Coincidence Crowed – It Is Nothing…Everything


It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3

Could a 5 minute encounter with a State Trooper have a message from God’s word based on the numbers involved? It depends, do you believe in coincidence? In sharing the following it is my hope that you begin to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant occurrences that alight upon your path. That you may stop to pick up and examine rather than trample underfoot. Continue reading “Coincidence Crowed – It Is Nothing…Everything”

Hidden Prophecy In Television


If you believe as I there are no coincidences you begin to see things beyond the veil. To many these words will fall on deaf ears but personally I have a difficult time explaining it away. The level of deception is great and the truth is often hidden in plain sight. I decided to look at the list of top 25 currently most popular TV series and determine what is being said simply by stringing together their titles into one statement.  Continue reading “Hidden Prophecy In Television”

The Libra Paper Part III : Etymology

If you have read Part 1 and 2 of the Libra Paper then you understand there lies a deeper meaning behind this otherwise ordinary newspaper. I have demonstrated the divine tapestry displayed in its number patterns and now we will focus on the names.  Continue reading “The Libra Paper Part III : Etymology”

Libra Paper Part II

Part 1 can be found here.

It is a newspaper that is 26 years old, so what? A reasonable question and I’m certain that if I were in your shoes I’d be asking the same thing. Since many would find my response unsatisfactory let’s just leave it at “something inside me jumped”, or if you’d rather….”I didn’t choose the paper the paper chose me”.  Here is a brief recap of the significance of 12 and 7. Remember, we are in a cave with a spotlight. In this second part we are exploring just one tunnel in this elaborate cave.  Continue reading “Libra Paper Part II”

The 7th of Cheshvan and the Libra Paper Part I


Before engaging this far from ordinary analysis of the paper which recently entered my possession I’d like to share a brief commentary on my process. I by no means consider myself a numbers guy and have not much cared to look beneath the surface of most things until recently. From time to time I come across themes that awaken something within. There are those sinking feelings one describes in their stomach upon hearing fateful news and there are the butterflies one may feel while encountering the love of their life.

These happenings would fall somewhere in the middle. A mix of enthusiasm coupled with an unease of knowing there is much to uncover. The most crude way to describe this experience would be a glitch in the matrix. It is evidence of something beyond our physical domain or a “wrinkle in time” if you will. There is a bizarre quality to these unique encounters that shouts from another dimension. For me, this is a form of worship to my Creator who reigns sovereign over every detail of our lives and often leaves His fingerprints for us to uncover when we spend the time to unravel His deep mysteries.  Continue reading “The 7th of Cheshvan and the Libra Paper Part I”

7 Seventeens


On September 17 I began work on my first article for this website which dealt specifically with September 2017. For quite some time the events which are to take place on this future date have consumed me. Before I speak to the sequence of circumstances I’d like to give you some background. My sister was 8 days past her due date for the birth of her first child and my parents had a flight scheduled to depart on September 18th. Tensions were mounting as they did not want to cancel their trip.

From my perspective, I was wrestling with God about my internal obsession with September 2017. I was in prayer asking for confirmation that this endeavor involving Bible prophecy, more precisely Revelation 12 and Sept. 2017, were something more than a personal obsession.  Continue reading “7 Seventeens”