1948 WAS NOT a random year for Israel to return as a nation

  • Abraham was 1948 years from Adam
  • Israel reborn 1948
  • 2018 is 1948 years from temple destruction in 70 AD
  • 7 Blood Moon tetrads on Jewish Feast days took place since Christ. 1948 and 1967, Israel and Jerusalem fell within the same window of time as 2 of the last 3. The most recent or final of the 7 since Christ was 2015.
  • 1948-1967 = 19 years
  • 1967-2015 = 48 years (1948)
  • 1948 – 2015 = 67 years (1967)
  • 1948 Fahrenheit is the melting point of gold
  • The Tabernacle roof length is 1948 inches if a common cubit is used (21.6” or 6 x 6 x 6 / 10)

The graph below is not meant to be dogmatic as it relates to the exact date of Christ’s birth or Isaac on Mt. Moriah. Rather, we were playing with dates to connect possible patterns with numbers we do know definitively. It could be a sliding scale with the knowledge that 2018 is 1948 from Temple destruction in 70 AD and Abraham was 1948 from Adam.

Most scholars have Adam between 3970 – 3980 BC. The point here is to show a 1948 symmetry between Isaac on Mt. Moriah as a type and shadow of the crucifixion. If you assume the date of Adam is 3978 BC rather than 3975 BC, Isaac may have been 12 rather than 9. This would still line up to the cross by 1948 years. Many believe that Isaac was to be offered up at the exact location Christ would offer Himself 1948 years later.


Adam, sin enters the world. 1948 years later, Abraham the father of the faithful is born. He believes in faith and is told to offer his son as a sacrifice. The Second Adam would offer life, breaking the curse of the first Adam, 1948 years after Abraham in faith was willing to offer up his son. It wouldn’t be until 1948 AD that the Lord would fulfill a promise to return Israel to their land. 2018 marks the 1948th year since the last temple was destroyed.

Thus it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being”; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit. 1 Corinthians 15:45

This timeline shows us some equally profound aspects to the importance of 1948. You will see it differs slightly in some areas but highlights the same areas of significance. Here we see Abraham was 1948 from Adam born 2023 BC. He was called 2023 from Adam in 1948 BC. The symmetry is undeniable and points not only to 6000th year approaching sometime in the 2020’s but more specifically major prophetic events within the next few years.

From creation is the number on the left. The date on the right is BC. Note the 239 years associated with Peleg which we have covered previously, falls on 1976 BC.

  • 1948 2023 Birth Abram born in 1948 (Terah 70) Gen 11:26, Acts 7:4
    Israel became a modern nation in 1948 CE
  • 1948/49 2024/23 (Shmitah שמיטה(
  • 1950 2022 39th Jubilee (yôbel יובל(
  • 1957/58 2014 (Shmitah שמיטה (Sarai (Sarah) born in 1958 (Jasher 9:3) Gen 17:17
  • 1996 1976 Peleg dies (239) (B’reisheet,Genesis 11:19)
  • 2000 1972 40th Jubilee (yôbel יובל (Abram defeats Chedorlaomer near Damascus; Gen 14
  • 2006 1966 Noah dies 950 years old (B’reisheet,Gen 9:28-29)
  • 2023 1948 The Promise I will make of thee a great nation … Now Abram was 75 years old when he departed from Haran. Gen 12:1-4

70 years (Babylon) = 840 months
12 (government) x 7 (completion) = 84
8 (new beginning) + 4 (creation) = 12 (govt)
40 + 44 = 84

Current Events

  • Obama’s Birth date 8/4, the 44th president.
  • John Hinkley Jr. released 1844 weeks and 4 days after shooting Reagan and the day after the
  • One ISIS attack occurs every 84 hours in Europe
  • 48 was the total number of towns for the Levites in Israelite territory, with their pasture lands. (Joshua 21:41)
  • Orwell finished 1984 in 1948
  • Micah X the Dallas shooter was photographed with a 4484 sign over his shoulder.

micah x

  • Egypt Air Flight 804 crashed 804 days after Malaysian flight MH-370.
  • Louis Armstrong (most famous Trumpeter) birthday 8/4/1901–7/6/1971
    8/4 is 216th day of year (6x6x6 =216)


Groundbreaking @ the UN Building in NYC


World Health Organization was founded

DNC Convention held in Philadelphia

Prince Charles born

8/4 In History

8/4/1753 George Washington became a master mason.
8/4/1830 The city of Chicago is laid out. 131 years later on this day the President whose political career began in Chicago would be born.
8/4/1875 The first Convention of Colored Newspapermen was held in Cincinnati, Ohio.
8/4/1917 Pravda called for the killing of all capitalists, priests and officers.