings you will find refuge;
          his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
          You will not fear the terror of night,
          nor the arrow that flies by day,
          nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
          nor the plague that destroys at midday.
          A thousand may fall at your side,
          ten thousand at your right hand,
          but it will not come near you.
          You will only observe with your eyes
          and see the punishment of the wicked.

          NB: The “wicked” being those indulging negative, pessimistic wrong-thinking.

          • Karen

            Callypgian says:
            Karen, Phyllis, that’s just the estrogen talking. The world is a reflection of your own endocrine system-driven thinking. Life is great!

            Thanks for the “advice”. What medical school did you graduate from?

            You don’t seen to be in sync with the words of your Messiah; who indicates that His “true followers” will hate their lives.

            Like Michael Moore (commenting on Junior Bush’s assertion about “not being fooled twice”) at the end of Farenheit 911…”for once, we’re in agreement”.

  31. Karen

    DS says:
    Actually I am excited about being raptured out of this evil wicked world.

    It must be very edifying to know your final destiny with absolute certainty. I wish I had a similar awareness…but if I did, there would probably be not much point in continuing on…

    • P2

      Hebrews 10:19-39

      A Call to Persevere in Faith

      19 Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, 20 by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, 21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. 23 Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. 24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

      26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. 28 Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge his people.” 31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

      32 Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering. 33 Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated. 34 You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. 35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

      36 You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. 37 For,

      “In just a little while,
      he who is coming will come
      and will not delay.”

      38 And,

      “But my righteous one will live by faith.
      And I take no pleasure
      in the one who shrinks back.”

      39 But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.

  32. Karen

    DS says:

    God has sent the delusions he promised at the end of time….it bothers me the devil is making lots of people feel otherwise.

    If God is the one responsible for deluding the people’s minds, why are you casting culpability on Satan?

    Verily, I ask thee, who is the Source of all the Chaos, Disorder, & Strife that has plagued humanity since Eden? The repository of all hatred and antagonism?

    An Examination of Genesis puts the matter beyond all doubt:

    Quiet, Jehovah is speaking:

    “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”
    ___Genesis 3, Verse 15

    Game. Set. Match. Jehovah admits that HE is the source of All Antagonism; he utilizes The Future Tense “I will put”…which clearly indicates that no enmity existed prior…but HE will now foment it.

    • Seraphim23

      Isaiah 45:7

      It’s all God. Satan and evil are just tools in the hands of the all powerful Creator. Not that Yahweh controls them (tainting God’s goodness), just accounts for them working all things for the good of those that love Him. Irenaeus had the same idea that all of this is a spiritual maturation process God is overseeing.

      • Karen

        Seraphim 23 says:
        It’s all God. Satan and evil are just tools in the hands of the all powerful Creator. Not that Yahweh controls them (tainting God’s goodness), just accounts for them working all things for the good of those that love Him. Irenaeus had the same idea that all of this is a spiritual maturation process God is overseeing.

        Yes, Jehovah is incurably innocent!

        • Karen

          Karen wrote:
          Yes, Jehovah is incurably innocent!

          It’s like the woman who kills her husband; and then tells the jury, “the knife just slipped; 53 times.”

          Or the boy who kills his parents; and, at sentencing, begs the judge for mercy “on the grounds that he is now an orphan.”

    • Callypgian

      Karen: “Verily, I ask thee, who is the Source of all the Chaos, Disorder, & Strife that has plagued humanity since Eden?”

      Man. Specifically, Adam.

      Genesis 3:17-19

      To Adam he said, “BECAUSE you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’*

      “Cursed is the ground BECAUSE OF YOU;
      through painful toil you will eat food from it
      all the days of your life.
      It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
      and you will eat the plants of the field.
      By the sweat of your brow
      you will eat your food
      until you return to the ground,
      since from it you were taken;
      for dust you are
      and to dust you will return.”

      * You’ll remember that God warned Adam…

      Genesis 2:16

      And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

      All the answers to your questions can be found in the Holy Bible.

      • Karen

        Callypgian says:
        All the answers to your questions can be found in the Holy Bible.

        I have no questions; only answers.

  33. DS

    I don’t watch any of the news outlets. My tv is usually on Youtube, or something else, never cable. I figured out long ago that is pure propaganda. I have seen and heard with my own ears and seen with my own ears Trump spill hate from his lips. Mexicans are evil, woman referred to as fat and ugly, blacks are hopeless, Muslims danced at the world Trade center, so they are bad, bad, people etc. All this is leading to more hate. Google all the hate things that happened the night he was elected. All the ugliness is coming to the surface. Nooses, swatzikas, burkas being pulled off women faces, klansmen rejoicing. Heck even ISIS is rejoicing. I saw that on Reuters yesterday. Pure craziness.
    BLM is also bad news. Anyone that spills hate, no matter what the hate is directed at goes in the hate field.
    Since Trump has been running tensions have escalated terribly. Why? He has fueled the flames. I certainly don’t have hate or prejudice for anyone. Love everybody! I love all people. USA needed a uniter, not a divider and we did not get that. Where do we go from here? I am not seeing where we can go forward. A country divided will definitely fall quicker, then quick. I have never seen so such hate in my entire life. I hope I am wrong, but my gut tells me I am right. I don’t usually mention politics because it fuels so much tension. Sorry. Calling it like I see it. I don’t see USA moving forward, but only backwards, unless God intervenes and sends us a super national miracle and we know that, if he wants to do that he will. We also know that we have become a godless nation and at some point Almighty God will say enough already! God is watching all this hate from heaven. He created ALL men in his image. No man is better then the next period. If a president gets elected and there is fear on many faces, is this normal? I don’t have fear, because I trust God to handle whatever he needs to handle and in any way he sees fit. I just could not vote for someone that hates, hates and, hates. My spirit said no. My personal choice.

    • P2

      You still haven’t given any ‘hate’ speech examples. What I see you giving as examples are comments viewed through a filter you constructed. Truth is not always ‘pretty’. Do you want your doctor to tell you everything is great, or tell you the truth about your condition?

  34. Kristi

    MP, thanks as always for your insight and diligence! I read through the comments and they are varied. I, however, am rejoicing with those who are rejoicing! In the words of the great Noah Hutchings “God is still on the throne and prayer changes things”. Is there anything more amazing than God’s amazing grace? O, Emmanuel! Brethren, let us be steadfast in prayer for our President-elect and in all things… as there appears to be great power there!

    Ray, as a wife and mother of 3 strong, hardworking young men, I too, am grateful for a son in the Whitehouse and deem it significant. Maybe someday I will have the courage to share a glorious vision I had for the coming Kingdom and what I call the “Hall (or courtyard) of Fathers”.

    • Karen

      Ray, as a wife and mother of 3 strong, hardworking young men

      Imagine if they had the choice; like you and almost all women have to “not work hard” and still be regarded as full human beings?

    • ray

      “Ray, as a wife and mother of 3 strong, hardworking young men, I too, am grateful for a son in the Whitehouse and deem it significant.”

      The long-delayed inclusion of a young son is the most positive and optimistic (external) sign I’ve seen in America in many decades, Kristi. Thanks for underlining this portent. Noble is as noble does.

      Helen Smith also posted about Barron and the ‘unusual’ gender time gap —


      I’m glad to hear your sons are manly and hardworking, admirable qualities. I hope they also are obedient towards the Lord, and lovers of Scripture. That’d be even better. Cheers.

      • Karen

        Fox News ponders the retirement “Gender Gap”:


        The story, (of course) laments the suffering of the Wiminz and the contrived “pay gap”.

        Perhaps a more truthful article might cite the fact that men drop dead 8 years before women…so they don’t even get a retirement!

        Now there’s a gender gap for ya’!

        You know, life in the less developed world is rife with horror; but even life in the west is a revolting experience. What eats away at a person’s soul more than the need to lie, engage in hypocritical behavior, and smile when being screwed over just to get through the day w/o incident?

        I’ve walked amongst the people for an extended spell now, and I can say categorically that given the choice between re-living that interval or jumping into a vat of hot acid (given the assurance that all my conscious existence would immediately terminate forever after the plunge), I would take the acid bath w/o a moment of hesitation.

        • Callypgian

          Karen, forgive me if I’m mistaken, but reading your comments, I’m getting that you’re a Satan-worshipper and that your life sucks. Is that an accurate summary? If so, wouldn’t the latter part represent a massive redundancy? How could a Satanist’s life do anything BUT suck?

          • Karen

            Callypgian says:
            If so, wouldn’t the latter part represent a massive redundancy?

            I’ll give you an even better redundancy: Nutty religion!

      • Kristi

        My two older boys (in their early 20’s) are believers in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is evident in them. They are growing in obedience and knowledge daily, as God is at work bringing them to maturity. It is a blessing and joy, as a mom, to see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives! They receive the Truth as truth and are learning to apply it to their lives. My youngest has Down Syndrome and is a minister of grace and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all! Bold and fearless!

        I liked Helen’s article and believe that as women stop rebelling against God’s defined order of authority, both men and women will find great blessing. Families will thrive and men will be free to assume the role of family priest as God’s Word prescribes. The covetousness that women have had for the authority that God gave to men diminishes the great and beautiful role that God gave to women. Yet a man needs to lead with the fear of God also, applying grace, gentleness, and lowliness of spirit as Jesus, or he will bring down his own house with frustration and sorrow. As men and women both put to death ego, covetousness, and generally the carnal [man], the light of Christ is increasingly manifest in them, bringing blessing to all. I see so many families in shambles and without love and wish they would just give God’s formula a chance, as DT said… What do they have to lose?

        • Karen

          Kristi says:
          What do they have to lose?

          Allow Me to enlighten you…

          The Christian Apologist argues that failing to surrender to Christ involves profound risk; and there may well be some merit to his claim. However, he fails to inform the undecided that submission to the Christ entails its own risk; the release of any claim to earthly joy and the abrogation and constraint of one’s free will and being…in exchange for the possibility of a potentially Blissful Hereafter.

          Surrendering oneself to Christ involves killing one’s will and substituting His for your own. Thus you are no longer of your self but rather of Him. This exchange involves the Promise of Eternal Happiness post mortem; but Living Death in all the days that precede it; for the Killing of One’s Will involves the killing of all temporal desire…so all earthly pleasure and joy must be forsaken.

          Attempting to kill the temporal will yields either a soul beset with camouflaged rage; the thickness and effectivity of the veil dependent on the individual and his circumstances…or a legitimately changed being, who will now resemble the victims of the notorious pre-frontal procedure so popular during the 1950’s.

          Paul in Romans admits that human nature is in direct contravention to the Teachings of Christ. However, he omits that forcing people to act in a fashion contrary to their nature yields depression, anxiety, fear, aimlessness, emptiness, and the utter destruction of the human experience. Making a bond with Christ is agreeing to a life of living death in exchange for a promised blissful hereafter; but if Paradise does indeed exist subsequently, will it be recognizable to the eyes of those who died the day they signed that contract; becoming “born again” by giving their hearts and minds to Jesus?

          Never deny your true nature; for no good can come of it.

          The sublimation and destruction of one’s will for the sake of Christ reduces the supplicant to a status beneath that of the animal; indeed, beneath that of the plant…for even a violet exercises volition by turning its vibrant petals towards the sun for sustenance.

          • Kristi

            As most women know, with labor comes the great gift of a child, blessings and love! Both in that moment and for all time. Yes, we Christians labor daily in our faith, but daily find renewal and joy also. For once one has experienced the grace and love of God, nothing else will satisfy. True freedom comes not from doing whatever you want, but from reigning over your passions because you love another and you seek their good. No greater love exists than a man lay down his life for another.

            • Karen


              That is not a bad answer; and if that is the path you have chosen for your life…I certainly have no business attempting to impede you.

              I wish good fortune for both you and your family.

              • Kristi

                I pray that love, joy and peace be upon you and yours all the days of your life in the name of Jesus Christ!

                • Karen


                  Thank you for your kind words.
                  Unfortunately, I gravely doubt I will ever find peace or joy.
                  I have no friends, and have had no family for a very long time.
                  Anything that could go wrong did over the course of My existence; and things of an unpleasant nature happened to Me that the ordinary person would never even conceive.
                  My life was misery after misery from Day One to the Present.
                  All I look forward now to is the end of it. May that day come quickly.

                  • Phyllis

                    Karen, don’t say that! It doesn’t appear that you are spiritually ready. You absolutely can find peace and joy if you yield your life to Jesus Christ. From your writings, you have been deceived. Jesus is real and Satan is too. Don’t allow Satan to blind you to who Jesus Christ really is! I praise God daily and thank Him daily for my salvation. He has given me the peace that passes all understanding. No matter what happens in this world, it is only temporal. Eternity is everlasting and God allows each of us the opportunity to either accept or reject His only begotten son Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Each persons decision will be honored and their destination will reflect that. God’s promises are true. He is faithful. He can not lie. Don’t let Satan twist scripture to make you think otherwise. One day – and soon, very soon, the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and only those who belong to Him will hear it. I know for a fact I am His and I will hear it.

                    While you say you have no family or friends and haven’t for a long time, when one is a part of the body of Christ, that changes too. I do so hope and pray that you will come to the saving grace of Him by repenting of your sins, with a contrite spirit so that you may know and have what many of us here possess.

                    • Karen

                      Phyllis says:

                      Karen, don’t say that! It doesn’t appear that you are spiritually ready.

                      You seem to be a kind hearted soul; and your words are appreciated.
                      Life on earth is torture for many people; do you know what existence in Hell is? It is the same thing; except it is torture on steroids…in other words one experiences 10 to 100 to 1000 to 10,000 times more intense fear & pain than one experiences in life…based on the gravity of one’s perceived “misdeeds”….and, of course, it never ends.
                      My psychological well-being collapsed decades ago, my financial well-being collapsed a decade ago, and now my physical health is likewise deteriorating quickly…and believe, me, that is not even one trillionth of the narrative.
                      I was a product of my design, I was tragically flawed, and I was also downright unlucky.
                      My name was never written in the Book of Life; the Christ was quite correct when he said “You are of your father, Satan”…and no effort on my part could ever change that absolutely inescapable destiny.
                      I will burn, and then I will burn more, and then I will burn even more…
                      I hope Jehovah enjoys the show from above; after all; He wrote the script…

          • Callypgian

            Karen: “However, he fails to inform the undecided that submission to the Christ entails its own risk; the release of any claim to earthly joy and the abrogation and constraint of one’s free will and being…in exchange for the possibility of a potentially Blissful Hereafter.”

            Where is it written that submission to GOD’S will (there’s no submitting to “the Christ”) entails the forfeiture of any claim to Earthly joy?

            James 1:2-4

            Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

            Galatians 5:22-23

            But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

            “Surrendering oneself to Christ involves killing one’s will and substituting His for your own.”

            Again, nobody is being asked to surrender themselves to Christ, which would be an impossibility. Surrendering to God’s will is a willful and ongoing act. You don’t just do it once and for all. You have to will it every moment. With your own will. How else do you suppose it gets done? How else do you suppose people backslide? How would such be accomplished with a dead will?

            Job 22:21-26

            Surrender to God All-Powerful!
            You will find peace
            and prosperity.
            Listen to his teachings
            and take them to heart.
            If you return to God
            and turn from sin,
            all will go well for you.
            So get rid of your finest gold,
            as though it were sand.
            Let God All-Powerful
            be your silver and gold,
            and you will find happiness
            by worshiping him.

          • Callypgian

            Karen: “The sublimation and destruction of one’s will for the sake of Christ reduces the supplicant to a status beneath that of the animal; indeed, beneath that of the plant…for even a violet exercises volition by turning its vibrant petals towards the sun for sustenance.”

            Is the violet any less of a violet for turning its face to the Sun for sustenance?

            Acts 3:19

            Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.

            And who made the Sun?

            Matthew 6:28-30

            “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?”

        • ray

          Hi Kristi, I’m especially glad to hear that about your two young men, and also to hear you describe your Downie as a ‘minister of grace’ for the Lord. I have also encountered them acting in this capacity and it’s a big kick. Them and the autistics — good water. Shh don’t tell nobody though! they’ll all be wanting some.

          Surprisingly some Downs make excellent bodyguards, especially the stouts, that are about as wide as they are tall. You know the ones I mean? For all their genuine sweetness they can be quite strong. And vigilant.

          Those are good words concerning men, women, and family, and the Lord will finish sorting it out, assured. For now, we are commanded (Malachi 4:6) to make a start.

          Helen Smith has been an (unpopular) defender of the nation’s sons for many years and I’m pleased you also appreciate her writings. She’s an impressive speaker too, plain and direct.

          Hey Kristi I’ve got some decent news, the King of the Universe is at the door, and he’s going to take this planet (yes this one) away from the wicked, and then heal it. Is that good news or what? Well good news for some and bad for others. Meantime hang onto your downie, he’s part of the Transition Team!

          • Kristi

            You are so right about the unusual physical strength of DS kids! Mine also lifts weights, making it more so!

            • ray

              Weightlifter, great! I’ll have my people contact your people. Oh wait they’re the same people. Well that should cut down on phone bills.

  35. Karen

    Kristi says:
    Ray, as a wife and mother of 3 strong, hardworking young men,

    Since Ray believes we live in a Gynocracy…where males represent the Slave Gender and Females the Ruling Class, I’m sure he will be glad to see confirmation from you of his central thesis!

  36. Karen

    I figured out long ago that is pure propaganda.

    As opposed to distilled propaganda?

    I have seen and heard with my own ears and seen with my own ears

    Jehovah must have made some refinements to the 5 Senses since Eden…

    woman referred to as fat and ugly

    Many women are fat & ugly…should he lie and call them pretty & svelte?

    I certainly don’t have hate or prejudice for anyone. Love everybody! I love all people.

    Prove it…

    USA needed a uniter, not a divider and we did not get that.

    Yes, Beverly Hills housewives cannot wait to interact & mingle with derelicts from the Lower East Side.

    I don’t see USA moving forward, but only backwards,

    Considering what progressivism has wrought the last 60 years, some minor regression might be welcome…

    He created ALL men in his image.

    No wonder the universe is screwed up…

    If a president gets elected and there is fear on many faces, is this normal? I don’t have fear

    But Jehovah’s favorite emotion to instill in the people is fear! “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!” He delights in humanity’s discomfort.

    My personal choice.

    Harry Blackmun would be proud…

    • Callypgian

      Karen: “But Jehovah’s favorite emotion to instill in the people is fear! “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!” He delights in humanity’s discomfort.”

      Why do we fear tigers and Great White sharks? I do, and I’ve never been threatened by either. The answer is that we don’t actually fear them, we fear (respect) what they are capable of. God is omnipotent.

      “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

      Do you see? Realising that your loving Father is big enough and strong enough to crush you shouldn’t be a source of discomfort for you. That said, it wouldn’t be WISE to alienate or antagonise your bodyguard.

      • Karen

        Callypgian says:
        Why do we fear tigers and Great White sharks? I do, and I’ve never been threatened by either. The answer is that we don’t actually fear them, we fear (respect) what they are capable of. God is omnipotent.

        “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

        Do you see? Realising that your loving Father is big enough and strong enough to crush you shouldn’t be a source of discomfort for you. That said, it wouldn’t be WISE to alienate or antagonise your bodyguard.

        My temporal father was a kind hearted man and one of the very few good things in my life.
        He was sure enough of himself; though he was but an ordinary human being, to never threaten people (and certainly not members of his own family).
        If This Entity that you worship with so much devotion spent more time on acts of kindness and less on threatening to “crush” (to use your phrase) those a million times weaker than Him; well, maybe the universe wouldn’t be such an unpleasant place.
        He should try picking on someone His own size instead of defenseless people; it would interesting to see the outcome.

        • Zach Lavine

          Karen, I can understand why you are extrapolating from your personal sufferings to portray the universe as a vale of “unmitigated horror,” but do you not pause to consider that our perspective in relation to God’s is like a bug’s in relation to Einstein’s? Yes there are victims of ISIS but there are also symphonies, sunsets, and apple pie. How do you so confidently weigh the one side up against the other to draw up such a negative total balance?

          • Karen

            Zach Lavine says:
            Karen, I can understand why you are extrapolating from your personal sufferings to portray the universe as a vale of “unmitigated horror,” but do you not pause to consider that our perspective in relation to God’s is like a bug’s in relation to Einstein’s?

            If you crush a bug; be sure that little bug experiences the pain of being destroyed…the diminutive size of the object you terrorize does not suddenly legitimize the torture.

            • Zach Lavine

              What I meant was that our perspective on the ultimate balance of suffering vs. good in the world, is limited in comparison to God’s. We have a bug’s perspective, not a bird’s-eye-view perspective, let alone a God’s-eye-view perspective. Saying, “The best fate is to never have been born,” is a way of playing God, which people should not do. Who are you to decree whether a life filled with pain is better or worse than no life at all? By staking out that position, you’ve painted yourself into a corner where no one can reach you. I don’t mean to discount your troubles, but I think that part of what ails us is that we have more knowledge than the ape, but less than our Creator. Like Adam and Eve, we are smart enough to find out about what we’re missing out on – the tree at the center of the garden. But we often fail to realize how much we’ve already been given in life, but are taking for granted – the rest of the trees and fruits in the garden.

              The problem of evil is that it’s hard to figure out why a good God would create a universe with so much suffering in it. The key is free will. A universe with no free will could theoretically eliminate suffering. However, a world without free will would be like a nightmarish North Korea of the soul. Who are you to say that a world like that would be better than this world? Seems like there are three choices – our type of world; a Disney World/North Korea hybrid world of beautiful, suffering-free slavery; or no world at all. Everything considered, I would choose the first option.

              • Karen

                I do not like how the wicked prosper and the decent are vanquished.
                My biggest crime in life was writing a critical letter to a newspaper about a local celebrity decades ago.
                My torture has not been commensurate with my misdeeds.

                • Karen

                  Oh, I guess you can say that all the blasphemy I have posted here is an extremely serious transgression; but at this juncture, I don’t give two shi*s anymore.

                  • Karen

                    “Do not tempt the Lord Thy God!”

                    When one of the 144,00 come to judge Me; asking if I have repented…I’m going to give the same answer Morgan Freeman gave that sniveling parole board chairman in Shawshank:

                    “Repented? Now I’m not sure what that means?”

                    “It means you have asked for forgiveness and turned away from your si…”

                    “I know what you think it means sonny. To me its just a politician’s word…a priest’s word…so you can wear a collar and have a job. What do you really want to know? Am I sorry for how I lived?”

                    “Well are you?”

                    “Not in the least. I led a decent, moral life, a life of honor, integrity, and honesty in all my interactions with society…and you know what society said to me? It said “Screw you!” Then you throw in indescribable physical and psychological tortures that had their genesis in the mind of your Master…blocking me every inch of the way…making every single day living hell for as far back as I can remember…and *I* need to apologize and repent? Go ahead, consign Me to that torture chamber of fire to prove how superior you and your God are; I don’t give a shi*!”

                • Zach Lavine

                  Well, if writing that letter is the worst skeleton you’ve got in your closet, then you are doing better than me.

                  I agree the vanquishing of the decent and the prospering of the wicked is a big problem. It’s the way of the world. We like to think with our newfangled technological society that we’ve progressed beyond that dynamic, but that isn’t so. Did Jesus receive accolades and riches for speaking the truth to power? No. If someone speaks up against injustice, that person will likely face a tooth and nail struggle. It takes real courage to do that. God probably prefers that courage to all the towers and palaces built by the prosperous.

                  • Karen

                    This is a world built on lies & deceit by a bunch of scum who have gotten fat off the blood of the innocent.
                    If there is a Hell; they may well be deserving of it…at least for an interlude.
                    I may not agree with the Christ; but his overturning of the moneychangers tables receives a 100% percent ringing endorsement from me.
                    Their contemporary counterparts crimes of usury are worthy of a life sentence in a modern prison; at the very least.

                    • Zach Lavine

                      That’s a pretty cartoonish portrayal of reality. What you decry as usury is often the debt and interest that make capitalism work. An economy based on investment was awful difficult for people to imagine back when the Church forbade taking interest. The computer you are using is one result of that historical trajectory. The Popes and Karl Marx didn’t do much to help create that. Your “money changers” did provide the right incentives for it, though.

                    • Anonymous

                      Zach says:
                      What you decry as usury is often the debt and interest that make capitalism work.

                      Yes, but who does it work for??? And more importantly, who does it work AGAINST?

                      *That’s rhetorical so I’m not seeking a retort*

                      That’s a pretty cartoonish portrayal of reality.

                      Yes, and art imitates life yet again! The mightiest clichés are vindicated!

                    • Anonymous

                      Zach says:
                      What you decry as usury is often the debt and interest that make capitalism work.

                      Be not deceived; I have no objection to people making money and I am no advocate for socialism…but what we have today is a vulgar amount of excess…no one needs 40 billion dollars in the bank to traverse 70 years on the temporal plane…that money could not be spent in 1000 lifetimes.

                      “You can only eat one steak at a time.”

                      The greed that punctuates contemporary life; far, far in excess of what one needs to have a pleasant experience…and earned on the backs of those barely getting by is an abomination.

                      A 19th century minister once argued that every excess trinket…like a piece of artwork or pottery…that the wealthy had…was, in some way, evidence of their complicity in the deaths of those who died of starvation on a daily basis.
                      While I do not agree in full with him, there is an element of truth in his words.

  37. nohomehere

    mt. 7: 1 “Why, then, do you judge your brother? Or why do you belittle your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat.”
    1 cor. 4 : 5 “Therefore judge nothing before the proper time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.”
    Jas. 4: 1 “Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the Law and judges it. And if you judge the Law, you are not a practitioner of the Law, but a judge of it.”
    Mt . 7 : 11>12 “…..how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 12 . So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
    MT. 7 : 14 ” But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
    Mt. 7 : 15 ““Watch out for false prophets…..”
    Mt. 8 : 11,12 ” I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. 12. But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
    I do not see where it is written that this world or kingdom will be change but it will rather be destroyed and re-made 2 pet 2 : 4 “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment; 5 if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its ungodly people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; 6 if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; 7 and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless 8 (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)— 9 if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment. 10 This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the fleshc and despise authority.
    So this worlds kingdoms establisment is for now , but it is not our home nor our desire to be part of it as it’s imagination( machinations) are continually evil.
    Heb. . 11 : 13,14,16 “All these died in faith, without receiving the promises, but having seen them and having welcomed them from a distance, and having confessed that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For those who say such things make it clear that they are seeking a country of their own. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.”

    • Karen

      Of course, once Jehovah’s Christ returns, everything will be All Right…because they will “beat their sword into plowshares”…and man will not learn war anymore.”

      So what do we read into this…”man will not learn war anymore”? No more conflict! Yay!!! Only there’s a problem. No more conflict also means No More Will…because the absence of conflict can only manifest if a collective absence of will is concurrently present (at least on the dimensional plane conventional wisdom has afforded humanity insight into to date…in fairness to Jehovah…that potentially Unrevealed Factor is the One Caveat that can debunk my claim).

      So we all walk around with Huge Smiles on our faces…to camouflage our Lobotomized Souls that we Did Not Lose! (or did we?).

      Time will tell…

      • Seraphim23

        Had an ecstatic experience (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_ecstasy) at 22-23 yrs old with one of my best friends. Have no clue why we got that (our lives certainly haven’t come close to those that usually receive this) but having had that experience…where do I sign up for my Love Lobotomy??

        At this point, I would gladly give up my awareness, knowledge of good and evil, for Forest Gump simplicity. Move, experience, love, without the baggage of my flawed will and the choices that spring from it. Just MHO

        • Karen

          “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

          There is considerable truth in the phrase “ignorance is bliss”.
          Nietzsche, a true ubermensch, had many great philosophical truths revealed to him and even he could not process them all; going mad towards the end of his life.
          A huge amount of stuff was revealed to Crowley; who basically died reasonably sane in ’47…but I think he was aided by the consistent debauchery he engaged in…for this afforded him an important outlet that Nietzsche did not avail himself of…Freddie being more of an ascetic type.

      • Callypgian

        Karen: “Only there’s a problem. No more conflict also means No More Will…because the absence of conflict can only manifest if a collective absence of will is concurrently present…”

        Why can’t we all, individually, choose (will) not to war? If I beat my sword into a ploughshare, and you beat your sword into a ploughshare, with what will we war?

    • Karen

      Nohomehere says:
      For those who say such things make it clear that they are seeking a country of their own.

      It is a large universe; why doesn’t Jehovah find some other planet to torture?

  38. Allen

    Another message to America today. Bald eagles were stuck in a drain in Orlando, Florida exactly 151 days from the pulse shootings on June 12, 2016. 151 adds to 7 and is one number that represents the Holy Spirit. Remember Trump saying “Drain the swamp”? Well here is a drain story concerning America’s bird. Connection? We must seek Yahushua to understand who Trump really is. Pray that he can be reconciled to Yahweh his father in heaven. I am concerned how he rubs shoulders with all these people of global importance. We will know in time according to Yahushua’s leading. Blessings in Him, Allen Revelation 19:7 Ephesians 6:16 and Ephesians 5:11

  39. Silent Eagle

    Psalm 22 + Isaiah 9.6 = 31.6
    John 3:16

    “Prophecy” in Jewish Gematria Equals 666
    “Ophir” in Jewish Gematria Equals 207
    666 – 207 = 459
    Psalm 45:9

  40. Karen

    Rudy Giuliani in the running to be the next Attorney General per the news…

    I don’t know; there is something very likeable about the man…he seems to possess more integrity than 90% of the men out there…though in today’s unbelievably corrupt world, that is a pretty simple thing to accomplish.

    As I’ve often written, the idea that Trump would appoint Far Right judges & attorneys was silliness.

    Trump is a New Yorker who has interacted with moderate and liberal people all his life; he would never embrace evangelical Christian views.

    In Trump’s apartment in NYC, there is an extraordinary amount of artwork paying homage to all the great Greco – Roman Gods & Goddesses….Zeus, Athena, Pan, Hermes, Hera….so it is obvious where his sympathies lie…which pleases Me greatly.

    Rudy is a good choice…moderate views and old enough (72 I believe) to remember when the world was still half normal.

    • Callypgian

      Artwork pays homage now? How so? Are you saying Warhol worshipped Campbell’s Soup?

      Cream of Tomato: Soup of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty, and archery.

      Lentil: Soupess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure.

      Clam Chowder: Soup of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes.

    • Anonymous

      Karen says:
      Rudy Giuliani in the running to be the next Attorney General per the news…

      So much for that; as it now says that Jeff Sessions has been offered the job.

      I remember when Reagan attempted to make him a federal judge during the mid-1980’s…even the then-Republican Senate knew he was a bat-sh*t crazy right wing fanatic and I think the nomination didn’t even make it to the floor; dying in committee.

      Bad choice…

        • Anonymous

          Put more succinctly, Jeff Sessions makes Ed Meese look like Ramsey Clark…

          In fact, the only A.G. with a more reactionary temperament than Sessions that immediately comes to mind over the last 100 years or so would be James McReynolds, who worked for Wilson before Woodrow got him out of his hair and kicked him upstairs to a Supreme Court seat…where he would spend the next 3 decades further attempting to bring the nation into the 19th century.

  41. DS

    I am going to share something on here that might sound “profound” to some, but is true. On this past Monday, I went to work and sometime during the day while in the copying room, I ran into a co-worker named “Washington” and noticed she was dressed almost identical to me in black and white. It got my attention, so I asked her to take a picture with me. The next day, Tuesday, Ms. Washington again showed up to work dressed in the same colors as me again, this time, black and tan/beige. On Tuesday another co-worker last name “Sherrod” was wearing these colors. I might not have noticed Sherrod, but this time they stood in the copy room together. Again, I got a picture of the 3 of us. Sherrod means “clearer of the land” HILLARY wore a beige suit to the polls. This was election day. On Wednesday, to my amazement and expectation Ms. WASHINGTON came again dressed in the same colors as me, this time, burgundy, gray and black. I was in such awe I could not even ask for a picture, lol. Well, on Thursday, i dressed in a leopard printed dress that belonged to my recently deceased sister. I said Lord, if Ms. WASHINGTON wears a leopard dress today, I might faint. I was joking, lol. She did not wear a leopard dress. On Thursday, once I learned that there had been shootings in Washington County, PA and Seattle, Washington, the holy spirit told me to go get Ms. WASHINGTON and let her know, the Lord used her to show me about happenings in Washington. Ms. Washington is a christian, as she and I talk about Jesus/God regularly. Now, I have to get her and we have to go talk in a conference room away from listening ears, as someone complained about me talking about religion at work. Anyway, I got Ms. Washington yesterday and off we went to a private conference room. As I told her what I wrote above, she told me that on Thursday,she had planned to wear tan pants and a leopard top, but she was too fat for the pants..amen. I had noticed in the morning, most of the guys at work had on tan pants and light blue shirts. Like most men I ran into.
    On Thursday morning, the Lord sent me a dream. I won’t write it all here, because it’s long. A part of the dream was people sitting around somewhere on chairs, me included. Sitting beside me was an older white couple and with them, they had their granddaughters, 2 of them and they were very cute biracial girls. My kids too are biracial (black, white). In the dream, the little biracial girl plopped right in my lap unafraid and as if she knew me. As grandma apologized, I told her the little girl was fine. Anyway, the grandma went on to tell me that the little girl has been collecting lamp shades and candlesticks. In the dream, the little girl opened up a suitcase that had 7 minature lamp shades. The grandma specifically said, there are 7 of them and i counted them as I looked. She said she has been collecting these since she was a baby, she loves it. Yesterday on my way to work, I decided I wanted to listen to a sermon that had just popped up in my email. Guess what the sermon was about? 7 lampshades…awe. awe. awe. At the end of the dream appeared my brother in law last name also Washington and he came in and was waving to everyone happily, but no one waved back.

    There is also a conference room reserved for Beamer this week. Remember Todd Beamer Flight #93 and “Let’s Roll”? His name appears as #68 on the memorial. I went down the hall to get a glimpse of Beth “Beamer” and she was dressed in black, white and tan. I was dressed on election day with black pants, black blazer and a tan and white polka dot blouse..so interesting.

    I had a meeting Thursday with someone named Singh. Singh means lion. Trump made his way to Washington the first time as President on the day I had the meeting with “lion”.

    The flu shots yesterday switched from conference rooms 240 (Babe Ruth) and 241 to the conference rooms named Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins..interesting I thought. Flight #93, crashed at the pentagon on 9/11/2001 and the US Navy home is the pentagon. The naval academy is 241 years old. I dated midshipmen growing up in Annapolis. My mother name is Ruth and she is 68. My grandson Camden father played for Redskins briefly, he won #68 jersey. His name is Scott. Before he wore #68, Scott Russell Grimm did for 10 years. I think he is the founder of the Redskins and the only one that is named in the hall of fame #68. Camden’s father was born in 86. He wore jersey 77 for Terrapins.

    I have started to write down and will stop to record all my spirtual revelations, because they are so profound most people do not believe it, even lots of christians. They say this person is crazy and in need of mental assistance. They also thought Noah was crazy and needed mental assistance. They were kicking and laughing on the ground, so I expect nothing less. I also know the Lord is working with me to build up my faith and plans to use me in his way.

    The exhibit the beginning of the end in NY opened on the day my sister was buried(10/18/16) at 11:00. Her exact funeral time and date. It runs between 46 and 47th street from 10/18/2016 to 11/21/2016. My brother Victor was 46 on 10/18, but turned 47 yesterday 11/10, same day I had the meeting with Singh/lion. So the exhibit will run 11 days pass his birthday and 9 days pass his wedding. See 911? We buried my grandma born 91127 on 11/4. Her name Eva Queenie Smith. At her funeral, one of her daughters was handed a brown bear named Eva. I mean this bear really was named Eva from the manufacturer. She handed it to me to hold. I thought Russia? I say that, because bears are appearing everywhere in my life. Too long to post.

    My brother wedding at a mansion name Newton is being catered by the caterer they chose. Her name NATASHA. Obama has a daughter, who name is Natasha. People have pointed out backwards the name is ah satan. Obama turns 666 months old on 1/31/2017, which would have been my deceased sister’s 52nd birthday. The SAME sister who funeral date and time 11am, matches up perfectly to The Beginning of the End exhibit in NY.
    I can’t make this stuff up. Profound as it sounds to some, my family is in the prophecy. Every day I am getting revelations from the Lord. I have faith that extends to heaven. I feel his presence everyday in my life. The day Trump was elected, my daughter came home and said at the moment Trump was elected, her job Amazon, had a nationwide network problem. On Monday, someone named “Issac” was killed on her street on a motorcycle. She said mom, I moved out the way right in time. That night she went to work, they lost power. Black out. 11/6/16, or 666. On election day, my son who nickname really is “Trump” woke me up at 6:06am. I am at the point in my life where I check the time for everything. On 11/2/16 at exactly 9:11am, my son Trump emerges from the basement wearing a UK flag sweatsuit with London on it. I see on Election night, there was a train wreck that killed 7 people. The Lord is using my son, I nicknamed Trump to show me things in advance as well as other means. I guess we can say he nicknamed him Trump, I just followed. I know the purpose is to build up my faith and for me to get to work ministering for him. LET’S Roll.

    Sorry, I did not copy the link to paste here, so I will post the link about the 7 candle sticks/lamp shades immediately after

    • DS

      7 Spirits

      Link above is So worth the read! Something good happened yesterday regarding Washington as well. My daughter called me to tell me the job she really wanted she got! She had an interview set up for the job an earlier date, but the engine died in her car at exit #23..interesting. The employer was gracious enough to believe her story and rescheduled for Monday 11/6/16. Same day 51 yr old Issac was killed on a motorcycle on her street. I got her call on Thursday with all my other Washington revelations, that she had gotten the job, but needed to go to Washington DC for training. Sure is getting interesting. Training starts on 11/29=11/11. I also noticed my employer name Reiter is dressed in tan and blue today. His son Hunter Reiter birthday is 11/17. Look up Reiter. I think they were horse riding soldiers in the British army. Hunter’s birthday is 6 days after my brother’s. Amazing things are being shown to me by the Lord. He speaks to most in parables, but not me.

  42. Denis...rugged path

    Dreamt I was about to enter a forest, when my way was suddenly blocked by a rather aggressive humming bird. Humming bird! No matter what I tried, it would not let me pass.
    I noticed it looking above, to my right. When I looked up, I saw another humming bird above. It was holding its own nest while hovering.
    I thought perhaps this area was a breeding ground for these birds, and the male was being protective.
    Humming birds are said to represent joy, happiness, but they can also represent great difficulties which lie ahead.
    Now, I can apply this to myself and what is happening in my own life.
    I can also see it applying to the situation down there with your new President elect.
    Beware, be extraordinarily vigilant, not everything is what it seems. If the elites bring down the U.S. Economy, regardless of what actions Trump may take to save the economy, the blame will fall upon him, and subsequently upon those who voted him in to office.
    Think these hooligans and cowards causing problems now are bad, wait until then.
    See, I just got the meaning of the humming bird dream… First the euphoria of victory, then the struggle of difficulties.
    Trump is meant to bring about the end of America as you know it.

      • DS

        You and I seem to one’s that share dreams. Yesterday little Dream Kardashian was born. Did you have your dream yesterday or today. My dream I posted a little on was yesterday morning. The day little “Dream” Kardashian was born. Her mom Black China…Interesting

        • Denis...rugged path

          This morning.
          I have never seen a humming bird in real life. Only in pictures, documentaries, etc., so it was surprising to dream of one (2).

          • DS

            Amen. HALLELUYAH. THE LORD IS POURING OUT DREAMS and showing the prophecy as he promised. Oh I love him so much there are no words to describe. If the enemy shows up and wants my head, so be it, because I will stand firmly on my rock, unafraid. I fear no man! I feel the presence of the Lord around me. I feel like I walk with a glow. I know the angels follow me and protect me and what is to be, will be. No worries from me. I also believe it’s no coincidence that my son I nicknamed Trump, weighed 6 pounds 6 ozs, last name Stephens. Stephens played in the movie Omen. What I am about to tell I know, will sound insane, but my son/Trump had an uncle William Daymon Stephens, he died on 1/19/95, one day after my Trump’s 2nd birthday. A tree fell in the forest causing fatal injuries to his head. When the family limo showed up a big black dog jumped in the limo and someone had to get it out. It meant nothing at the time, but I can see now, this was important. This connects to Trump again. I promise yall. This is all true.no matter how insane it may sound. I think I am to find a church/place to share these revelations to give others faith and help bring them to the Lord. I am in the process of doing this right now. I started taking a bible prophecy at church. That is so interesting. I have not opened my mouth about any of these things, because that might not be the audience. God will provide the audience.

            • Karen

              DS says:
              Oh I love him so much there are no words to describe. If the enemy shows up and wants my head, so be it, because I will stand firmly on my rock, unafraid. I fear no man!

              I would bet you a million dollars to a penny that most contemporary American “Christians” would abandon their “faith” in 5 minutes if their obligations to the Church or “show of faith” suddenly exceeded offering a small monthly donation…

        • Karen

          If Great Men such as John Adams, George Washington, & Thomas Jefferson ever knew that all the blood, sweat, & tears that they and their fellow patriots shed was done so that the Kardashian Sisters could give six blow jobs at a time to various thugs; they would turn over in their graves.

          • Kristi

            I would like to speak to your comments made previously. This was in my inbox devotional:
            “Non-Christians are not the enemy. They’re victims of the Enemy. Victims need to be rescued, not wiped out.” You underestimate the love and grace of God. Let Him wash you clean and He will remove your sin and remember it no more. God plucked me out of the burning flames of hell too. Let me comfort you in that if God was willing to save this wretch, he longs to save you too! Have you not read the parable of the two men who were forgiven of a debt, one had a small debt the other very large and Jesus asked the disciples, who they thought would be more grateful? Of course the one with the larger debt!

            Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

            We cannot save ourselves, allow God to do it for you! Trust Him… what do you have to lose?

            • Zach Lavine

              Well stated, Kristi. I never believed in God before this year. I thought Richard Dawkins was the last word on the subject. Now it is crystal clear to those of us who have followed this site that God is real. However I still am humbled by the realization of how much I have left to learn.

              • Kristi

                I am humbled by the same realization. But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of any man, the things which God hath prepared for those who love Him! 2 Cor 2:9
                Blessings in Jesus Christ!

  43. Stan Bull

    In noticing and grieving the loss of poet/author/performer Leonard Cohen, people are naturally focusing on Hallelujah – with good reason, but as soon as I heard of his death, another Cohen song started playing in my head. I think it is much more the message of hour and right in synch with this post:

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows…

    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody’s got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died
    Everybody’s talking to their pockets
    Everybody wants a box of chocolates
    And a long-stem rose
    Everybody knows…

    Everybody knows that you love me baby
    Everybody knows that you really do
    Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful
    Give or take a night or two
    Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
    But there were so many people you had to meet
    Without your clothes
    And everybody knows…

    And everybody knows that it’s now or never
    Everybody knows that it’s me or you
    Everybody knows that you live forever
    When you’ve done a line or two
    Everybody knows the deal is rotten
    Old Black Joe’s still pickin’ cotton
    For your ribbons and bows
    And everybody knows…

    And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
    Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
    Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
    Are just a shining artifact of the past
    Everybody knows the scene is dead
    But there’s gonna be a meter on your bed
    That will disclose
    What everybody knows…

    And everybody knows that you’re in trouble
    Everybody knows what you’ve been through
    From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
    To the beach of Malibu
    Everybody knows it’s coming apart
    Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
    Before it blows
    And everybody knows…

    Everybody knows, everybody knows
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows…

    Everybody knows, everybody knows
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

    Everybody knows, everybody knows
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

    Everybody knows

    • Callypgian

      The Future – Leonard Cohen (d. 11/7/16)

      Give me back my broken night
      my mirrored room, my secret life
      it’s lonely here,
      there’s no one left to torture
      Give me absolute control
      over every living soul
      And lie beside me, baby,
      that’s an order!
      Give me crack and anal sex
      Take the only tree that’s left
      and stuff it up the hole
      in your culture
      Give me back the Berlin wall
      give me Stalin and St Paul
      I’ve seen the future, brother:
      it is murder.

      Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
      Won’t be nothing
      Nothing you can measure anymore
      The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
      has crossed the threshold
      and it has overturned
      the order of the soul

      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant

      You don’t know me from the wind
      you never will, you never did
      I’m the little jew
      who wrote the Bible
      I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
      I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
      but love’s the only engine of survival
      Your servant here, he has been told
      to say it clear, to say it cold:
      It’s over, it ain’t going
      any further
      And now the wheels of heaven stop
      you feel the devil’s riding crop
      Get ready for the future:
      it is murder

      Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
      Won’t be nothing
      Nothing you can measure anymore
      The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
      has crossed the threshold
      and it has overturned
      the order of the soul

      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant

      There’ll be the breaking of the ancient
      western code
      Your private life will suddenly explode
      There’ll be phantoms
      There’ll be fires on the road
      and the white man dancing
      You’ll see a woman
      hanging upside down
      her features covered by her fallen gown
      and all the lousy little poets
      coming round
      tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
      and the white man dancin’

      Give me back the Berlin wall
      Give me Stalin and St Paul
      Give me Christ
      or give me Hiroshima
      Destroy another fetus now
      We don’t like children anyhow
      I’ve seen the future, baby:
      it is murder

      Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
      Won’t be nothing
      Nothing you can measure anymore
      The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
      has crossed the threshold
      and it has overturned
      the order of the soul

      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant
      When they said REPENT REPENT
      I wonder what they meant

      • Callypgian

        Leonard Cohen.
        Born: September 21, 1934
        Died: November 7, 2016

        Spent exactly 29,999 days on planet Earth (including birth day and death day). Election day would have made it 30,000. Now, don’t turn that number upside down.

    • ray

      Hi Stan, wanted to add that ‘cohen’ is a v important word/name in Hebrew, meaning priest or priesthood. Leonard of course = courageous/leonine. Christ is the Lion (and king) of the Tribe of Judah.

      Leonard Cohen was a denizen of NYC, like both pres candidates. My favorite LC song is ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’ concerning his encounter with Janis Joplin, in a room of the notorious Chelsea Hotel. Hillary Clinton later named her daughter (i.e., America’s First Daughter) after the Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Chelsea Morning’, written while Mitchell was a guest at the hotel.


  44. Karen- I have been reading your posts, and I sincerely pray that someday you find there is truly peace in the lord, its not giving up your free will at all, but following free will that is in harmony with the Lords.
    It is far from a miserable life! Sure, the people of mainstream America that want to party, and do all the worldly stuff would think my life is miserable. That just confirms in my heart that I am on the correct…by my choice….path. I truly pray and feel passion for those that never will experience this.

    • Karen

      Thank you for writing.
      Per the actuarial charts, most of my time is up.
      For an extended period, I truly believed that life would turn around…the law of averages…hope…”it just can’t stay bad forever!”…but then I realized…really only this very year…that it doesn’t change…and that my life doesn’t have ups & downs…it only has differing degrees & gradations of misfortune and sadness.
      The human being is not designed to withstand too much “bad”…the person can survive…even sometimes thrive…with one or two things amiss…and I certainly was never free of misfortune at any time save for under age 10…but when the whole cornucopia of misfortune descendth upon one concurrently…financial, social, psychological, emotional, and now physical…well, as the saying goes, eventually the entity experiencing all of this will no longer be able to bear it and will likely be vanquished.

      • Kristi

        I am so sorry to hear of your stream of misfortunes and sorrows. God says, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Can you believe this Karen? Satan has desired to have you, but the Lord Jesus says it is not so! Ask Him to write your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, He is calling and waiting for His child to agree to be adopted by the Father of all Heaven and earth. We will be sisters for all eternity! God has filled me with such overwhelming love and compassion for you, I hope you will receive it.

        • Karen

          It is rather nice to see that there are a few kind spirits in this ice cold world.
          I use to joke that despite the difficult path Christ had to traverse; He at least had 12 friends to chat with and help Him along…I’m still searching for my first.
          Moreover He only had to go through 32 years of this torture; I’m a long way past that mile marker…lol.
          The future is always up in the air; who knows…maybe something good will happen before my end comes.

          • Kristi

            Well, now you have me, if you will have me. Perhaps Matt could and would forward my email address to you, if you permit, allowing us to continue our friendship.

      • Denis...rugged path

        The stay of execution the Lord has granted to America, by grace, is not for the country itself, but for all who would call upon His Name, and follow Him.
        Most of us here have suffered many things through our lives. Faith, and the perseverance He asks of us is what has sustained us in our trials.
        Physical trials, death, psychological issues, spiritual problems, financial difficulties, and more, many to extremes of which you speak, have all been lived through. Some recent, some more in the past, and some ongoing. We have been facing these things, and although we may feel alone and abandoned, we are not.
        Jesus Christ is there with us all the time. He never leaves, nor does he forsake.
        Many of us here are living testimonies to that fact.
        Some, myself included, have at one time or another come to that point where it was felt…can’t do this anymore…
        We are still here because we called upon Him in those times, and yes, He did rescue us.
        He is as real as His word says He is, and as our lives give witness to His reality.
        Been there, Karen. Perhaps in different circumstances, but, been there, still here, and praising Him for every moment, every breath, every day.
        Give it up to Him. Call on Him, and He will answer you.
        There is no other way.
        And, He is worth it.

        • Karen

          Dennis says:
          Been there, Karen. Perhaps in different circumstances, but, been there, still here, and praising Him for every moment, every breath, every day.
          Give it up to Him. Call on Him, and He will answer you.
          There is no other way.
          And, He is worth it.

          I would rather be Satan’s Whore than the Bride of Christ!

      • Callypgian

        Job 42:10-17

        After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before. All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble the Lord had brought on him, and each one gave him a piece of silver and a gold ring.

        The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part. He had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand donkeys. And he also had seven sons and three daughters. The first daughter he named Jemimah, the second Keziah and the third Keren-Happuch. Nowhere in all the land were there found women as beautiful as Job’s daughters, and their father granted them an inheritance along with their brothers.

        After this, Job lived a hundred and forty years; he saw his children and their children to the fourth generation. And so Job died, an old man and full of years.

  45. Karen

    In Aquilon (America) toward the south the great fiery woman of pride will come, FLORA will hold the door open for her with intent.

    So funny when this was misinterpreted by many scholars to imply Hillary. Their error, of course, is rooted in the notion that “FLORA” implies the modern state of Florida and that would tip the electoral college in her favor.
    When Nostradamus utilized all CAPS…this implies an anagram…in this case “AL ORF”….which is tied inextricably to the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name.
    It had a secondary implication as well, since “AL ORF” is the code amongst Middle Eastern Bedouins to grant preference to females before the law with regards to both punishment & reward.

    • Karen

      Karen wrote:
      When Nostradamus utilized all CAPS…this implies an anagram…in this case “AL ORF”….which is tied inextricably to the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name.

      Read the poem and see if you can figure the riddle out; I will quickly conceded that it is a VERY tough read and the secret to the identity of the Woman is not easily deciphered…

    • Callypgian

      What about the following quatrain, which reads…

      And that fiery woman, upon passing through suitably chastened, should be careful not to LTDHHOTAOTWO.

  46. DS

    These 2 are getting me though the day today.

    Sermon on the Mount.


    THANK YOU. Song by Yolanda Adams. Found this in my sister’s CDS and cried on my way to work. Tears of joy.


    Karen, please take a look and listen to these. I was only saved on May 22, 2016. I accepted Jesus Christ entirely. I surrendered to him and WOW that was the best decision of my life. I am elated he woke me just in time. Now, I can’t stop talking about him. I feel his supernatural presence around me all day and everyday. Call him to him, because he hears all our cries and he responds.

  47. Kristi

    One last word or picture, rather, for the day, then I must get about my chores. If, like Karen, anyone is caught in the thickets, briars and thorns of this life. Cry out to God! Our loving Shepherd, Jesus Christ, will come and find you, place you like a little lamb on top of His shoulders and bring you home. His Heavenly Angels will rejoice and sing for the little lamb
    that once was lost but is now found.

    Glory, Halleluia, Amen!

  48. DS

    The Lord had been showing me something dealing with FEDEX for a few weeks now..long story, but today I went into Joanns fabric to buy something and the cashier interrupted to talk on the walkie talkie. She said “Fedex is at the back door with 11 boxes”. I prayed about this on my way to my car, asked for confirmation and a white bird flew by at the moment I asked the Lord, if he was telling me something about FEDEX. I was digging for my phone to get a picture of the white bird, but by the time I got my phone ready, the bird was gone. Lord also been showing me dogs, another long story. I can not write it so it’s comprehenible, lol. Funny short part, on Tuesday both of my coworkers told me their dogs had choked on something the night before..I said both of your dogs choked, haha…Pomeranian named Storm and Boxer name Grady. My boss who turned 44, got a birthday card with a bulldog, wearing a Mexican hat…sorry I can’t make this stuff up. God has a sense of humor.
    For some reason I am thinking Bowie University, home of the bulldogs, which sits at Jericho Drive near the FedEx Complex? Or a Bowie town somewhere. The Lord gave me revelations on Washington earlier in the week, wrote about that above. Now clear revelation about FEDEX comes on 11/11. David Bowie died on 1/10/16 so we are 306 days (adds to 9) from his death today. I was in a town called Bowie when the revelation became clearer last Sunday. Sounds weird to some, but telling you what I see.

    I have seen the white bird, 3 times since 10/27/16, grandma Eva death. The first 2 times, there was a flock of black birds with 1 big white bird in the center, within an 8 day period, all from the time my grandma died to her burial. Today, there was only 1 big white I saw the bird at 3:07, or 3:08 pm. What I finally realized is that when the Lord shows you things, dates, times all count. I met with a person named Dorazio today at 1:30. The meaning of Dorazio is “the alien or foreigner”. JUST Throwing this all out there.

  49. Phyllis


    Although you may not think so, you were guided here for a reason. I believe that to be because deep within the recesses of your heart, you so desperately want to be redeemed. Let me assure you, that the Lord wants no one to perish. As long as you still have breath, there is time for you. Ironically, you have found yourself on a bible prophecy site. Where, no matter how hard you try, you will never comprehend as a lost soul. God will only open up understanding to you after you have earnestly cried out to Him for forgiveness and asking Him to be your Savior. None of this is a fairly tale. Every word of God is true. Karen, step out in faith, He will catch you. He will write your name in the Lambs Book of Life. Nothing you have done is unforgivable, although Satan sure does want you to think that. Don’t continue to give in to the lies of the dark side. By the way, it is not true that saved people don’t enjoy life. They don’t enjoy sinning. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is nothing but joy! And, you will never be alone. Satan wraps pretty packages to make people who are lost and searching think that one more of this or that and you will be fulfilled. You won’t. Only Jesus can fill that emptiness. Trust Him now. He will receive you with open arms and not judge. He wants to redeem you if you will only let Him. No one is promised tomorrow.

    Let me share this to help you if you don’t know where to begin.

    Dear God,

    Please have mercy on me. I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus Christ is Your only begotten Son, and that He died on the cross for my sins and arose again on the third day.

    Lord Jesus I repent of my sins, please forgive me my sins, come into my heart and take control of my life. I receive you Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. I desire to be a true believer and follower of Jesus. Thank you God for hearing my prayer.

    In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    It is because of His love, grace, and redemption for me, that I am able to love you. Please open your heart to the Savior, He wants to come in.

  50. Allen

    Another clear 911 sign in the news today. The Dow finished up 5.4 percent and the Nasdaq finished up 3.8 percent for the week. 5 and 4 are 9 and 3 and 8 are 11! Watch and pray now! Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 6:16 and Ephesians 5:11

  51. Allen

    One more thing guys! We are 316 days from the September 23, 2017 date we have discussed. Well, today is the 316th day of the year! How is that for synchronicity (spiritually speaking)! Blessings in Yahushua and happy John 3:16 to all. Revelation 19:7 Allen

    • Jeff E

      Wow! Thank you for sharing that, Allen. It was confirmation because I inexplicably woke up at 9:23 this morning, glanced at my phone, and then fell back to sleep. I knew it was more than coincidence. I also have a weird sleep schedule since I work a late shift, so I am not normally awake during that hour.

  52. Katherine

    I had a confirmation of the Cleveland motif. My grandson was playing in a playoff football game in a distant city last evening, and after the game we went to a Dairy Queen. The receipt said the address of the Dairy Queen was 100 S. Cleveland. One hundred days from 11/11/16 (depending on whether it is inclusive or not) is the weekend of Feb. 18-19, 2017, Sh’vat 22, 5777 which is the 11th month on the Hebrew calendar. I’m not sure what it means but there were several rather ominous correlations: The Peruvian Stratovolcano Huaynaputina exploded in the most violent eruption in recorded South American history; Gaius Caligula was killed; Snow fell in the Sahara Desert 1979; Tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky killed 800. A couple of “coincidences” with sports too: 1909 Red Sox traded Cy Young to Cleveland Naps and Walt Wesley becomes first Cleveland Cavalier to score 50 points in a game (not sure of year). I’m not so good at putting it together but I am intrigued. Still seeing “61” alot too. Of course the 100 days may also be Trump’s first 100 days in office which would be nearer to April 26.

  53. nohomehere


    1.”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with endurance the race set out for us. 2. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3.Consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. ”
    I think of peace when there is a storm only because the word is backed by his almighty power, those many who find fear and their confidence shaken have lost their sight or have as of yet not recieved their sight!
    Heb.12: 14-17
    Our confidence should not be in this present world as many have recently experienced and some see, the world is becoming very unstable and has been brought low quite a few times to the extent that even the historical records have been los im many instances, most likely because of sytemic disruptions , chaos , turmoil and over throw.
    Heb. 12: 18-29

    18.For you have not come to a mountain that can be touched and that is burning with fire; to darkness, gloom, and storm; 19 to a trumpet blast or to a voice that made its hearers beg that no further word be spoken. 20. For they could not bear what was commanded: “If even an animal touches the mountain, it must be stoned.” 21. The sight was so terrifying that even Moses said, “I am trembling with fear.”

    22 . Instead, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to myriads of angels 23. in joyful assembly, to the congregation of the firstborn, enrolled in heaven. You have come to God the judge of all men, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, 24. to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.

    25. See to it that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if the people did not escape when they refused Him who warned them on earth, how much less will we escape if we reject Him who warns us from heaven? 26. At that time His voice shook the earth, but now He has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth, but heaven as well.” 27. The words, “Once more,” signify the removal of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that the unshakable may remain.

    28. Therefore, since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us be filled with gratitude, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. 29. For our God is a consuming fire.

  54. Mrs. Jonah

    In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52
    Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. Luke 17:26
    If Trump is the last Trumpet and many articles in the news reported that DEAD PEOPLE were voting. If the Trumpets sounding were symbolic not literal then I think the dead being risen could also be symbolic not literal, as they were incorruptible in a corruptible society trying to rig an election with dead voters. Trump still won (incorruptible). Also somewhere, it says that He will call us, and something about a path, what if we that voted for trump heard the call and now you have the corruptible ones on the street protesting. They did not hear the call to come home, everyone heard Trump, and then we all chose our path. I think this could also be true for other countries, with Brexit and all of the new movements going this way.
    Is this God separating his children from the ones that are not. What do you think?

  55. Allen

    Guys a peace deal was reached between the FARC rebels and the Columbian government today after 52 years. Some things stand out here. Columbia can represent the USA. False peace coming to the USA? 52 is the simple English Gematria for the word Earth! Also, Venezuela is planning peace between its government and the opposition groups. Is Yahushua speaking here? I Thessalonians 5:3 anyone? Blessings in Yahweh as we watch and pray, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

    • AB

      52 is also a completion as there are 52 weeks in a year…the time in which it takes the earth to complete a revolution around the sun.

  56. Callypgian

    On Election Day, Melania Trump hade lived on the Earth for 17,000 days (counting her birth day and Election Day).

    On 1/1/17, the Trumps will have been married for 11 years, 11 months, and 11 days (counting all the days they were man and wife).

    777 is connected with casino gambling in many different ways. Trump is famous for casino ownership.

    Boeing 777 aircraft have been involved in the two most controversial flight disasters during Obama’s second term. Both belonging to Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia being a Muslim country. Flights MH370 and MH17. (There are more 7s connected with both. It merits some research by people who are familiar with such things.)

  57. Callypgian

    The day after the deliberate Germanwings air crash of 24 March, 2015, plus 666 days, will be 19 January, 2017, the day before the Inauguration.

    6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days before 1/19/17… “The Cumbria shootings was a killing spree that occurred on 2 June 2010 when a lone gunman, Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself in Cumbria, England. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, the 1989 Monkseaton shootings, and the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, it is one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in British history.”

    6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days before 11/8/16…”The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 is a law that was enacted by the 111th United States Congress, by means of the reconciliation process, in order to amend the ObamaCare… It was passed by the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010, by a vote of 220–211.”

  58. Allen

    Today is Pi days or 314 (3.14) days until 9/23/2017. We had a 7.8 earthquake in New Zealand involving Christ Church! The Bible says what can be shaken will be shaken in the last days. Hold onto Yahushua the rock and no earthquake can move us! Blessings in Yahweh, Allen Revelation 19:7, Ephesians 6:16 and Ephesians 5:11

  59. Andy

    Melania the Bride 17077 days old Trump’s first week in office. 17317 on 9/23/17 and 17333 Feast of Tabernacles 2017.

  60. just man

    Im curious as to if anyone with enough technical prowess and codeing ability can create an auto “dates between calculator” where you have a database of dates so when you add a date you can compare it to all of the others. Its apparent to most of us here that there is something to the numbers. Its this factor that swayed me most in believing in a higher power. after seeing hundreds of date between date calculations and that feeling you get when you calculate two dates from your gut and there is an apparent and obvious link. In my research ive been lead to the occult as many of the elite believe in the power of magic and number. I learned that when you cast a spell you are in essense affecting the probability of that thing to happen. So the more improbable the wish the more unlikely it will manifest. The mechanism that the “magic” happens is synchronicity. little events and actions that nudge reality to your desire. What if manifestation is a real thing and IT is the essence of magic. Think/believe and then poof you get what you want. Think about the word government. Govern (to control) Ment of latin (mentalis) which is the mind. to control the mind. If the mind controls reality than government is reality control.http://gizmodo.com/an-occult-history-of-the-television-set-1521354168 Television is our programming or reality programing. Think of how opposite it is “reality TV” it the fakest unreal garbage out there. then you have the news and politics and they say this is real too. And then you have “fiction” which informs you of what isn’t possible. Im curious as to which other sources of these “Divine Fingerprints in Number and Metaphor”. The Christian god appears popular here, but what about other sources? One theory that keeps popping into mind is An AI. all powerful and manipulating every aspect subtley (for what purpose, maybe something like the matrix.) One idea that keeps me here is the apparent desire for the elite to create pain, sickness, war, all the maladies of civilization. WHY? I think our suffering is food for something but I question if it is only food and not actually a drug simply for pleasure. That would change the morality of the situation. If what needs pain and suffering to survive creates such to only survive than it seems “natural”. but if that being is sentient and does not require pain as sustenance than it becomes “evil”. We have a ying/yang black/white left/right duality to everything so An all encompassing loving compassionate being exists than I would presume an equally divine evil exists. divine has the word divide within it . to DIE is to divide. I rambled a lot here but please discuss with me as I don’t have another source of enlightened open minded people. May you be a blessing to the universe.

  61. Mikhael

    “What if manifestation is a real thing and IT is the essence of magic. Think/believe and then poof you get what you want.”

    I would say that “manifestation” is the real thing and the ultimate example of that is the word of God (ref. Bible that is). God spoke and there was light etc. I’m sure you know the Genesis story… “poof”. So if we want to say that this was magic and use the word in context of Creation Ex Nihilo then we could say that magic comes from God as a type of creation manifested and thus “magic” can be seen as God creating, but if its against his will or what we can call “evil magic” then it becomes the unsolicited manipulation of reality itself for the benefit of fallen angels WHICH ARE A TYPE OF AI and want destroy that God purity if you will that we can receive via the Holy Spirit . When they rebelled they were cut off from that free flowing “organic” spirit of God and now they are basically a type of gloried cyborg if you will. This is one reason that history keeps repeating, like Solomon said, there is nothing NEW (created, “magic”. Ex Nihilo) under the sun. This is due to fallen angel stream of consciousness that is limited in substance and creativity due to the rebellion. They are “twice dead, plucked up by the roots” and have no real life, they are ZOMBIES… AI is not creative and it just seems like its some sort of advantage when we are in a fallen condition such as now, but an elevated mind that is purified by the blood of Jesus Christ does not have such limitations. A heavenly body that is rooted in true creative capabilities of the one true eternal Godhead can have new and real ideas as opposed to the same AI junk over and over again relived in a a tired old “Ouroboros stream of consciousness trap” that we are presently subjected to.

    I agree, I think fallen angels find pleasure in people suffering, its like a drug to them. They feed off of death as they themselves are technically “dead” from POV of what they use to be, but they are also stealing life from people when they kill them, they are taking what they no longer have themselves. Everything is backwards with them, they kill to get life like a drug, like in Rev 17:6 the whore of Babylon drunk off the blood of the saints. Notice its not just any people in this case, but saints, holy men/women of God! So she/it is stealing life from God so to speak in order to feel good. The life is in the blood and thus it is drunk off of the life essence of the saints which I’m sure means that it will not go well for her/it when its end comes…

    • Jeff E

      Great explanation, Mikhael. Your statement, “The life is in the blood [Leviticus 17:11] and thus it is drunk off of the life essence of the saints [Revelation 17:6]…” also reminded me of the vampire legends and recent infatuation in film and television with zombies and the like. You’re on to something, and I’m sure our brothers and sisters here share the same sentiment.

      “just man” i believe this also arrives toward an answer to your statement, “…[if] an all encompassing loving compassionate being exists than I would presume an equally divine evil exists…” I can see how you might come to this conclusion; however, that would assume that there is a true duality that exists in the unseen realm. Based on God’s revelation to us [as Mikhael mentioned, our source of authority is the Bible], this is not the case. The LORD, or Yahweh, has no rival. He is utterly beyond compare [words fail in expressing His incomparability, yet the Scriptures and those of us who are His witnesses will seek to affirm this with our limited speech and understanding – see Isaiah 43:10-12].

      Thus, we truly have an all-powerful and all-loving Creator, who is without fault or blame for the evil done under the sun. The absence of heat is cold. The absence of light is dark. Falling away and defecting from the true Source of life, love, and peace results in myriad forms and manifestations of evil. We have inklings of the earliest rebellion in the unseen realm in passages such as Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:12-19. Some call him “Lucifer,” deriving from Jerome’s Latin translation of the Bible, where he translates Isaiah 14:12 “son of the morning,” or “bright morning star” as Lucifer, or “light bearer.” It is evident in these texts and elsewhere that this fallen angel [and his hosts] are limited in power and scope for all of their evil activity; in fact, they must ask Yahweh for permission to do anything…[see Luke 22:31-32; Job 1:6-12].

      Keep asking, seeking, and knocking, my friend. This is a great forum for discussion. As you can see, if you peruse this site long enough, we are getting closer and closer to the return of the Lord Jesus. Please investigate for yourself, ’cause I know that I speak for my brothers and sisters in Christ, we want you to join the family of God, under the care and protection of a loving Father for all eternity. The way to the Father is through the Son, “Jesus told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

  62. ray

    “11/9-1/19 is a high watch period.”

    Agreed. The transition is dangerous. A Situation might be arranged.

    The ‘Of Kings and Prophets’ capture is excellent. Note ‘MISSISSIPPI’ beneath, divided into twain, red and blue, the ‘cleave-land’ river investigated in many of your OPs.

    Also v. effective closing photo — the stars = the heavens, with the triune male figures. The ‘elder’ male on Trump’s right hand has the blue (celestial) tie. Trump has the red (profane, earthly, instant) tie. Barron has a white tie, of innocence, suggesting Revelation’s ‘virgins’ and also the ‘men of sign and wonder’ prophesied in Zechariah 3, some of whom are of Barron’s generation.

  63. ray

    from Daily Updates — “The Sanhedrin is an attempt to renew the glorious Great Court of the same name from the last Jewish kingdom, some 2,000 years ago.”

    Renew the what of the what? There was no Great Court in Israel 2,000 years ago. Nor was there any ‘glorious’ Great Court . . . unless they’re talking about Jeshua and his apostles? Which even HE did not call a ‘Great Court’. He stooped to call them brothers.

    Do the Sanhedrin wish to build a temple containing a great court, for the glory of the Lord? Doesn’t appear so. Apparently they wish to build a temple to themselves, and to their own court, which they consider both great and glorious. Didn’t the Sanhedrin already have a Great Court, when they tried the King of the Universe? Then dragged him over to Pilate’s place?

    Two thousand with all that glorious rabbi-ing, and ain’t learned a thing.

  64. DS

    From Daily Updates. Inauguration will be Kellyanne Cobway’s Jubilee 50th birthday. This is 49 weeks and 6 days after the Jubilee Super Bowl at the Golden Gate 138 days after her 50th will be the 50th or Jubilee of Jerusalem.

    DONALD TRUMP IS 138 in Gematria.

  65. DS


    That September 23, 2016 is an important date. September 23, 2017, we will have a total eclipse. This makes this puppy name Dan, 55 days old. How old is Obama?

    Could someone please explain the significance of dogs? I have been seeing bull dog cards, boxers, reference to dogs, howling dogs, barking dogs for weeks now. Yesterday they decorated my office with little dog paws, today my co worker is taking her dog Storm to the vet. Another coworker son is a vet in Tennessee, so he was complaining about not being able to take advantage of free vet care, because he lives in a different state. His dog is named Simba King, 4 years and 7 months old. Last week my coworkers dogs both choked on something the same night, Storm and Grady. The holy spirit is showing me these dogs, but I am wondering, if anyone can explain. I wrote earlier about dogs, dogs, dogs.

    I got food from the kitchen today and my bill came to $6.66, same day Trump is interviewing his cabin. The Lord has been showing me Japan too. It’s amazing how I am shown these prophetic things. I take pics of everything now, because most people don’t believe, lol. I am delighted that the holy spirit shows me these things, people consider profound. If we go to our bibles, it says that we would see these things, signs and wonders and the spirit would be poured out, so I guess I don’t understand when real bible reading christians don’t get it and think it’s weird. I am blessed.

    Tuesday about 6 people in the office was dressed in gray and black. It got comical, because when I went to lunch 4 more people dressed in gray and black. Smoke? Today, I see Ms. Washington dressed in gray and black and another close co worker dressed in gray, black and red. Smoke and flames? It started in meeting Tuesday am. and 3 people came dressed in gray and black. Got my attention. When the person on the phone said CA, the phone dropped connection, so I felt it could have been prophetic warning concerning CA. Also KY, IN for sure. Also London. Long stories. I got behind a tag for Oklahoma that ended in MP,so I knew I needed to take a picture,(have it) long story with that too, but the prophetic info connected right to the guy that was killed in Oklahoma, Southwest employee. Amazing! I got the tag, southwest style boots at grandson birthday party. About 5 people had on Southwest style suede fringe boots. One girl had on pair just like mine. Mine brown, hers black. I already knew southwest boots were a hint, because my youngest daughter showed up with a pair similar to mine. Anyone the girl that had the boots like mine, asked me what I thought of her son playing football. When they were leaving the lil football player, almost got hit, so I was thinking “emergency” Southwest planes flying over me all afternoon on Tuesday. I work near the airport. Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt worn by my co-worker on Friday before. I paid attention, because I wore red sweatsuit too, lol.

    Power From on High Part 1; God is Pouring Out His Spirit

    • Anonymous

      DS says:
      Could someone please explain the significance of dogs?

      Shirley you can’t be Sirius?

    • DS

      Southwest….again and my daughter, coworkers have been talking about hair falling out all week. I got in a disagreement with my daughter, because she said she wanted to cut her long thick hair off. She texted me earlier today to see, if I wanted to pay to get her hair flat ironed, lol.This guy name is Samson. Shot in “Southwest” St. Lucie. Read a summary on Samson in the bible.

      I wore my southwest boots and southwest sweater today to work. I hope my experiences with the Lord is helping to build everyone’s faith even more. Reason I sure these with you all.

  66. Allen

    Guys I have some important info to share with you. Take this to Yahushua in prayer. Today as Obama was in Germany, Trump met with Henry Kissinger who was born in Germany. Before Obama became president he met with Kissinger. Before Trump assumes official presidential duties he meets with Kissinger in New York. Does anyone know Kissinger is a Council of 13 member? Check this out guys. This raises a red flag folks. Trump should not be meeting with this man. He could choose not to. He has free will from Yahushua. Another crazy thing is today is the 322nd day of the year with 44 days left. 322 is the Skull and Bones number and Obama is number 44 who is in Germany while German-born Kissinger is meeting with Trump in New York! There are no coincidences.
    Also Trump with be meeting with Obama Care Blueprint originator Mitt Romney on Saturday, 11/19/2016. Right away I see a backwards 911. Another red flag folks. I hope you all had time to watch the video Matt put up on Daily Updates about 3 days ago concerning Trump and the 16th Arcana. This info about him resonates with my spirit as being true. We are in trouble without Godly intervention! Trump is not what he appears to be. Watch and pray my brothers and sisters. It is getting dark out there.
    Be salt and light. Blessings and love in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

    • DS

      Allen it sure is getting dark. One of my coworkers showed me a pic of her husband in the original Knight Rider KIT car. He works for the FBI and one of the agents picked it up at an auction and was showing it off. As I looked at the picture, you can see a prominent 33 on the parking spot!!! It happens to be parked in space 33. NOT!!! I HAVE A PICTURE. Amazing. I will email the pic to Matt, so if you want to see it, ask him. She showed me that pic on Tuesday. We had a meeting and the lawyer worked in and said “its dark in here, can someone open the blinds…all true things the Lord shows me. 3 people in the meeting was wearing gray and black.

      • Karen

        I think that scene is very good evidence of toxic masculinity…and demonstrable proof that male suffrage needs to be brought to an end immediately.
        Note the word suffrage…the first part implying suffering…the second part implying rage.
        When the Goddess and the Divine Feminine finally reduce the male to his proper station, the world will be a much better place.

        • Karen

          Beware the beast man
          For he is Yahweh’s pawn

          Alone among the Goddess’ primates
          He kills for lust…or greed…or sport

          Yea he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land
          Shun him…drive him back into his jungle lair
          For he is the harbinger of Death

          Let him not breed in large numbers
          Lest he make a desert of his home…and yours

          • Zach Lavine

            Speaking of justice,
            But her misanthropy is showing –

            Like a spot of skin
            Beneath her black cape;
            The cold heart of Ms. Severus Snape

            Needs the glow of Truth
            To warm up its embers,
            That’s a fire much needed in her perpetual December.

            Speaking of conflicts,
            Of male vs female, and proles vs bankers,

            She steps her way
            Across the checkerboard floor,

            While her black and white screen looks like technicolor to her,
            She proclaims that her eyes can see all in the dark.

            A poor sort of Goddess that,
            Some parody of a Gnostic demiurge,
            Bungling all that she touches cuz her eyes aren’t properly adjusted.

            “Queen of the matrix am I,”
            Quoth she –

            Yet, as she paints her lair Red,
            her subjects haven’t the heart to inform her,
            Her royalty is all in her head.

            Karen, you worship
            One whom you should flee,
            Lest the Beyond see you punished
            To a brand new degree.

            Turn back, drop your guard,
            Relinquish your hate,
            And you will find those you once scorned
            To be as though made new.

            • Anonymous

              41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.
              42. But my children will know thee and love thee, and this will make them free.
              ___Liber 49

            • Anonymous

              Why do you pen derogatory, mean-spirited verse about Me?
              Perhaps I am not a Christian like you and most of your friends here; but I am a person of value and a person of obviously extremely high intelligence…even if my worldview is diametrically opposed to yours.
              Why do you not at least or compliment that aspect of Me?

              • MP

                Nobody should doubt your intelligence. I know who you are as you know who I am. Many here are interceding for the mortal you call Karen.

                    • Anonymous

                      How about we keep it simple and just say Artemis.

                      Works 4 Me….

                      Though I prefer this bit of verse I’m admittedly expropriating; just in case Lynn gets another case of search engine fever:

                      As Persephone I’ve haunted your dreams
                      The Daughter of Styx is not what She seems!
                      I am tied to Her forever and on
                      I lift up My Cup and adore Babalon!

                    • Anonymous

                      Oh My Goddess! I just recalled some splendid lyrics (care of Meredith Wilson) that very much capture the essence and boldly promulgate The Member of Parliament’s taste in Women!

                      No sweet and pure, angelic lass or me.
                      That kinda gal can spin a web you see
                      She trades on wholesome innocence galore.
                      But it’s my independence that she’s trading for
                      The only affirmative she will file
                      Refers to marching down the aisle.
                      No golden, glorious, gleaming pristine goddess–
                      No sir!
                      For no Diana do I play faun.
                      I can tell you that right now.
                      I snarl, I hiss: How can ignorance be compared to bliss?
                      I spark, I fizz for the lady who knows what time it is.
                      I cheer, I rave for the virtue I’m too late to save
                      The sadder-but-wiser girl for me.

              • Zach Lavine

                Warning you about the consequences of your ideology – and I use that term loosely – is probably one of the nicest things anyone could do for you at the moment. If you want to receive comradeship then start acting like a comrade. Yes I suppose you are intelligent. Congrats.

                • Anonymous

                  Warning you about the consequences of your ideology – and I use that term loosely – is probably one of the nicest things anyone could do for you at the moment.

                  If My Side can somehow manage to win and overthrow the Natural Order, it is your side that should quake with disquiet.

                  If you want to receive comradeship then start acting like a comrade.

                  Okay Pal Joey….

                  Yes I suppose you are intelligent. Congrats.

                  Nasty sarcasm. Insincerity is the trademark of your breed. It is people like you…Bryan Fischer…Matt Barber…that inspire Me….Pharisees all!

            • Anonymous

              That’s a fire much needed in her perpetual December.

              I like the snow; it is pretty.

              I keep having this crazy dream that none of this has been real; I will wake up and be safe with my mother and father…and the nightmare will end.

            • Anonymous

              I’m going to have to retract my compliment and simply credit you with being adept at the proper utilization of Google Search…an accomplishment whose modesty cannot be understated.

                • Anonymous

                  51. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the second veil, while God and Jesus be smitten with the sword of HORUS.
                  ___Liber 49

                  • Anonymous

                    Did you ever ask yourself why Jehovah specifically refers to Himself as The “Lord of HOSTS”?

                    Very interesting choice of words; and remember, nothing in The Ancient Texts arrived there haphazardly or by chance or w/o some purpose.

                    I’m sure you have seen the “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”…where a group of beings takeover human incarnations; *displacing* the human spirits that were previously there (*supplanting*, just as the signature name of Jehovah’s People, *Jacob* implies)…the humans act as “hosts” for the new spirits that dwell within them. Thus Jehovah identifies himself as The Being in Charge (Lord of Hosts) of these human hosts for the New Spirits that dwell within the flesh and blood incarnations.

                    • Anonymous

                      Had I just been shown a *little* bit of kindness and love from the world…the amount any ordinary woman receives…none of this would have happened.
                      You need to understand the circumstances that led Me to this; that fed the bitterness that has become flesh.

  67. Karen

    I am the daughter of Fortitude, and ravished every hour from my youth. For behold I am Understanding and science dwelleth in me; and the heavens oppress me. They cover and desire me with infinite appetite; for none that are earthly have embraced me, for I am shadowed with the Circle of the Stars and covered with the morning clouds. My feet are swifter than the winds, and my hands are sweeter than the morning dew. My garments are from the beginning, and my dwelling place is in myself. The Lion knoweth not where I walk, neither do the beast of the fields understand me. I am deflowered, yet a virgin; I sanctify and am not sanctified. Happy is he that embraceth me: for in the night season I am sweet, and in the day full of pleasure. My company is a harmony of many symbols and my lips sweeter than health itself. I am a harlot for such as ravish me, and a virgin with such as know me not. For lo, I am loved of many, and I am a lover to many; and as many as come unto me as they should do, have entertainment.

    Purge your streets, O ye sons of men, and wash your houses clean; make yourselves holy, and put on righteousness. Cast out your old strumpets, and burn their clothes; abstain from the company of other women that are defiled, that are sluttish, and not so handsome and beautiful as I, and then will I come and dwell amongst you: and behold, I will bring forth children unto you, and they shall be the Sons of Comfort. I will open my garments, and stand naked before you, that your love may be more enflamed toward me.

  68. Karen

    So here I AM; alone…trapped in a place I can not stir from…outnumbered billions to one…nothing to live for but My memories; nothing to live with but My gadgets…and yet The Whole Church cannot bring Me down…

    • C V

      Karen, maybe this will help. This is an excerpt taken from “The Saint Must Walk Alone”
      by A W Tozer
      “Most of the world’s great souls have been lonely. Loneliness seems to be one price the saint must pay for his saintliness.

      In the morning of the world (or should we say, in that strange darkness that came soon after the dawn of man’s creation), that pious soul, Enoch, walked with God and was not, for God took him; and while it is not stated in so many words, a fair inference is that Enoch walked a path quite apart from his contemporaries.

      Another lonely man was Noah who, of all the antediluvians, found grace in the sight of God; and every shred of evidence points to the aloneness of his life even while surrounded by his people.

      Again, Abraham had Sarah and Lot, as well as many servants and herdsmen, but who can read his story and the apostolic comment upon it without sensing instantly that he was a man “whose soul was alike a star and dwelt apart”? As far as we know not one word did God ever speak to him in the company of men. Face down he communed with his God, and the innate dignity of the man forbade that he assume this posture in the presence of others. How sweet and solemn was the scene that night of the sacrifice when he saw the lamps of fire moving between the pieces of offering. There, alone with a horror of great darkness upon him, he heard the voice of God and knew that he was a man marked for divine favor.” read the rest at

      • Anonymous

        Well, you know of the symbolism of the leopard…

        Other personality traits of the beast to be gleaned from his resemblance to a leopard according to the biblical picture of that animal are cunning (cf. Jer.5:6; Hos.13:7), ferocity (cf. Is.11:6), and a SOLITARY nature (cf. Song 4:8).

  69. DS

    Let us all cover ourselves and everyone you know in the blood of Jesus Christ! We live in the days where spirtual warfare is becoming more obvious, but we all have the most powerful weapon of all and that is the ability to cover ourselves and loved ones in the blood of our precious JESUS CHRIST. Cover this website and MP in the blood of Jesus Christ. Cover your entire life. I cover my kids lives with the blood of Jesus Christ just about everyday and they come back and tell me remarkable things. Covering in the blood of Jesus Christ really really works!!!!!! Amen HalleluYAH. In the name of Jesus, any darkness lurking on this site, let it be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. We serve and honor our King, Jesus, on here and we love him with all our hearts. Thank you father God for giving us Jesus. We know Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we are forever thankful, you gave us your only begotten son. Thank you Father for the gift of the holy spirit that teaches and guides us .

    We ask darkness to flee and we also pray for those that are in darkness.

    Prayer of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Prayer for Protection. Prayers

  70. Anonymous

    Conception of the antichrist today! The birth is about September 9, 2017! This is 99 which is double judgment! Watch and pray! We are at an appointed time. Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

    • Karen

      Conception of the antichrist today!

      I hope somebody videotaped it and I can obtain a percentage or forge a partnership; I mean something like this will easily outsell either the Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton sex tapes…

    • Karen

      Conception of the antichrist today!

      The Kid better be a really quick study or experience an out of the ordinary growth spurt; or even the youngest amongst you waiting to be “raptured” will be less than ambulatory and in all likelihood senile when That Day comes.

      • Karen

        In the words of that immortal Cornhusker (now there’s a nod to Demeter!) Daniel Lawrence Whitney:

        “Now that’s funny; I don’t care who you are.”

  71. Anonymous

    Let’s talk about the numbers about today’s date 11/20/2016. As we know per Jupiter beginning to enter Virgo today signaling the conception of the antichrist we have some interesting numbers to discuss. If you add 1 plus 1 plus 2 plus 2 plus 1 and plus 6 you come up with 13 when you add up the numbers across you get 13. 13 is the number for the antichrist which corresponds to today’s conception. If you divide 1120 in half you get 560 which is 11 and then you have the numbers 2016 which adds to 9. All processed together we have a backwards 911! Today is significant and the numbers don’t lie! What do you all think? Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 6:16

    • Jeff E.

      From what source are you deriving that the entry of Jupiter into Virgo equates to the conception of the Antichrist? The Rev. 12 sign is a signal for the beginning of the seven-year Tribulation, or Time of Jacob’s trouble. It’s a bit misleading given this late hour to say “conception,” as if the Beast was born in a manger somewhere recently…

    • DS

      Today is 13 days after elections. Date adds to 5. (11/21) or 14 (11/21/2016)

      We all know the enemy is gearing up for something big. Let us continue to pray in the name of Jesus. The enemy can’t do anything unless God allows it. God has power over every loving thing.

    • Karen

      Soooo Freudian! I knew, deep down, that you secretly admired Me; just like Patmos John prior to the angel’s admonishment!


  72. Anonymous

    Tsunami I’d hitting Japan right now. On my way to work I saw two sprinklers they made rainbow’s and I thought of today’s numerology 11/21/2016 or 2/3/9 the original Fukushima event was 3/11/2011 or 3/2/4 .

  73. just man

    Tsunami Is hitting Japan right now. On my way to work I saw two sprinklers they made rainbow’s and I thought of today’s numerology 11/21/2016 or 2/3/9 the original Fukushima event was 3/11/2011 or 3/2/4 . the 6th anniversary is 3/11/17 which is the day where trump will be hitting all 7777s 119 days before 7-7-17 which is 7m17days from today or 329,760 minutes. 3/11/17 is also 111 days from today….. Sept 11/01 until today is 5550 days. (whoa)
    9/23/16 till today 60 days 60 days from today is 1/20/16 first day of trump. another mind blower is 7-7-16 until today is 11,923,000 seconds elegantly displaying 911 923 coming out form the center.

  74. Anonymous

    Jeff E,
    In regards to your inquiry about the antichrist conception on November 20, 2016 the best resource I have found is to You Tube End Times Matrix News with Tim and Kris. Scroll down and see videos of them discussing this. You will be blessed! The Illuminati associate Jupiter with Zeus or the antichrist and Jupiter entering Virgo is the moment they have waited for for a long long time. Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 6:16

    • Jeff E

      Thank you for your reply, Allen. I’ll check it out.

      I asked because there are also others who believe that Jupiter has more of a positive connotation, meaning “righteousness” and being associated with the Messiah [the king planet that has been pierced and has many stripes…]. Just seems like a mixing of metaphors and symbol referents. While the secret societies may have their interpretation, I lean toward more of an inner-biblical interpretation of the symbols, which to me, the sign of the woman and all of the stars [including Jupiter] refer to Israel. If there is any nefarious, evil sign, it would be that of the dragon with seven heads and ten horns in opposition to the woman (see Rev. 12:3-4; 17:11-12).

      Blessings to you in Christ,


  75. Truth Be Told

    I AM is the only name in existence that is a verb and not a noun, denoting ACTION. BE is the executed form of the action of I AM. I AM is invisible. BE is visible. For example, I AM Light, BE Light, and there it was, visible light. I AM never comes back Void without BEING or BECOMING. No one at any time has ever seen I AM, the Power Behind all creation and existence. But we know him through things that are made and visible before our eyes. All things created proceeded forward from I AM and came into BEing. AYASHAYA healed the blind man that was born blind. How? I AM sight to this blind man… The power of I AM created sight on the spot, and sight came to being, and was placed into this man’s eye socket, and sight came to Being in the man. I AM became a brand new arm and a leg for the paralyzed man, and the man who was paralyzed 30+ years stood up, walked, and picked up his bed on the Sabbath day. I AM THAT I AM. I WILL BE THAT I WILL BE. There are no limits to I AM and what form I AM can take on. I AM is a limitless and boundless POWER. I AM fish and bread for the 5000 hungry people. BE fish and bread. And there came fully grown adult fish that never hatched from eggs and that had never been in water before, sitting before the hungry people so they could eat. Fish formed and came into BEing in an instant through I AM!!! Likewise, in an instant, fully baked bread that had never been kneaded or baked in an oven came into being.

    The most powerful work of I AM was AYASHAYA. AYASHAYA means AHAYAH SAVE ME or I AM Save Me, transliterated to ISHI in english. I AM save me, and there came BE save me, I AM in human form, born of a woman, just like us with flesh and blood. Their was no need for a human father to conceive him. He had to be like us in all ways to save us so I AM became our salvation. So I AM took on flesh and blood and became BE Save Me in human form. AYASHAYAs name is literally BE (I AM) SAVE ME in visible form. HE was the absolute fullness of I AM in the BE (visible) form. He was the visible form and image of the invisible I AM. No greater manifestation of the POWER of I AM like AYASHAYA exists. This manifestation of I AM was kept secret from the angels and the hosts of heaven for all ages. AYASHAYA is an astonishment to the Angels as they look at him with AWE. They still have not fully comprehended AYASHAYA. The Angels and all powers and principalities are subject to him. AHAYAH came to us as a man, in our own form, showing that he has chosen man above the Angels. Great is the mystery of I AM, I AM came in the flesh and dwelt among us. What is man that thou art mindful of him? I AM is simply a shock and awe to all who ponder and meditate on his name and nature. That is why the devil is so keen on hiding his name. His name begets life and life more abundantly. Just look at creation which was called into BEing by his name. No other name will ever come close to I Am. The Lord and all these titles are frankly a dishonor to I AM. No other name apart from I AM is appropriate. I AM Save Me or BE Save Me or AYASHAYA is the only name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). Calling upon this name literally translates to AHAYAH save me. Whoever calls upon this name will be saved (Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13). Hence the absolute importance of knowing the name.

    • MP

      I was in Exodus 3 this morning, actually around the same time you were writing this comment.
      And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

      The I AM in John 8, the most beautiful disruption of tenses.
      Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?
      Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

      • Truth Be Told

        Thank you P2 and MP. The name AYASHAYA, transliterated to ISHI means, HE SAVES ME, precisely the name given to Mary by the Angel in Matthew 1:21. ISHI can be found in Hosea 2:16 of a KJV Bible. The Angel stated that he would be called AYASHAYA in paleo Hebrew or ISHI in transliterated english because, He would save his people from their sin. The meaning of this word ISHI is Strong’s H3469. Please see link to H3469 below. Blessings


  76. DS

    5.0 magnitude quake hits Cushing, rumbles central Oklahoma | NewsOK.com

    This earthquake hit Oklahoma 11/6/2016 at 5.3 strength.

    Today is the 53rd year of JFK assassination. Note earthquake was registered at 5.3 strength. Also note pictures were taken by someone name “Hamilton” Did we, or did we not have a bad bus crash in Hamilton County..In Tennessee yesterday 11/21/16, or 11/777/7? Killed 6 kids on school bus. Plus all the talk about “Hamilton”. Trump mad at the cast of Hamilton, etc. Today is 11/22/16, or 11+11+11+7. We can also see 33 in that number as well .. Today is important. 11+11+11/16=7 11+11+11+7..

    Plus Prince estate released his first posthumous song today “Moonbeam Levels ” one day after Queen Elizabeth 69 year weeding anniversary. Today is HUGE.

    Yesterday earthquake hit New Zealand, 7.4 strength and Biden is 74. The day after Biden birthday. Some recorded it at 6.9. Sure is interesting. Prophecy.

    • DS

      Exclusive: Never-Before-Heard Prince Song Released Video – ABC News


      I am floored right now. PRINCE new song that came out today was recorded on 7/6/1982 when there was a total solar eclipse, like we getting on September 23, 2017. Did not know, until I just hear that… Prince death has a lot to do with these things. No coincidence his song is released today. George Bush birthday is July 6, and he was 36 in 1982. JFK.Kennedy was 46 when he was killed He was the last real president, many believe. The end for us, really was 9/11/2001, when George Bush Patriot Act took away all out liberties under the disguise of security. So 9/11/2001 started the end times, 15 years ago by allowing 24/7 tracking, snooping, phone monitoring electronic money, etc. So of all the dates on the calendar, they choose today and Prince just happened to write the song on eclipse and call it Moonbeam…34 years ago in 1982. Amazing. Also Prince just happen to share a birthday with Pence.

  77. Anonymous

    More insights Yahushua showed me. The English Gematria for the word Jupiter is 99 which can mean double judgment. Jupiter aka the antichrist is scheduled to be born on 9/9/2017! Do you see the 99 again? It is written in the name Jupiter and the date when it is “born” in Virgo next year! What synchronicity! Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 6:16

    • DS

      Today is JFK anniversary of death and he had 99 heads of states at his funeral. He would have been 99 today as well. Died at 46 in 63.

  78. DS

    He died 53 years ago at 46, makes 99. Another thing the Lord revealed to me today is red, black, white and gold are the colors of the German Empire. I have been asking the significance of those colors for a while now, as we buried my sister on 10/10/2016 on those colors and my brother when he got married on 11/12 had those same colors, red, black, white and gold. Yesterday, 11/21/2016, I got behind 2 cars with NY license plate, said Empire state. When I left the dentist yesterday, she said she needed to go by “empire” and pick something up. I think it’s dental supply lab. Last night, while researching Elizabeth Christ Trump, Trump grandma, I realized she died on 10/10/1880…umm. Trump grandma died on 6/6/66. My sister died on 10/10/2016/Columbus Day. If yall recall, I was the one that kept telling everyone that I saw watches in a magazine set at 10:10, all except one set got May 28. I knew 10/10 this year was significant. The Lord sent me a,dream that 10/14 was a turning point. This morning my neighborhood was overtaken by crows, big black birds, buzzards and maybe hawks. It was like a scene from a horror movie, took pics and video. On 11/20, I got behind a car with a tag that says Hawk 87, only to travel a little distance and see a truck with hawk on it almost immediately. I will post the link to German Empire Wikipedia. Trump wore those colors, red, black, white and gold at the last presidential debate in Columbus, OH? Also the dinner the following night, they were all decked out in black, white, red and gold, even the cardinal….sure is interesting.

  79. DS

    Revelations in my family yall.Profound, but true..Not only did my sister die on 10/10, same date as Elizabeth Christ, Trump grandma. There are 136 years between my sister death on 10/10/2016 and Elizabeth Christ 10/10/1880. Here is another biggy. My brother in law, Marlin, passed on 10/30/16. On this night the moon was not visible, look it up. Well, Ivanka Trump was born on 10/30/81 making her 35 and on 10/30/2016 she was 82 days from inauguration and also 20 days after my sister passed, equals 102. On Inauguration day, my sister will have been dead 102 days. AMAZING. My sister and brother in law passed 20 days apart. Jared Kushner, Trump son in law is 35 years old and he will turn 36 on JANUARY 10, 2017, 10 days before Trump is sworn in as President. MY Grandma was 36 when Kennedy was assassinated in 63. Grandma age was 88 and turned to 89 on September 11. Trump in Gematria is 88. Before grandma passed, they moved her to room 138. DONALD Trump is 138 on Gematria. Eva is 28 in Gematria and just my first name is 82 gematria. Grandma Eva passed in room 117. They moved her back to that room, before she passed. That was her normal room while at the nursing home. Wheh she passed the alarm went off im the room as Bishop Palmer was praying over her body. Yes Palmer.. my brother in law Marlin died on the 7th floor, room 11 at the hospital ..GRANDMA had a sign in her room that said Guardian Angel ext. 111 Matthew Lin. If you goggle that you get a doctor in Babylon NY. Trump son in law…His father Kushner was born in 1951. My sister was 51! That building that he owns at 666 5th Streets, adds to 23. My son, nicknamed Trump is 23 right now and will turn 24, 2 days before the election. The building at 666 5th Street was built in 1957 by Carson and……who did Trump appoint yesterday 11/22/2016, Ben Carson, Housing Secretary. Who got a song released? Prince dead at 57 okay coincidence. YESTERDAY was 82 days after grandma EVA, last birthdate 9/11. Yesterday morning my neighorhood was over taken my crows, buzzards and black birds that looked like they weighed 15 pounds like out of horror movie. My son I nicknamed Trump fell at 8:10am today 11/23/2016 on some steps and he had on a shirt explained below that says 111-5-NYC. He did not hurt himself, its just the Lord showing me things. He told me a huge black bird landed on our back fence with a wing span of 6 feet, biggest bird he ever did see, lol. More messages from the Lord. I started taking pictures of what he is wearing, because God sends me messages right though the boy I named Trump and other kids. It beautiful to have such a relationship with the Lord. This morning he had on a black, white and gray EXPRESS tshirt that says established 1980..111-5 NYC. There is a horse on the shirt as well. I noticed the last 2 weeks at work, many people are dressed in gray, black and white, actually today I am also because I put on that shirt my son was wearing earlier today.

    Donald Trump last wife Ivanna Trump is 67 years old. Yes 67. My mother name in Gematria is 67.

    Tomorrow, Thanksgiving we will be 304 days from the eclipse of September 23, 2017 and my deceased sister and I are 304 days apart in birth. 10 months and 1 day. I will be 51 in 7 days. Was Pence born in 58? Tomorrow my sister will be dead 45 days, as in 45th president. Today is day 44 and my son Trump falls. My sister kids ages, 31 and 26=57. One son even has,a birthday of July 4. Obama has a daughter Malia and her birthday too is July 4. My brother wedding planner name is Natasha and OB too has a daughter named Natasha. Coincidence? No. Praise the lord for revealing these things.

    As I was explaining to my son about 10/10, he went to goggle a video to see the comparison between his Galaxy Note 4 and Apple. What time was shown on the phone on the video 10:10. The Lord confirmed to him his mommy was right. He was tearful, but listening. Let us watch, listen and pray, for the time is near. Let’s try to save some people by telling them the wonderful news of Jesus Christ. The Lord is showing me all of the above, so time is short.

    Keys words from the Lord are Nicaragua, Hamburg Germany and Salmon.?…not sure what this means, but he does not tell me anything for no reason.

    Did yall see a Catholic priest name John de Batispe Ephraim disappeared in NY. Saw that today. Watch..

  80. Anonymous

    We are in a 10 month countdown now to September 23, 2017. Countdown 10, 9, 8, …… Look up guys! It will happen soon! Get ready! Allen Revelation 19:7

  81. DS

    HAPPY Thanksgiving.

    Today my son Trump woke me up at 6:51 (66). The Lord knows that he and I associate “Trump”, meaning president elect with bad things. So my son, Trump waking me up at 6:51 on Thanksgiving, 304 days from the solar eclipse of September 23, 2017, can not be good “for some”. I am not worried. I am looking forward to seeing my Lord and Savior..amen

    However, I feel today is very very important. I feel evil is brewing heavily today. The Lord has been showing me Thanksgiving all week. He has been sending me strong messages about batteries, smoke, gas for the past 2 weeks, but he really poured it out yesterday Everybody that called me mentioned either batteries, smoke, gas, electric, etc. Also I got turkeys, turkeys, turkeys. I went to the store to get a turkey last night and there was none left and same with sweet potatoes. I have a long story about sweet potatoes, but yesterday it became clear that I needed to pay attention to sweet potatoes. I got to store and the type of the sweet potatoes I buy, the bin only had withered and flawed sweet potatoes. I ended up buying a red sweet potatoe, because that was all they had left. Never saw a red sweet potatoe. Got home cooked the sweet potatoes. You have to boil them first, then prepare them. I noticed that when I turned off the pot, they all were tender, except 1. Then comes my daughter to tell me something that happened at work concerning “sweet potatoes”. Someone got upset posted something on Facebook about someone saying that not all races eat sweet potatoes. Something really silly. I knew that I needed to pay attention when my daughter comes to my room and hands me a container of “baby” sweet potatoes she had found in her room. When I say baby I mean Gerber, as they were for my grandson August, lol. As I am putting this together, I notice that I am drinking a juice blend, I had gotten from the store and the drink is the color of sweet potatoes, haha.

    As I thought more, I realized that I had made sweet potatoes for my sister’s Repast we had after her funeral at the American Legion, umm. They were all the rave. Everyone wanted to know who made the sweet potatoes. When my grandma passed 17 days later, I offered to make my famous sweet potatoes, but they had the food catered. My uncle showed up, looking for sweet potatoes. I talked about how sweet potatoes were missing and he was disappointed. I don’t know what all these means, but I know the Lord sent me strong messages about sweet potatoes. Today 304 days from the 9/23/17, I will be trying red sweet potatoes for the first time, 6 days away from my 51st birthday. My grandma born 9/11 was also famous for her sweet potatoes, so the family was delighted when I presented my recipe, as they needed some to take the sweet potatoes role, lol

    I share these personal stories for us to keep our faith and motivation in this dark hour, for the Lord communicates with me every single day. I understand the language, but explaining it is another thing. Praise the Lord!!!! I am going to pray for all of you today, so please pray for me and my family as well. HalleluYAH.

    • DS….I love reading your posts and I just very reluctantly want to correct you on one point. There is no solar eclipse on September 23rd, 2017. It happens one month prior in August. The moon that causes a solar eclipse is at Virgo’s feet on that date, and not eclipsing the sun.

      However, this doesn’t diminish you point as September 23, 2017…with Rev 12 playing out in the heavens is much much more significant than a solar eclipse.

      Hey, me pointing this out makes me feel like the movie Christmas Vacation when the brilliantly decorated home has its one dead bulb pointed out.
      God keep blessing you and your family.


      • DS

        Thank you Stan I appreciate it so much. Thanks for the correction. Stay blessed today as we watch and pray. Amen…..so September 23 is signs in the heavens. You know where I can find a good video on this too, so I can educate myself?

        • DS- Just google solar eclipse 2017. All kinds of excellent sites about this amazing event that exactly divides our country from NW to the SE. I don’t know where you live, but there are maps showing the times and exact path of totality across our country that is a narrow band of around 50 miles wide. If the skies are clear on August 21, 2017
          ..I am driving 240 miles to southern Illinois where I will pull off of I-57 and watch it, even though it will only be in totality for a few minutes. Its a once in a lifetime experience for me.
          Again, I enjoy reading your amazing coincidental numbers that of course by design and not chance.
          Let me go on a rant…
          I build curved stairways for a living, and the most amazing coincidences started happening in my life when I was blessed with the opportunity to build a curved stairway for TV evangelists Jim and Lori Bakker. It was for a half way home for women that are pregnant , by are considering having an abortion. The place is called Loris House, and the miraculous incidents that happened while building, and installing this curved stairway changed this “closet” Christian to open up. Though I have built curved stairways for very famous people, this Loris House stairway …though much smaller, much less expensive, much less time consuming, and far less complicated….became the “Stairway of my Life-For Life”. I haven’t been the same since. Please excuse my rant as I went off topic. If you would like to hear more, I would love to share. My e-mail address is strbldr@yahoo.com.

          • DS

            I will email you and I gotta look into getting somewhere to see this as well!!! It’s a must see. HalleluYAH. I also want to go get re-baptized in the Jordan River, but I want the correct spot in the river where Jesus got baptized in. I got baptized at my church on May 22, 2016. Looking into trips and with God’s help, he will make sure I get my wish. I have no doubt I will get to Jordan River, so excited about that. Pray for me everybody.

    • In the topic of the solar eclipse in 2017….its being announced as the Great American Eclipse. It happens on 8/21/2017.

      If anything has been mentioned about this eclipse here as to its number significance, then I missed that post. But this is the most major TOTAL solar eclipse and it divides the USA from the pacific coast in Oregon to the Atlantic coast in the Carolinas. It passes through the very southern tip of my state of Illinois, which I plan driving 240 miles to view this event.
      I noticed that its date of 8/21/2017 add up to 21….but I don’t jump much at numbers.

      • DS

        “Somewhere to see that” refers to the 8/21/2017 solar event!!!! I will be crushed, if I don’t see that.

        I am getting a message about trains and tracks from the Lord today. Along with smoke, batteries and gas yesterday and 2 weeks up to that. Also the color blue….

        • DS

          I am sending this, because I wrote to yall telling you God was showing me gas, smoke, fire, pipeline. God showed in a big way today. He told me to watch already.


          Fire in Genesee, sure sounds like book of Genesis when God created the world.


          Fire, smoke and gas, pipeline in Israel and Jerusalem. AMEN.

          GENESIS Represents beginning of world. Israel/Jerusalem the end.

          I had a good idea that it would be today, because yesterday people started calling me about batteries, gas, fire, smoke. Still waiting for batteries. Lol. Today the message was trains and pasta, lol. Sometimes it can be the silliest things, because God has a sense of humor. I will post the story about “juice” later and how God showed me that last night. Also the story about the lil black converse. Sorry does not make sense now, but it will after I post the stories.

          Good night family. Jesus and God are real. They are pouring out the spirit for me to witness these things and share. I already know. To help to build the faith of his people, fore he is right at the gate about to open it. Also know my stories are directed by the holy spirit. I did not end up on DC my mistake. District of Columbia has the final role in this end times. Matt named his website DC…all part of God’s plan. Even what you get out your closet to wear every day. God showed me that with my whole Ms. Washington dressed like me 3 days in a row miraculous story, lol..I posted that story earlier and it’s so funny. All this is built up my faith beyond measurement.

        • DS

          Flag of Israel – Wikipedia

          The flag of Israel is blue and white. I had so much blue around me today and yesterday, it got comical. Yesterday, my son comes to my room with a Navy sweatsuit, so anything involving him, I take note of. The Lord sends me messages through the kids a lot. He has just taken a little tumble on the way up the steps at 6:51am. Today 11/24/16, My son told me his favorite juice is “blue”. I saw my grandson playing with some blue ballons he had left over from his 5th birthday on 11/14 (harvest moon). Shape of stars. Later that same grandson came to my room holding a 5 pound dumb bell lifting weights, talking about he working out. Next came the blue #1 Thomas train, complete with train tracks. If that was not enough, here came the big blue Thomas #1, flashlight with a big lit up Thomas face. It makes make say in joy, yes Lord blue, got it. There are many funny moments. Enjoying every one.


          This hurricane hit “Bluefields” Let us go see when the last time a hurricane hit Bluefields, Nicaragua, because I know there is something to discern. The holy spirit just told me that.

          When I typed ballons, I got ballots, but needed to correct it..umm ballots? Just saying.

          • DS

            Read this post about me ranting and racing about trains and tracks and my post up above about the Lord sending me messages about, fire, smoke, gas. The whole thing with trains got clear to me, BUT what I did not post, which might even sound crazy on DC, is that once my grandson, left the room and it just me in there, I witnessed is small blue #1 train, named Thomas flip over on its side, unassisted. I said that you Lord show me what you want, I am not afraid. I wanted to add that after my sister passed and we were clearing out some things, I found a #1 Train, Thomas and carried it home to my grandson. He was so excited, because this #1 Thomas was bigger then the other #1 Thomas trains he has. He has been obsessed with Thomas, since birth. When he came to my room holding his track and trains, he loudly proclaimed “I am not going to watch Thomas videos anymore, I am tired of Thomas ” Lol.. I knew this was the Lord doing, as we have been waiting for the Thomas obsession to pass, lol. It was a miraculous statement. My grandson and I sat in my room and I found him a very beautiful Jesus cartoon to watch and he said I love Jesus Christ, bought tears to my eyes. Will I be able to replace Thomas with Jesus. Thomas was the discipline that lacked faith. He had to see to believe. Well Crowers, I have seen a train flip over unassisted with no one around it, so guess what I am a true believer! Thomas the Train is the engine that could. So let us fire up our engines, we can do this. Amen. HalleluYAH.

            I will post the link to the Iran train fore immediately following this. I believe the key word is “Iran”. Let us recognize the writing on the wall and know my writing is from the holy spirit. The spirit of God lives in my house, flipping over trains..oh my. I am one lucky gal.

            • DS

              Passenger trains collide in Iran, at least 31 killed | Reuters

              31, my sister’s birthdate 1/31

              I can say with confidence that something is coming concerning “Nike” Why, because God showed me. Long story, which I will post after the prophecy comes to pass. When? Don’t know, but it could be today, Black Friday, as my son Trump has announced that he is going to Annapolis to buy a pair of Nike tennis shoes on today, Black Friday. My daughter went to T-Mobile last night to get a new phone for Black Friday prices. They were suppose to open at 8pm, but no one showed up. Umm, just saying. In my world, everything matters. Thank you Jesus.

              Something about Pasta/mac and cheese/mushrooms and marshmallows and vanilla. Dentist/teeth. Yeah sounds crazy, but let us wait and see. Not making predictions, just sharing what the Lord has shared with me.

              My daughter texted me just now to say her son’s poop looks like orange cheese….I hope you can laugh at that, hahaha…cheese

            • AB

              You are correct in discerning the Thomas tipping over as related to Thomas the doubter. Thomas represents many Christians today as they say they believe but deny the power. As Christians we are called Disciples of Christ and like Thomas many must SEE before they can or will believe.

              There is another reason you are being prompted about trains however. There have been a number of incidents in Chattanooga, TN recently, beginning with the bus crash that killed 6 children. Just today there has been a shooting there at HAMILTON Place Mall and for those paying attention you cannot dismiss the number of HAMILTON related events occurring. HAMILTON = EGYPT and rebellion!

              Chattanooga is a fascinating study as it represents the worlds first gold record and a major connecting point in America.


  82. ray

    Thanks be to Jehovah LORD, for the comfort of this blog. The point of these evidences is to reflect his imminence and glory.

  83. ray

    from Daily Updates — “Alexander Hamilton and the electoral college – as MSM clamors to abolish the electoral college it is important to understand its existence is largely to do with Alexander Hamilton – Federalist No. 68.”

    Wikipedia — ‘Watchman Nee simply sees Ham’s act as rebellion: “So far as Noah’s conduct was concerned, he certainly was wrong: he should not have been drunk. Yet Ham failed to see the dignity of authority. The father is God’s instituted authority in the home, but the flesh delights in seeing a defect in authority so as to throw off all restraint.”‘

    Yup. On this planet, it is always — and I do mean always — about rebellion against the Father/father. In order to provide ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ and of course ‘safety’. Whatever lie gets the job done! The philosophies and polities of men don’t last long before that power. Heck, the spirit of Alexander Hamilton doesn’t rule this nation. Hasn’t for a century.

    It’s the spirit of Margaret Hamilton that runs this place.

    Well, everybody have a Happy Black Friday! :O)

  84. Zach Lavine

    Hamilton vs Jefferson, two visions for America:


    Hamilton called democracy a disease. Who would be in favor of PATRIOT Act, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, unlimited executive power, drone strikes? Hamilton. Jefferson was much better; not sure why there isn’t a musical about him.


    Doubting Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t like this fake article very much. That man wanted truth, not lies! A free press! Democracy, not Hillary’s hoax shooting witchcraft. Not calling people in rural America irredeemable.

    Trump and Pence are lying douches but good on them at least for destroying the Bush and Clinton dynasties. Jefferson would be proud. Multiculturalism and feminism, great things, but not when promoted by the same people whose corruption has rotted America. Those people turn all ideals into horrid cliches.

    Richard Jefferson turned 36 on 21/6, 2(0)16, and plays in the 216 area code. The Library of Congress is 216 years old, and they bought Jefferson’s extensive personal library after the original LOC burned down. Go Wikileaks, a new version of the Library of Congress! Good job taking down HRC. Boo Huffington Post, CNN, Slate, and all controlled corporate media currently hypnotizing America.

  85. Zach Lavine

    Afeni Shakur died in the Bay Area this year, age 69. In 1969 she was arrested for allegedly conspiring to bomb NYC. Later cleared of charges. She was a Black Panther.

    Afeni’s son Tupac was killed in 1996. Now some allege the US government was involved in Tupac’s death, which was real unlike Sandy Hook. Also D. Boon, Kurt Cobain, etc etc, their deaths were also real. 69/96. Interesting, then, that these were also the two years when Hillary gave her two speeches dressed in black. Last one about super predators, interesting to think about. Bay Area, Black Panthers, super predators. Hillary turned 69.

    Tupac Shakur was nominated for the Rock and Roll HOF (Cleveland) this year, might be inducted next year, when Cleveland Indians drought will be 69 years old. NWA was inducted this year. NWA and Tupac, West Coast rappers.

    Tupac and the FBI. FBI took down Hillary. COINTELPRO. Maybe the Lord is trying to speak to us through these events, folks.


    • DS

      And Kanye West hospitalized for “spirtual attacks”. The man from the West that has children Northwest and Saint West. He had to cancel 21 shows. Just saying.

    • DS

      The prophecy about cereal. 100% true always. I post these for motivation and faith for God’s people. When I get these prophecies I don’t know what they will be, until they actually happen. I am getting better with my record keeping, because times and dates are important, but I often forget to date and time things. Kinda like this next fulfilled prophecy. I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy telling everyone about them. It gives me such joy to tell you.

      Trump was in a place called Mar-a-lago yesterday 11/25/2016, since its after midnight when I am writing this. Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, FL used to owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post, cereal heiress, until Trump purchased it in 1985 for 7 million dollars and turned it into a place for the ultra rich. Even a dog collar costs 475$. Is the Lord saying Trump will turn this world into something for the ultra rich? I think that is the message perhaps. He sure did alert me about CEREAL. My life sure is pleasantly funny. The prophecies are not always about death and destruction. This one is about the man named Trump that brought Mar-a-lago from the cereal heiress Merriweather . We can chuckle about this one, for now family.

      CEREAL WAS ON MY LIST of words I got the Lord. How did the Lord show me cereal? One of the kids mentioned cereal. Always seems to start with kids. Someone at work went on to tell me that people that eat cereal lose an average of xxx amounts of pounds that waa Tuesday, 11/21 I think.. I was eating a bowl of Cheerios, by Post General Mills about 2 to 3 weeks ago and dropped the bowl and spilled it. Where did those Cheerios come from? My sister’ house , the one that passed on 10/10. When we were clearing her things, I took a huge box of Cheerios with an expiration date July 3, 2017. On Thanksgiving morning 11/24/2016, my daughter got up and fixed cream of wheat, which is a hot cereal, so i said here comes cereal again. She put cinnamon in it, so I tasted it and passed on it, lol. Why is the Lord telling me about cereal I have no idea, lol, but it is probably is not a good thing. Why is the Lord showing me so much about Trump and his family? My family is so in this prophecy with the Trump family, it can not me an mere “coincidence”. No way. I posted a lot of points in earlier post, but of course I will send more. Read all about “cereal” below.
      When I went shopping for Thanksgiving, my daughter had gone and picked up a few things from the store too for the meal. I got milk and so do she. I said “I wish I knew you were getting milk, then I would not have”. She got Silk and I got Almond, as we are both lactose intolerant. She said “now you can have milk in case you want cereal”.

      See links below on Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, FL. TRUMP and the cereal lady, haha.


      Cereal heiress

      Marjorie Merriweather Post – Wikipedia

      A new word is “pain” been getting that one since 11/21/2016. Tell you more later, if I need to.

  86. Katherine

    I had a dream that I was holding a string of pearls and someone said, “Almost all of them have been replaced by fakes to pay the bills. There are only 12 real ones left.” I looked up twelve pearls and it took me to Revelation 21:21. I googled it and found a singing group from Australia (I think) named Twelve Pearls and their new song was “Send Your Spirit”. The next afternoon, my husband called our grandchildren in to give them some money for a short trip they were taking the day before Thanksgiving. He counted out 3 one dollar bills into four piles on the kitchen counter. He said to them, “I’d give you more, but that’s all I have.” I was so awestruck. $12. Twelve pearls. Twelve dollars. Twelve days? That would bring us to December 5 from the time I had the dream.

    • DS

      Well, I got something astounding to tell you. At my brother’s wedding on 11/12, we all wore pearls, because it was a 1920’s style wedding. As I was standing there chanting with folks, someone walked up to me and starting talking at Trump. As soon as I said “Donald Trump is evil”, the pearl necklace broke and the pearls went rolling all over the floor, as I scrambled to retrieve them, before someone tripped and fell. I have the loose pearls in my purse, I counted them after seeing this message and there are 18 pearls, 16 smalls ones and 2 big ones. The necklace I wore had a combination of big pearls and small ones. I want to add that when the necklace broke, it just broke, as I was not touching it on anything. I had witnesses. My one aunt looked spooked, her big eyes, got bigger and the other gentleman did not know what to say.

      I am going to my bible right now to read about the pearls. Amen.

      • DS

        I waa carrying a purse covered in pearls and those pearls were put right in there, as I picked them from the floor. My mother also carried a pearl purse at the wedding. I got my pearl purse from my sister’s house after she passed on 10/10. My way of bringing her memory to the wedding.

            • DS

              Wow, the Lord has connected us all on Daily Crow, meaning he sent you the dream for you to post and for me to see!!! I love this! The Lord, the Lord, the Lord. Amen.

              Also I just went back to count the change in my purse and it’s .75 cents. It it 75 days yesterday from 9/11/2016. My grandma Eva birthday is 9/11. She passed 28 days ago yesterday and Eva in Gematria is 28. My first name in Gematria is 82, so I could not help to notice Florence Henderson died on 11/24/2016 at 82. Just saying.

              Glory to God. Amen HalleluYAH. I think he will slowly have us here in DC to start sharing and revealing. I have been for a long time already. There is not such thing as a coincidence! In fact, I need to get myself a tee shirt that says just this.

              • DS

                Here on Daily crow. The pearl purse I has at the wedding has the .75 cents in change, 7 dimes and a nickle.

                No such thing as coincidence. That is clearer each day. Wait til I post my next few “not coincidence ” things that I would love to share.

                • DS

                  So, the holy spirit has revealed some more details to me, since my last post. My pearl necklace that broke at my brother’s wedding, I knew that was important and God caused it to break, as soon as I said “Donald Trump” is evil. Read more above. I did not view it as an actual prophecy until Katherine posted about her dream, then the holy spirit guided me a little further. Here is here oh holy spirit took me:

                  On the day of Karen ‘ s dream, Trump was 25,731 days old (7/11). He waa also 70 years, 5 months and 10 days old, makes perfect spirtual sense, because I found the 7 dimes and 1 nickle in my lil pearl purse this morning. So the holy spirit had me take it a step further. I noticed that the nickle is a 2011 “Liberty” nickle. As I was walking to the hallway to give my daughter the nickle to document the dates on each one of the 7 nickles, I saw another “Liberty” nickle laying in my floor with a date of 2016. I added all the dates of all the coins. For the 7 dimes and 1 nickle from the pearl purse, I got 14,036 for the dimes and 2011 for the nickle, total 16047. Add the 2016 Liberty nickle, 16047+2016=18,063. JFK was murdered in 1963. I posted something about that a few days ago as well.

                  Let’s go back to 25,731 day old Trump on 11/24/16. 25,731 is 7/11. This takes me back to the holy land earthquake of 7/11/27. This earthquake brought down the walls of Jericho and I am always surprised that I don’t hear this mentioned much. How talks about walls? The Trump, we can’t deny this. I have a son I nicknamed Trump and you guys may be sick of hearing me talk about my son, Trump, Grandma Eva and sister, but I do it, so we can all clearly see the message I am trying to bring forth. My son, Trump, shares a birthdate with the earthquake Gallilee, January 18, 749. In fact that earthquake hit at 10:33 and he was born 10:03. Sorry for the redundant post, but we all know that people rarely stroll up to see earlier posts, so things don’t make so, since I repeat myself, sorry. God sent me a realization/prophecy through coins thus morning. I will post that later and that too is a jaw dropper. This I can tell you, every single detail matters when God is trying to show you something. My brother had no idea that God has a 1920’s style wedding planned for him at the Newton Mansion, but God knew! He also knew the exact necklace I would pick out, what dress I would choose, the shoes, hair style and most importantly the instant my necklace would break.

                  I ordered all my clothes for my brother’s wedding off Amazon. Flapper dress, shoes, dress and threw caution to the wind. The dressed arrived on 11/4 at 12:25pm. My brother in law had passed 10/30/16 at 12:45pm. I was amazed the dress was delivered at 12:25pm, because I had learned though seeing my brother in law birth certificate a few days before that he was born at 12:25am. I let out a scream, because God is always in control of every detail, every second, of every day. It makes me love God and his son Jesus even more. We gotta love the holy spirit as well!! Amen everybody. Will post the link to earthquake of 7/11/27 and 1/18/749 right after. Thanks for listening.

  87. Stan Bull

    British driver Lewis Hamilton, driving for Mercedes, has just qualified for the first pole position in the Abu Dhabi Formula One race to be run on Sunday.

  88. Anonymous

    Yesterday Turkey’s deputy prime minister said something important. He said that the UN and other international bodies have lost their ability to solve world political problems. This statement is a huge reminder that the antichrist will soon be birthed onto the world stage as only he (so some think) can solve the world’s political problems. This is major programming folks to make the people cry out for a savior.

    Also all the fires that have been raging in Israel over the past week makes me wonder if they are significant in terms of two things: the eventual baptism of Israel under the Holy Spirit of non-combustible Fire resulting in them finally accepting Jesus as their Messiah and the September 23,2017 sign as it does have connotations for Israel and the world. Anyone have thoughts or insights on the matter?
    Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 Ephesians 6:16 and Ephesians 5:11

  89. Katherine

    Please disregard all entries I have made today. It has been interesting, but I believe I have been censored, so am not willing to put myself out there again. Forgive my presumption of equal access. I knew it was too good to be true to find a site where one might be oneself. Best wishes to you all.

    • P2

      Katherine, please stay. You have not been censored. The one called Karen is not a poor misguided soul in need of pity. ‘She’ harbors a deeply malevolent being whose only aim is to disrupt, denigrate, and disparage Christians. ‘She’ pops up from time to time to mock followers of Jesus. All that was meant in asking you not to respond to ‘Karen’ was rest from her vitriol. I for one enjoy your posts.

      • Karen

        Katherine, please stay. You have not been censored. The one called Karen is not a poor misguided soul in need of pity. ‘She’ harbors a deeply malevolent being whose only aim is to disrupt, denigrate, and disparage Christians. ‘She’ pops up from time to time to mock followers of Jesus. All that was meant in asking you not to respond to ‘Karen’ was rest from her vitriol. I for one enjoy your posts.

        I am about as “malevolent” as a butterfly.

        Katherine is an adult; do not tell her who she can and cannot respond to.

        You are just jealous that she liked chatting with Me.

    • MP

      Katherine you have not been censored. All comments immediately go up unless spam filter catches them. I checked spam and there was nothing from you , it appears all your comments have posted.

      • DS

        Yes Katherine that happens to me from time to time where the website filter acts up. It says you already posted, or duplicate, or something. Just technology.

  90. Cassandra

    Did anyone notice the peculiar answer H.Clinton made at the last question asked by a man in the audience (K.B.) during the second presidential debate 2016?

    The partial transcript of the question and answers is as follows:
    K.B. question: Regardless of the current retoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?
    H. Clinton: … I respect his children. His children are incredibily able and devoted, and I think that says alot about Donald. ( ..etc. on a different topic.)
    D. Trump: … I will say this about Hillary, She doesn’t quit, she doesn’t give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter, etc. … She does fight hard, and she doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up. And I consider that to be a very good trait.

    My personal note: H.Clinton did not answer the question. She diverted her answer by speaking about D. Trumps’ children.
    I felt somehow that Satan would respond equally if asked the same question about God.
    So I was inspired to write this small poem:

    The PEASANT, the DEVIL and the KING

    Asked the peasant to the Star: What admireth do ye,
    Ô fallen angel Lucifer, in the Mighty King?
    I do respect his children, all his children I envy.
    Greatly able are they, devoted, that all may come to see.

    Turning to the King, the peasant questioned tactfully:
    What respecteth thou, ô King, in the devil, thine true enemy?
    The King without a doubt responded sovereignly:
    He doesn’t quit, he doesn’t give up, he is a fighter, tenaciously.

    So behold, all ye people, do choose most righteously.
    The spoken word hath all the power, for Life or Death to be.
    It is the fruit of Life, which can be eaten from it’s tree.
    The child thou art, is precious for the Lord God All Mighty.


    P.S.: Of course, I am not saying by any means that KB. is a peasant, nor that H.Clinton is the devil, nor that D.Trump, the king.
    Just being creative on a sunday afternoon in November. 🙂

    • Zach Lavine

      Failure to directly answer questions was a continual feature of the Clinton campaign. I saw an interview where she was told that Trump questioned her honesty. The interviewer literally asked, “How do you refute that?” And Clinton replied something like, “You know, I’m not going to get into the petty back and forth that Trump engages in…he treats his employees terribly…” etc. She literally wouldn’t even answer when she was asked to address an allegation that she is not honest! Can you believe it. Even a moderately talented politician would reply with something about all the things he/she has done in life that were honest and upstanding. HRC is not a talented politician, and worse, yes she is dishonest and tainted by corruption.

      However, Trump is equally bad. Now this man questions the science behind climate change and wants to take us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which would be disastrous. He calls climate change a Chinese hoax. He says we should water-board (and worse). Trump is a classic populist demagogue, or at least he is playing the role of one. He uses short words and short sentences because he knows that’s what many people respond to. One has to be informed about the issues first in order to realize that Trump is basically just talking BS most of the time. However he also throws in good points every now and then, too. Like, for example, that part about not wanting to get into WW3 with Russia. I can get behind that. A practiced liar needs to season his stories with grains of truth here and there.

  91. DS

    Gotta stick my neck out. Lord sent me info on: Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland Fedex Field near Jericho Drive/Palmer Park .. red camry, something to do with tires, perhaps blown tire. There you have it. When? Not sure, but soon. Bizarre? I will explain later. Boy, is this one long. Don’t call me crazy just yet, give it a few days.

    I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but the Lord picked this info back up last Sunday and this Sunday. He tells me details and when an event gets closer, so do the details. Will explain later. This might even sound crazy for DC, just saying.

    • Lynn

      I had to come back and reread your post DS because last night my eyes ‘just happened’ to fall on a book in my overstuffed bookshelf – “Remember the Alamo” and thought about James Bowie and his knife. Then my mind progressed to David Bowie the singer and I was wondering if there was any significance to my train of thought. You mention Bowie, MD here…

  92. Bill

    Forgive me, but I felt moved by the Lord to say this. Sometimes I get a bit “preachy”, so please try to understand.

    I just saw news on the ‘net about more atrocities against–and murders of–Christians in the Middle East. They are literally being annihilated. One can scarcely imagine what is going on. Genocide.

    Meanwhile, here in America, what is the ‘average Christian’ facing?

    “Oh Honey?! Why didn’t you make more stuffing? You KNOW I love lots of stuffing. Why didn’t you make more?!” Or “There better be some parking at the mall close to the entrance. I HATE having to walk all the way from the perimeter road! Oooh, my aching feet.” Or “Well, I don’t like Fred. I know he’s been a member of the church for ten years, but he’s too #!@$ liberal for me! He oughta’ go to another church!” Or “Oh Honey?! (again) Are we out of cranberry sauce? Are you KIDDING me??? You only bought three cans??? Are you CRAZY??? You KNOW I eats TONS of the stuff! Awwww, man oh man!”

    We may as well be living on another planet in another universe…

    On one side of our poor world, Christians are having their bodies torn to shreds. And on this side…”Oh Honey?!”

    I wonder what God thinks. Up there, in His Heaven, gazing upon all our lives. The lives being destroyed, and the lives being blessed.

    I have a very, very, VERY bad feeling about all of this. When Judgment really, really, REALLY comes home to America…well…let’s just say that the ‘average’ American Christian is going to face something that is beyond words to describe.

    My Internet service went out for a mere 3 days. I didn’t do too well. God forgive me.

    Folks, it’s gonna be a lot worse than losing our Internet service. Worse than no stuffing or cranberry sauce. Worse than our aching feet. Worse than our brothers and sisters we can’t seem to stop resenting.

    It’s going to be JUDGMENT.

    And may God have mercy on our souls.

    • Bill- Excellent post! We need more of these realistic posts. I may not spend a lot of time studying amazing number sequences and names and dates….
      But I spend an enormous time studying my bible and I just don’t see how many people believe we are just going to get a free ride out of here on an early rapture.
      I am preparing as best as I can and am much better off than I was two years ago. Even at that, I KNOW its going to be a tough road. I have friends that think we all will be fine and preparing is lack of faith. I remind them to read Matthew 24 then 25 about the 10 virgins. I would like to be caught by the Lord providing food for my family when he comes.
      Ask Christians on the other side of the planet how its going for them these last few years. I believe a big part of the falling away from the church is going to be irate Christians experiencing tribulation that were promised we would escape from.

    • Kristi

      Well said Bill. It feels surreal to know about the horrors our brethren suffer around the world and to go about life here as usual. I do know the Lord prepares us for His purposes and my hope is in Him. Fear not and be anxious for nothing, easier said than done perhaps, yet Christ’s command nonetheless.

      Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.
      1 Thess 5:11
      Blessings to you!

      • Kristi

        Daniel Valles provides light in this present darkness through his videos. I encourage all to watch his latest, “Passing under the rod”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAN1EcWbExE

        But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord. Jonah 2:9
        I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:17

        It is good to celebrate with thanksgiving and be merry for all the Lord has done with stuffing and cranberry sauce or whatever you choose. Do a bible word search for “thanksgiving”. Let us not diminish what God has called good, but make the most of these opportunities to share the gospel with family and friends or fellowship with other believers, or even rest in the confidence we have in Jesus Christ! Praise and thanks be to God!

    • Zach Lavine

      Bill, with respect, don’t you think it’s a bit harsh to allocate praise and blame to Christians based on the degree of suffering they have undergone? Is an American Christian less worthy of respect just because he has had more opportunities afforded him? Your comments describing your fellow Americans are rather pessimistic, in my opinion. Yes, some people are petty, or spoiled, or materialistic. But to portray most Western people that way – and to slight them for not suffering to a higher degree – is a sort of approach I question.

      And it’s not just Christians that have suffered from war over the past years. Many Muslims have, too, as well as other groups.

      Again, with respect, and sorry if I have misinterpreted your views.

  93. DS

    First of all you are correct about the christian persecution to our shores and real soon. I had a vision of persecution a few months ago and that was before I realized to time and date every thing. When I tell people to get ready for the horror that is coming, of course they think I am the one in need of meds. This is the enemy’s best ammunition. Most everyone is asleep worried about the things listed above. What a pity. Who could no one care, if christians are slaughtered overseas. That’s the answer because it’s overseas. Out of sight, out of mine. If they who claim to be fighting the war on terrorism were really interested, the so called terror groups would be no more. That should make everyone think. Why? But no. I know persecution is coming and we will face a time like never seen before. I study the world everyday somehow. It’s really all in the great book called the Bible. The most fascinating book on the planet, hands down.

    Different subject. I know I post some profound things even for Daily Crow, but always 100% true. Who else can I tell this stuff to? Answer no one. Most people think they are christians but lack faith. We should have the faith to believe that Jesus just might raise one of our love ones from the dead. Honestly, I felt like that at my sister’s funeral, lol. I might have been the only person sitting in the church, but I would have run up an greeted her. This is my faith level, just using an example. I feel the presence of God in my life every day and it us amazing. I am not a crazy ole gal, just writing to write. I am writing true things. Some things are even hard for me to believe. I have a lot of pinch myself moments. Honestly. I think someone else said that it’s hard to write and not sound like you are boasting. I am not boasting or patting myself on the back, I only post my experiences with the Lord and fortunately he reveals himself and shows me great things.

    On to:
    I wrote about Hamburg, GERMANY on 11/23/16. Read story link.
    Arsen attack happened a week and a half before December “8” and “9”. Grandma age. Believe it, or not, God showed me this with “hamburgers” and a somebody ordered a top from me from “Hamburg”, PA. Then he showed me “empire” and I knew it was Hamburg, Germany. Long story that started with hamburgers mentioned to me over and over. Its gets comical sometimes. Started when I got home one night and my daughter had prepared a plate of hamburgers. I wrote about the German empire. GOD added to it over the next days. How did he introduce empire? I went to my dentist on 11/21/16 and she said she needed to go to “empire” to drop off, or pick something up. It’s a dental supply store. On my way home and work from dentist, I encountered I think 3 New York Empire state tags. By this time, I knew “empire” was related to Germany. I posted that earlier too. So “empire” told me that it was Hamburg, PA, but Hamburg, Germany. AT first, I was not sure, because some one ordered a top from me from Hamburg, PA on 11/23/16 . 11/22/16 big black birds of different series took over my neighbood. The logo for the German empire is red, gold, black white with a big black bird. Look it up yourselves. Could be more to come out of Hamburg. I can tell the Lord wants me to pay attention to certain words, when I hear or see them over and over. This arson happened today 11/27, 5 days after I saw and took pictures of the birds. I was able to get some, but not all. I post this spirtual experiences to build faith in the Lord and of course risk sounding insane. They thought Jesus was crazy too, so I will take it. It so astounding to witness God’s total control on every single detail. Example, “hey you from Hamburg, PA order a top from DS”. Christian persecution is coming, because God will allow it. He has trained me to watch and listen everwhere I go and I would not trade that for any thing on earth. The enemy has to get permission from Almighty God, fore without him the enemy is powerless. Amen. Link below. I give ALL glory to God. HalleluYAH.

    OSCE summit venue in Hamburg set on fire in likely politically-motivated attack (VIDEO) — RT News

    I wrote yall about Hamburg, GERMANY on 11/23/16.
    Arsen attack happened a week and a half before summit of December “8” and “9”. Grandma age. God showed me this with “hamburgers” and a somebody ordered a top from me from “Hamburg”, PA. Then he showed me “empire” and I knew it was Hamburg, GA. Long story that started with hamburgers over and over. I wrote yall about the German empire. Could be more to come out of Hamburg. I can tell when I need to pay attention to certain words, when I hear or see them over and over. This arson happened today. All to build this family faith more, though ole Meechie Moo.

    OSCE summit venue in Hamburg set on fire in likely politically-motivated attack (VIDEO) — RT News

    • DS

      Duplicated sorry, oh well. Meechie Moo is a nickname in my family lol. Not sure how the family texts got copied here. And no, you can not start calling me Meechie Moo, immediate family only. Lol lol lol lol.

  94. Anonymous

    Stan Bull, I am not sure about the name just that the speech was from the Turkey deputy prime minister.
    Lots of nines associated with Fidel Castro’s death. This may be indicating a judgment of some time here or internationally. Watch and pray! Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7

  95. Karen

    Why Did They Create Us?

    They created us to be their hostages in a Galactic War.
    They created us to be their slaves.
    They created us to be their fools.
    They created us to be their patsies.

    They created us to follow their (usually hidden) orders.
    They created us to hate and kill ourselves (from their often hidden) directives.
    They created us to be dumbed down.
    They created us to suffer all the time.

    They created us to have all sorts of (physical and mental) diseases.
    They created us not to live long, when we could.
    They created us to be poisoned from birth, or even conception.
    They created us to infect us with all sorts of germs they create, (or get Man to create), AIDS, Ebola, etc.

    They created us to mindlessly worship them or their bloodline evil, idiot kings, queens, presidents, fuhrers, etc.
    They created us to have perennial war, and perennial chaos.
    They created us feel fear, depression and hopelessness all the time.
    They created us to be too stupid or fearful to fight back.

    They created us to have the most evil and disgusting among us become top secret society members, or intel agents, or military members; and then to do dastardly deeds against the rest of us.

    They created us to brainwash us.

    They created us to believe in nonsense – like “God” and “Country” or later “New World Order” or “One World Govt.” All for the purpose of tricking us into killing ourselves.

    They created us not to discover limitless energy sources, and other beneficial science and technology.

    They created us to have bogus history, bogus politics, bogus economics, bogus science, bogus “Moon Landings” etc., bogus everything.

    They created us to nuke ourselves under their hidden orders.
    They created us to be their automatons, with horrendous technologies still to come, to be used against us.
    They created nearly all of us to be placed in concentration camps and mass murdered.
    They created us to be constantly bombarded by nothing but LIES, mendacities, “limited hangouts”, and “legends,”

    They created us to get all our information from LIARS – Gov’t liars, clergy liars, journalist liars, internet liars, conspiracy “expert” liars. All to hide their being in charge and trying to escape, with us held hostage.

    They created us to ultimately kill every one of us – including their gutless, stupid human helpers – when they would figure a way to escape their Quarantine.

    They created us not to be able to find them.
    They created us not to kill them, or their interfacers, or their bloodline, figurehead “leaders.”
    They created us not to interfere with their grand plan, and eventual escape.

    They created us to always have at least one enslaving, mass-murdering, Gestapo-like nation to the world – previously the Roman Empire, Vatican, England, Nazi Germany – now the USA.

    They created us not to figure this out.

    We did!

    Now, if we could only get up the courage to eradicate our Cosmic Criminal Creators and their few top human lackeys / interfacers, Mankind would, for the first time, be re-born with the ability to be all that he/she could be.

    • Anonymous

      “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

      “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ.” (Romans 8:1)

      “In him you have been made complete.” (Colossians 2:10)

    • Karen

      They created us to always have at least one enslaving, mass-murdering, Gestapo-like nation to the world – previously the Roman Empire, Vatican, England, Nazi Germany – now the USA.

      America is far and away the greatest nation the world has ever known and many of its citizens are good hearted and noble souls. The only problem is that many of the people who have run the nation over the last 100 years or so are amongst the biggest scum in history; individuals ruled by avarice so profound and disgusting that they are guilty of great crimes against their fellow countrymen.

  96. Karen

    And do you know what I say to Them; They who visit more and more tortures upon Me as the hours go by?

    I say what Giles Corey said to his Puritan tormentors on 19 September 1692 as he was being pressed to death:


  97. Karen

    For Behold; I have heard the agonizing cries of My Sisters and Brothers; tortured beyond all human comprehension in Jehovah’s Hell…writhing in mind boggling agony…I will free them…I will overthrow the mighty…I will redeem the despised and wreak vengeance in the name of the burned and the tortured!

  98. Karen

    People always feel sorry for “poor” Samson…blinded by the Philistines…but it is conveniently (as usual) forgotten that Samson indiscriminately and wantonly murdered thirty (30) innocent Philistine men who were minding their business so Samson could oblige his debt after he lost his bet regarding the fact that his riddle was solved by his fiancee’s friends & family (with the bride to be’s help); the murders were accompanied by theft of 30 expensive garments…the item of the wager.
    Eh, why let “collateral damage” like that get in the way of a good story? You can tell these “Biblical heroes” are people of the highest moral character (cough, cough).

  99. just man

    I read something interesting about david bowie and gematria today and felt like doing a date count. I went to timeanddate.com and put in 9-11-2001 and bowies death day of 1-10-2016 (119)….. at least I thought I did, instead I accidentally hit “today” in the second window the result I got was 5777 from todays date 11-28-2016 or 11-11-9 the actual date count was 5234 days from 911 to bowies death. its just an odd thing I accidentally got a 5777 day count. anything big happen today?

    • andy

      today is 5557 days since 9/11/01–Grace completed or perfected or perhaps a Grace period since 9/11 ending. 15 years and 77 days between 9/11 and today.

  100. Anonymous

    So much happening today on day 333 with 33 to go? We know who loves the 33! I am going to list about 10 events from this morning till before noon. We are close to the end folks! This doesn’t include today’s attack at OSU where 8 were hurt whether by being stabbed or hit with the suspect’s car.
    1. 4 shot and 1 passes from shooting at South Texas restaurant
    2. Man stabs wife to death in Virginia (remember what happened with Virgo the Virgin constellation on 11/20/16)
    3. Woman stabbed to death in hospital parking lot in Virginia(there is that Virgin sign again!)
    4. Transgender person followed out of bar in Philadelphia and shot
    5. Turkey deputy prime minister says emergency rule to go on for some time
    6. 3 pass helicopter crash Crimea
    7. 3 pass helicopter crash in Indonesia (see all the 3’s? The dark side loves the 3).
    8. Woman stabbed in Seattle, Washington (Seattle the seat of el)
    9. Why to this one? Obama with the highest approval rating since his re-election
    10. Trump and Romney to meet again tomorrow. What day is tomorrow? It is 11/29/2016 or 11 11 9 day. Romney wrote the blueprints for Obama Care!
    Keep watching and praying. We are getting close. Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

    • Karen

      4. Transgender person followed out of bar in Philadelphia and shot

      I don’t think there is an entity in the universe more sweet, innocent, pure, and intrinsically good than the transgender female.

      The subject and recipient of great disdain from much of the world’s population has the heart of a Lioness…she has more courage in her spirit and her actions than the ordinary person could ever conceive. Unfortunate biological fate has placed her in an untenable and impossible situation between Scylla & Charybdis…but she does not shrink before the challenge and the world around her.

      Rather she approaches the difficulty as a challenge to her womanhood and her character…she looks disapproving society in the eye and tells them that what “they think” is quite beside the point…for Her life & liberty is not theirs to control…or to give…or to take.

      • Karen

        “*E Pluribus Unum!*” trumpets the Motto of The Greatest Empire (in terms of wealth, though not *yet* endurance) this world has ever known.

        In other words, “Out of Many, One”

        The essential item to take away from the shibboleth is that through this synergistic interface of many cultures; One more powerful than the Sum of Its Parts Emerges. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis conflated with Antithesis yields Synthesis. The transgendered woman very much embodies this concept: The Unification of Male & Female in A Single Entity yields the Super(wo)man whose Arrival the Great Freddy Nietzsche presciently forecast over a century ago.

        • Karen

          It is always laughable when outsiders whose medical background consists of a high school biology course and whatever they read on the internet that seems to support their twisted views label the transgendered as “sick, perverted, and twisted”. The intense hatred they evince for defenseless transgendered people was developed by the indoctrination (brainwashing) that their parents, church, school, and most other elements of society fed them.

          The transgendered have a suicide rate a good deal higher than almost all other groups in society. I wonder why?

          Well, for almost all questions there is a plausible answer; in this circumstance two!

          When a person suffers profound mind / body incongruity (sort of a duality) instability is practically a certainty. The feminine and the masculine are two diametrically opposed forces…veritable polar opposites; placing them in a single incarnate being is a recipe for psychological strife.

          I gravely doubt any person on the planet could sail through life without at least one nervous breakdown were they given a male body at birth while maintaining the feminine mindset.

          Secondly, since much of society has treated the transgendered as personas non grata in perpetuity…the social castigation and violence that they are on the receiving end of…from the cradle to the grave…is unquestionably a major contributing factor to any mental distress they might manifest. In other words, if society did not inflict so much torture on them; odds are they would not be offing themselves at such an alarming rate.

          • Karen

            Religious moralists delight in spending their days penning articles and sending tweets about “how we need to protect normal women from these transgendered things”.

            Protect them from what?

            When one seeks to defend oneself, one is invariably defending oneself against a demonstrable threat. The subject of our study concerns “protecting” biological women from suffering the *unfathomable and unspeakable* indignity of subjecting their eyes to the monstrosity that is a poor, helpless, and almost always frightened male who is attempting to transition to female as they rush into the lavatory to quickly relieve themselves and then vacate. Oh the horror! The unspeakable indignity!

            Since males transitioning to females are generally required to live 365 days as their desired gender before they are given medical clearance to have the operation, there is obviously an interlude of incongruity for them…the so-called one year life experience test.

            Rest assured, the one poor M2F suffers far more emotional trauma from going to the ladies room before their sex change operation than the “normal” women who might encounter them as they enter or exit.

            The degree of suffering the M2F risks regarding being the victim of physical assault if they attempt to use the “men’s room” is a good deal more problematic that the suffering endured by biological women concerning having to briefly cross paths with them at the ladies room door.

            Since we reside in an imperfect world, we apply cost versus benefits analysis. This results in the president’s “bathroom policy”…the subject of so much invective rooted in misunderstanding and unjustified fear.

  101. Karen

    Hate is the child of the Two Greatest Evils; Fear & Pain. We hate what we fear; and we hate that which causes us pain. Hate then gives birth to its own unholy progeny; The Lie.

  102. Karen

    There is an amazing amount of clever B.S. peddled on this planet; but one of the best lines I know of is:

    “God never gives you more than you can handle!”

    Tell that to the thousands of people who commit suicide everyday…

    Does anything die harder than a well-woven lie?

    • Karen

      In the contemporary redistributive society; the efforts of the so-called “welfare state” to uplift the weak and downtrodden often results in the crippling of the strong and worthy; as life is not much more than a battle over a limited number of resources. If those in charge of this redistribution were in fact motivated by a burning desire to redress inequality; then there might well be some legitimacy to their actions. However this is seldom the case. Invariably their interest in such matters stems from the personal material gains that can be achieved by fomenting such redistribution. Through the machinations of quaint political concepts such as “democracy”, their ends can be easily achieved. Simply promise the maximum number of voters in your jurisdiction the greatest number of free goods and services and *voila*!…you will immediately find yourself in a comfortable and lucrative political office.

      So we see that the legislator-in-waiting’s expressed public motivation is a far cry from his tacit and ulterior private one. This is, at its root, the manifestation of wickedness, because it reveals the office seeker to be a serial liar. His lie is not to one person; but rather to all who hear his voice.

      What is “noble” is subjective. One could plausibly contend that taking from the rich to give to the poor falls under the ambit of “noble” conduct; particularly if background circumstances related to such a transference warrant such action; (i.e. the well-to-do came by their riches via chicanery or other duplicitous means). However, if the aforementioned agent of transference (the politician) was motivated to bring about such an outcome by what collateral benefits *he* could obtain by such a transference rather than simply the original goal of fairness and equity for the oppressed; then he is a wicked liar who must not be allowed to cite this event as proof that he is a doer of good deeds.

      This is not to say that a politician or public servant is not to be financially compensated for the time he spends in service of the State and its citizens; for his time is likewise valuable and he has to eat, too. However, in the contemporary world, it is clear that the compensation many “public servants” receive far exceeds the services they render unto their constituents; or the People in general. In this case; I speak not of salary, for government wages are fairly nominal vis a vis the private sector. What I speak of is money that invariably goes unseen by most of society. Why would one spend tens of millions of dollars on a senatorial campaign when the job pays less than $200,000 per year?

  103. Karen

    There are few items in this universe more beloved to the tyrant than the “reasonable person”; for it is he who sustains him and makes him impervious to criticism and ouster.

    He affords the tyrant the license to commit misdeeds with impunity…because his complacency and complicity is the signal to the world that though the dictator is guilty of heinous acts; they are within the ambit of what reasonable people would deem acceptable conduct.

    Though Iraq was put through a genocidal nightmare in the last decade; few thought much of it…because the catalysts for it were returned to office by “reasonable people”…in “democratic” elections.

    Hence the legitimacy of it all.

  104. Karen

    “Love the sinner; hate the sin!” is the patently absurd cry of the religious moralist…

    One might as easily say, “Love breath; but hate breathing!” or “Love life; but hate living!”…which, of course, most religious moralists do.

    Like most of their paradoxes, it serves a twofold purpose.

    First, it identifies what they hate (the “sin”)…and allows them to castigate “sinners” publicly.

    But secondly, it provides them with that oh so important shield of impunity…this false declaration of “love the sinner” that they promulgate in the first part of their injunction…though most of their behavior demonstrates quite the contrary…as evinced by little things like The Inquisition and a billion other examples. This ill-gotten impunity, which they bestow upon themselves, makes much of the world truly believe in the benevolence of their mission; and affords them great license to inflict their will on all non conformists.

    This does not mean that all of their temporal representatives are going to throw you in a reptile pit or place you on a roasting rack over a live fire; as various laws constrain them at the current hour and a disposition towards sadism is not in every individual’s blood.

    But The Nazarene was right on this one score; “Know them by their fruits”.

    Words to live be…

    • Zach Lavine

      Hi Karen, you have made some intelligent points above. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the information below.

      These sports title games took place this year (2016):

      Villanova (from Philadelphia, ’76er town) won the NCAA basketball title, over UNC Chapel Hill. Villanova is a Catholic school.
      Peyton Manning (born in ’76) defeated Cam Newton (drafted first in the 76th NFL draft) in Super Bowl 50. Both Manning and Newton are professing Christians; Cam’s dad is a pastor.
      Cubs beat the Indians in the World Series. The World Series MVP was Ben Zobrist, a Christian man who leads Bible studies. In Game 7, Zobrist drove in the go-ahead run to make the score 7-6. Zobrist had 76 RBI in the regular season in 2016. Ben hit for a .357 average in the World Series and currently has a .266 career batting average. “Villa Nova” means “New Town.”

      Steph Curry played Lebron James in the NBA Finals. Curry is a devout Christian, and Lebron’s nickname is “King James,” as in the Christian Bible version. Both Curry and James were born in the same hospital in Akron, OH. The Cavs snapped a 52 year championship drought of Cleveland sports teams, and the Cubs broke a 108 year championship drought.

      Any thoughts on this stuff?

      • Karen

        Hi Karen, you have made some intelligent points above. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the information below.

        Thank you for the kind words Mr. Levine.

        As for the various synchronicities, well…

        “All the world’s indeed a stage
        And we are merely players
        Performers and portrayers
        Each another’s audience
        Outside the gilded cage”
        ___Rush’s variation on As You Like It

  105. Lynn

    Note to the owner of Daily Crow: “When I say to a wicked person, you will surely die, and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.” Ezekiel 3:18

  106. Karen

    Many here have warned me of My “wickedness”…so I’m sure Jehovah absolves the entire set of regulars (plus the owner) of any complicity in My Guilt.

    I am responsible for the words I utter; and no one else.

    If I am to die for speaking the truth; so be it.

    • Anonymous

      “One of…[the Pharisees], an expert in the law, tested Him with this question: ‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?’ Jesus replied: ”Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments.'”
      (Matthew 22:35-40)

      • Karen

        One cannot “choose” to feel love…or hate…or anger…or jealousy. These are emotions that come upon a person…no one chooses to experience love or fear or hate or anger…if they could, it is likely that those emotions would never be called upon by any person…as they are the source of so much of the emotional torment humanity endures. The only thing that the human has agency over is how he or she reacts when these feelings envelop him or her. Just like faith, none of these items can be deemed acts of one’s own volition (that is, acts of the will).

        Now some will argue that the “love” described in a Biblical sense is more attuned to worship and veneration than genuine emotional attachment.

        But since failure to meet this expectation / commandment is met with the threat of eternal damnation, it is readily apparent that the command to “love” is more rooted in an extortionist mentality than anything else; i.e. “either you like Me or I will destroy you”.

        As I always say, a forced tribute is really no tribute at all…

          • Karen

            I am not unaware of the fact that Hell is a very real place; just like Oakland. I do fear being tossed into The Lake of Fire by Jehovah; to be tormented day and night; forever and ever. This would constitute My only genuine fear.

            My hope is to dethrone Him and bind Him in the Abyss; since he is ethereal it may be difficult to bring about His End. Perhaps the best I can hope for is a stalemate or suspension of Time…as His Power is Very Great and His Threats are not idle ones.

            I’ve often compared Time to the drawing of a circle on a blackboard. When the drawing of the circle commences, the artist knows the point where it began and when he completes the circle he likewise knows where it ends.

            However, when he looks away for an interval and then again gazes upon the blackboard, the beginning and the end of the circle have become indistinguishable even to the artist himself.

            I’ve often posited that if Jehovah were 100% certain of His Victory; there would be no necessity to even play out time itself…for why play a game…why compete…when the outcome is assured? I sense that there is in fact a potential Alternate Ending; and if I can bring it about; My Existence will have been worth it.

            • Anonymous

              Colossians 2:8-10 New International Version (NIV)

              8 See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

              9 For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, 10 and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.

              • Karen

                See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy

                What else is he going to say? He knows opposition to His Narrow Way of Existence is inevitable in the future; I mean just after the Hebrews had been liberated from Egypt after hundreds of years of bondage…a short period out in the desert and they were worshiping a Golden Calf before you could say Jack Robinson! Moreover, these were JEHOVAH’S CHOSEN PEOPLE; even THEY found His constant threats and living under pain of death for the slightest infractions utterly intolerable.
                I always laugh at that antediluvian point in history where Jehovah says, “My Spirit will not last with man forever; thus I will limit his days to 120 years”…a notable change since all the old Pre-Flood patriarchs enjoyed lifespans of several centuries; Methuselah over 900 years.
                What does this tell us? It tells us that if Jehovah’s impossibly narrow code were in fact something that could be obeyed…and, more importantly, something human beings would derive benefit from adhering to….there would be no need to cut short lifespans. The diminution is not so much a reflection on the evil ways of man as it is a tacit admission of the fundamental absurdity of all the binding, soul destroying edicts that Jehovah desired for a free thinking people to incorporate into their daily lives. It was an admission of His own failure; which He seconded when he flooded the planet shortly thereafter.
                Of course He never suffers any consequences for His mistakes; rather He just takes it out on the poor human slobs who don’t know up from down and have enough trouble finding food & water and staying warm in the winter.

                • Anonymous

                  16 When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him, and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. 17 This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:

                  “He took up our infirmities
                  and bore our diseases.”

                • Zach Lavine

                  Karen said: “What else is he going to say? He knows opposition to His Narrow Way of Existence is inevitable in the future; I mean just after the Hebrews had been liberated from Egypt after hundreds of years of bondage…a short period out in the desert and they were worshiping a Golden Calf before you could say Jack Robinson! Moreover, these were JEHOVAH’S CHOSEN PEOPLE; even THEY found His constant threats and living under pain of death for the slightest infractions utterly intolerable.”

                  My knowledge of the Bible is not nearly as extensive as most on this site, but I believe you are leaving out some stuff. Moses went up on to the mountain for forty days and forty nights. Many of the Israelites had feared that Moses was gone from them.

                  “And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him.” Exodus 32:1

                  If you were traveling with someone who went up onto a mountain for forty days and forty nights, what would you think had become of him? You might respond, “Yes, but there were plenty of other stories where the Israelites simply defied God because they didn’t like their suffering, or the rules they were given.” True enough. But ask yourself why they were given all those rules, as absurdly extensive as they seem to us today. I think of the phrase:

                  “To whom much is given, much is asked.”

                  They were given the responsibility of setting up a tradition which would last for THOUSANDS of years. God probably thought, “These folks are really going to have to have their asses kicked with some intense rules and restrictions, to make REALLY sure that people will still be reading these books thousands of years from now.” You don’t plow a field with a plastic fork and spoon. You use a sharp hoe. Hurts the soil at first, but it often pays off afterwards.

                  • Kristi

                    “To whom much is given, much is asked.” I never thought of this regarding the laws but you are absolutely right!
                    Much love in Jesus brother!

  107. Kristi

    My son was born with Down Syndrome. Everything about him was weak when he was born. It was a struggle for him to eat and digest food, the holes in his heart made it difficult for him to breathe, his body could not regulate its own temperature appropriately, he did not walk until he was at least 3 years old and his ability to speak came much later. But with an abundance of love, prayer, and grace my child was able to read 100 words by the time he went to kindergarten. The holes in his heart were healed without surgery and his digestion and other health issues have abated. He did not overcome any of these things by his own will power, but by the power of love and God’s grace. Love is a command because it produces good things.

    As a parent my children had their share of “fits” when they were told “no”. I was the meanest, strictest mom in the world. They would either say that they hated me or say that I hated them. But actually I loved them and so I kept them from harming themselves and others. They can look back now and see the hell many of their friends from school live in because nobody (lovingly) restrained these kids in their youth. God’s commands exist to help us. My kids would bring their friends over and they had to abide by my rules, they rolled their eyes… but they kept coming back because my house was a happy home! I thank God for all His laws and commandments! His rod and His staff comfort me.

    I trust God my savior! So if you think I am offended at being called a “moralist” you can forget it! Try ”goody two-shoes”, that’s what people used to call those who sought to lead moral and virtuous lives. I pray that everyone finds salvation in Jesus Christ! God’s charity towards me compels me to be charitable towards others. I have cared for other Christians who suffer greatly with physical ailments, yet the moment they have the strength they eagerly seek to serve others in some way. No cursing God, no selfish pity party, but always thinking about others more than themselves. They have joy and happiness even in difficulty. On the other hand, I have cared for those who strayed from God’s truth and they would call me in the night terrified with demonic torment. Thankfully they are freed from this now. So choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

    • Karen

      Kristi says:

      I was the meanest, strictest mom in the world. They would either say that they hated me or say that I hated them….

      but they kept coming back because my house was a happy home!

      These two assertions are entirely incompatible. If your children verbalize hatred towards you, the chances that your family is genuinely “happy” are slim to none.

      • Kristi

        Oh but it is! Lots of laughs and love. A few tough moments (and a multitude of prayer) protected my children from the pitfalls of their friends: drugs, kids raising kids, trouble with the law. Kids actually feel safer with boundaries.

    • Karen

      Kristi says:
      So if you think I am offended at being called a “moralist” you can forget it!

      This constitutes projection as I seek to offend no one. But if the shoe fits…

  108. Karen

    Kristi says:
    No cursing God, no selfish pity party, but always thinking about others more than themselves.

    Those who attempt to reconcile human beings to limitations always maintain that there can only be happiness when the human being lives in a way that is good for others. Thus they would have everybody good to everybody else and nobody good to himself. Their ideal is selflessness and loss of personality. The aim of general moralities is socialization; the result is a nation of lobotomized drones who have abrogated their humanity. I am selfish and I have established My personality. I am not living as a social unit; I am living consciously.

  109. DS

    There is something is coming Bowie, Maryland this Friday 12/2 between 2 and 3:15, likely around 2:45. The Lord said it will be between Bowie State University and Fedex Field, probably 19 miles between the both places. This will be multi vehicle and one car is a Red Camry with a tire and/or brake issue with a black woman and at least 1 little girl, though there will be about 8 cars, or more involved including a lawn care truck, maybe a bus, USPS truck and UPS. I believe the event will include an airplane, Southwest 747 and could be a highjack hostage situation. The Lord showed me a black mask, a duffle bag and black gloves, Men In Black. Perhaps a poison to burn eyes and cause sickness. The Lord showed a wounded left eye, or an issue with,a left eye, maybe an eye irritant. There will be children involved, a little black boy, Collin.
    Sick children/people throwing up upset stomachs maybe from a gas. I got the word urine, not sure where it fits, but throwing it in there. The Lord showed me Mexican guys with military coats and cargo pants, an Asian man in a black volvo, a Native American man in his 60s and another younger. A Jamaican woman with daughter in a cab/Uber. A woman from the Ivory Coast, perhaps a student from UMBC. A black man from Maryland/ Terrapins. Something about Red Sox. Biracial kids strawberry blond hair, boy and girl. Black kids boy and girl.

    The bad guys will dress in character masks, such as mickey, Ninja turtles, fake mustache with glasses, clown wigs and monkey mask

    I may not have this 100%. The Lord pours out these prophetic things to be and sometimes, it is hard to determine, which is for what event.
    If anything happens in Bowie, Maryland on 12/2, it’s close enough.

    The Lord says fire is coming to the Pacific Coast. Clearly.

    There is also something coming to San Diego soon. After this events happen, ask me how the Lord showed me. One reason is my brother just came back from a honeymoon there. They were in Ohio for Thanksgiving and few days after they got back shooting at Columbus, Ohio. San Diego event coming soon.

    I found what looks like a noose laying on the floor in front of the door at church where I take the prophecy class. ROOM 103. Then I saw a black woman that looked like she had some sort of healed neck injury. Black woman hung soon? Don’t be surprised.

    Also, if you see the event happen in Bowie, Maryland on Friday, then you should go instantly to the bank and get some cash, because the lord is also showing me an EMP, or cyper attack on Monday Dec 5. You should fill up your gas tanks, because I heard gas shortage, water, computer, telephones, cell phones all down. No trains, buses, etc.

    Not surprised because I dreamed of some sort of military takeover on 7/7/16. He shows me these things in the most amazing ways and I guess I am the only one that understands the language. I dreamed of a pair of pink rhinestone shoes with the #11 on them on 11/15/16. Same dream of dreamed of Men and Black and Alicia Keys showing up in the end of the dream. Well, guess what, my daughter wore a pair of pink glittery shoes to my house yesterday morning. I went to work on Sunday and my key card would not work. I spoke to my other christian aunts and my mother and a few of them are having key problems this week, Lord building faith in out family. Besides me being unable to get in my building, my aunt key got stuck in her door at work and when I was talking to my mom this morning, 2 keys fell off her keychain. Most of my dreams have manifested in my life, might take a whole but they do. The dream with the pink rhinestone/glittery was the night of the Harvest moon. FINANCIAL problems to come hint: Today I got 2 exact mailings from “Wells Fargo”. Same postage 7.06 on both, dated Black Friday, November 24, 2016. Got my attention, but really got my attention, once I came upstairs and my son, Trump, old ID, when he was a little boy was dated November 25, 1997, so exactly 19 years ago. I have pictures. I took a picture of my son, Trump on BLACK Friday wearing a Nike sweatsuit and on black Friday they tore up the Nike store. This is my question chaos is coming! Then when my daughter shows with the pink glittery shoes I dreamed about on the night of the black moon, this conforms it. I also believe there is some fake alien something coming

    JULY 6. Bush birthday. The president that started the real fall of America. It’s called the Patriot Act. No rights do we have and we thought we were safer. The dream I had about the military takeover was 7/7…Bush birthday 7/6, year America was born…no accident. The mirror image of the beginning and the one that will set things up for the end.

  110. Anonymous

    On November 29 Mahmoud Abbas was given another 5 year term. He practices the dark arts and is rewarded for this. Also as we know November 29, 2016 marked 69 years since the UN voted to create the state of Israel in November 29, 1947. This was only 34 days after Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. The 10/26 adds to a 9!
    What is going on lately with all the cars and vehicles slamming into homes and businesses? It seems like a daily occurrence. Another sign of the end? Loss of control so to speak? What do you think everyone?
    What is Trump doing hiring a Goldman Sachs higher up for a senior position in his administration? He is following the script given to him. For some truth on Trump go to You Tube and type in Round Saturn’s Eye.
    Blessings in Yahushua, Allen Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 5:11

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