How Much Are Believer’s To Understand About The Day or Hour?

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you as a thief. 1 Thessalonians 5:4

While many are looking to September 23 2015, we should be looking at September 23 2017 when the sign of Revelation 12 takes place.

It is my belief that “nobody knows the day or hour” is one of the most misunderstood prophetic passages in scripture. As I began my study in this area there were a few things that greatly troubled me about the majority of believer’s approach to the end times. On one hand you have date setting mania and in response to the many who were in error we have seen an embracing of another approach which I believe is not scriptural. That is, a general “He will show up at a random time because we are in the season.” Since we are not children of the darkness that this day will overtake us as a thief, I believe much of what was sealed until the time of the end is now being disclosed.  Continue reading “How Much Are Believer’s To Understand About The Day or Hour?”

Nobody Knows The Day or Hour Misconception


Recently I stumbled across Daniel Matson of His studies into Bible prophecy are as insightful as they come. His scope of work delves into the intricacies in a way few dare to venture. It is often in these details where the deeper truths lie and we are able to better understand the greater context of eschatology. Continue reading “Nobody Knows The Day or Hour Misconception”

Creation to Revelation 12 2017: God’s Sovereign Design


The parallels involving the specific dates surrounding the nation of Israel and the Jubilee cycles defy coincidence. As we take a look at the abundance of converging dates you will find it outside the bounds of reason to conclude anything else. One third of the entire Bible is prophecy. Many details of Yeshua’s time on earth were prophesied hundreds of years in advance. The same was true for Israel returning to their land. Beginning with the first events which put in motion Israel’s return we can see a microcosm of a much larger prophetic picture. The events of the last 100+ years as it relates to Israel were not only foretold but leave clear fingerprints of sovereign design.  Continue reading “Creation to Revelation 12 2017: God’s Sovereign Design”