Major Historic Events and People Connected by 7’s and 6’s

76/67 in every way show the connection between the United States and Jerusalem. At first you realize they are a mirror image of one another but when you begin to examine more deeply you find that the synchronicity is far from a random occurrence. All of what is covered here is contained within different posts on this site but only those who read the lengthy posts multiple times would have a chance of recollection. Even so it is unlikely as I find it very difficult myself to keep these things sorted out. As myself and others uncover more 67/76 relationships I will be updating this list. If any of you want to take on the task of reading through old posts and telling me what I have left out I would be grateful.

The Biblical meaning of the numbers helps us to understand why God selected them for important dates in history and as a sign demonstrating symmetry between dates. 7 is divine perfection, seen in scripture as  God’s number. 6 is the number for man or the flesh. When you bring them together you see divine perfection covering the imperfection of the flesh. Together they equal 13 which is the number for rebellion which will manifest in its most extreme form at the conclusion of the age. Try not to see everything as either/or, good or bad. Remember, nothing takes place in the heavens above or earth below that is outside God’s sovereign plan. Thus, 76 and 67 demonstrate divine perfection in God’s plan for humanity.

As you go through this list understand that the word “sign” appears 76 times in 67 verses in the KJV Bible. This is not an oversight as the significance of these numbers serve as a sign both to the Gentile world and Israel. The United States can be understood prophetically as the Gentile Israel.

6/7/1776 – Lee’s Resolution, known as “The Resolution for Independancy” made way for the Declaration of Independence. Lee’s full resolution had three parts which were considered by Congress on June 7, 1776.

7/6/1776 – The Declaration of Independence hits the media. The Pennsylvania Evening Post becomes the first newspaper to reprint the whole Declaration, but news of the July 2 decision to declare independence has already been widely reported and various celebrations and discussions are already taking place throughout the colonies. Declaration of Independence Dates to Remember

6/7/67 – For the 44th time in history Jerusalem changes hands and once again is under the control of Israel. The center of the universe, the direction in which all languages flow and the apple of God’s eye. Jerusalem is center stage for the final act. “Jerusalem” appears in 767 verses in the KJV Bible. “Jerusalem” appears 670 times in the KJV Old Testament

7667 days from Donald Trump’s birth marked the last day of The Six Day War. It was the mid point of The Six Day War that fell on 6/7/67 when Jerusalem once again became Israel’s.

Trump was born 7 + 6 days after 70 years, 767 months, 767 weeks and 7777 days from July 4, 1776.

On 12/6/17 Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. On this day the NASDAQ closed at 6776.

In keeping with our 67/76 theme, George Washington died at age 67 exactly 6776 weeks and 6776 days before the first full day Israel was a nation, or May 15, 1948. 7 years, 776 months, 6767 weeks, 6767 days from George Washington’s last day in office was “the third day” of Trump’s presidency.

Trump was born 770 months, 776 weeks and 777 days after Lincoln was assassinated.

Napoleon was born exactly 76 years, 776 months, 776 weeks and 7777 days before Trump. The day after 76 years, 666 months, 666 weeks and 666 days from Napoleon’s death was the first day after 6/7/67. Emmanuel Macron was born exactly 76 years, 766 months, 767 weeks and 766 days from Napoleon’s death.

76 years, 760 months, 767 weeks and 776 days passed between the death of Benjamin Franklin and the birth of Donald Trump. Benjamin Franklin was known by his contemporaries as “The First American”. Many believe Trump will be the last President.

Benjamin Franklin lived 30,760 days. The 30,760th verse in scripture is the LAST verse to the Church of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is where “The First American” birthed the nation and the brief letter to Philadelphia in Revelation begins at verse 7 and is 6 verses long.  30,760th verse – chapter 3, beginning at verse 7 and 6 verses long. This is not a random occurrence. To assert otherwise displays an immense ignorance of sovereignty.

In 2016, July 4th fell in Hebrew year 5776. During this year, the date July 4th fell exactly 76% of the way through year 5776. In other words, you could write July 4th as 5776.76. This is a very rare occurrence as the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars are moving targets. Even more interesting is when you look at the distances on Google Earth. The Road of Emmaus is 7 miles outside of Jerusalem. The marker for Emmaus on Google Earth to the center of Independence Hall in Philadelphia is exactly 5776.67 miles.

On 7/6 in 2016 Philando Castile was shot by a police officer in Minnesota. This was a huge story and sparked a nation wide outrage. This came the day after Alton Sterling was shot in Louisiana. Philando makes us think Philadelphia. Coming just weeks after the Orlando nightclub shooting we see Philadelphia + Orlando = Philando, a name that most of us had never heard. Castile = castle and Sterling = silver. Aside from the prophetic names involved the truly remarkable aspect to this is found when you look at the distance. Not only did Philando’s death occur on 7/6 but the exact distance in miles from the exact intersection/street paralleled the Mississippi dividing the nation (physically and spiritually) 1,007.76 miles.

Netanyahu was born 17 years, 7 months, 17 days before Israel retook Jerusalem and Temple Mount on 6/7/67 and was 67 years 7 months, 17 days old on 6/7/17 – the 50th anniversary of 6/7/67.

67 weeks after the Jubilee Super Bowl (Super Bowl 50) Trump became the first sitting US President to visit the Western Wall. Trump arrived at the Western Wall 17 days before Jerusalem’s Jubilee on 6/7/17. The Jubilee Super Bowl 67 weeks earlier fell exactly 17,777 days after 6/7/67.